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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 144

    While Waiting to Eat at Arv

    Translated by Green Cake
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    When Yuri and the others arrived at Arv, a high-class restaurant run by the Rostine Trading Company, they were immediately escorted to a private room at the far end of the fourth floor.


    It was a private room reserved for the use of the Yuri Empire. This is the only room that has a counter-intelligence ward, so what you say inside won’t leak out.


    “There is plenty of seating, so please sit down with your escort knights.”


    Yuri called out to the seven escort knights who were accompanying Princess Yubel.


    The large round table in Arv’s private room can accommodate up to 12 people at the same time.


    The only one who is accompanied by Yuri is Partita, the captain of the Natsuko, so there is enough room for all ten of us here to sit down.


    “B-But we are the princess’s bodyguards…”


    “The princess’s safety is guaranteed by me as long as she is within the Yuri Empire. Therefore, there is no need for you to fulfill your duties as guards here. ―――Of course, if you can’t trust the safety of a meal at a restaurant under my control. If that’s what you think, I won’t force you to do anything?”


    Yuri smiled as she said this. Hennes, the captain of the escorting knights, made a complicated expression.


    ―――It’s a kind of threat, so it’s not unreasonable.


    “Yes, I understand. Everyone, take advantage of Your Majesty’s kindness.”




    After Hennes’ words, the escort knights took their seats.


    Princess Yubel lagged for a moment and took a seat right next to Yuri.


    “What are your favorite foods?”


    Yuri asked Princess Yubel while holding the menu in her hand.


    In this world, if it’s a high-class restaurant, they will serve the food as soon as the customers take their seats. At Arv, the menu is a la carte, and customers are free to choose what they want to order.


    It’s the same as in a typical restaurant, but Yuri prefers it this way. I think you can enjoy the happiness of food only when you eat what you want at that time.


    “Yes… Now that my body is free from disease, my appetite has increased considerably. Unfortunately, I still have trouble accepting foods that are too oily or have a lot of meat… 


    If I can avoid that, I think I can enjoy anything else.”


    “… Hmm. Do you mind if I choose?”


    “Yes, Your Majesty can choose.”


    With this many people eating together, it would be better to have several platters brought to the table, and each person could share.


    With that in mind, Yuri ordered a platter for ten people and a mushroom cheese risotto from the head chef of Atv, who came to the private room shortly afterward, so that the foreign guests would be able to enjoy the richness of Yuritania’s cuisine.


    Risotto is not as easy to digest as rice porridge, though. However, it is much easier to eat than most dishes.


    It also has the advantage of being highly nutritious and easy to adjust. Risotto, which is rich in dairy products, is not only nutritious but also high in calories, making it a suitable dish for recovery after illness.


    It was also wonderful that all the ingredients were fresh, as milk and dairy products were promptly delivered from the village of Notok and mushrooms from the village of Shirin.


    “I’d like to talk to Princess Yubel about something serious while we wait for the food to arrive if that’s okay. Also, I’d like to have the knights of the guard listen to what I have to say.”


    “Yes, what is it?”


    “ Good. The other day, five assassins invaded the city of Ulysses.”




    In response to Yuri’s words, Hennes shouted in surprise.


    Princess Yubel’s other escort knights also suddenly became noisy.


    “By the way, don’t worry, I’m using certain magic to monitor the country at all times. The assassin was captured without any problem ten minutes after he entered the city of Ulysses, so there is currently no threat in the country.”


    “I see. I’m relieved to hear that.”


    “… What nationality was the assassin from?”


    In contrast to Princess Yubel, who breathed a sigh of relief, Hennes tried to ask for more information.


    Apparently, she’s an honest person and can’t tell a lie. ―――It seemed to Yuri that her face clearly said that she had an idea of who the assassin was.


    “The assassins are from an underground group called the Poisoned Chain, and they’re from the Volmisian Empire.”


    “The Empire…? That would be good.”


    “However, these people were commissioned to assassinate Princess Yubel. The client is said to be a knight of the Kingsguard named Oran Struga who is loyal to the second prince of the Kingdom of Rapier.”




    “That sounds familiar, doesn’t it, Hennes?”


    When Yuri asked this, Hennes, the captain of the escort knights, looked away awkwardly.


    “… I know about the heir of the Struga family because we are in the same position as knights of the Kingsguard, even though we have different loyalties. As Your Majesty Yuri said, he’s one of the knights of the Kingsguard who swear allegiance to Prince Lazar.”


    “Hmm… Do you have any idea who might be after Princess Yubel’s life?”


    “In this country, women have the right to inherit the throne, and the order of birth is higher. Prince Lexmar, the legitimate son, is the first in a line of succession, Princess Yubel is the second, and Prince Lazar is the third.”


    “I see, so Princess Yubel has a higher rank.”




    Hennes did not say anything more.


    It seems that she is a knight who is loyal not to the royal family, but to an individual named Princess Yubel. Even so, as a knight, she would probably be hesitant to speak ill of Prince Lazar, who belongs to the royal family.


    However―――if she hears that much, she can guess the general situation.


    For the second prince Lazar to succeed to the throne when the time comes, it is necessary・・・to eliminate both the first Prince Lexmar and Princess Yubel in advance.


    However, there is no way that the security guarding the prince, who is the first in a line of succession, is inadequate. That’s why Prince Lazar decided to deal with Princess Yubel’s side first・・・as she only had seven knights with her as guards at the moment.


    “In fact, it was Lazar who suggested to me that I should stay for a while in the lake city of Ulysses in the east, which is a beautiful city suitable for recuperating from illness.”


    “Oh…? So, is he a good man?”


    “No. It seems that Lazar was unaware of the existence of【Transfer Gate】. I think he was hoping that if he sent me to the Yuri Empire, I would not be able to withstand the environment on the way and would die.”


    “Oh, I see…”


    The Rapier Kingdom is a country that is further west than the Holy Land of Nimun.


    So, if they were to take a carriage to the Yuri Empire, they would have to cross the land of the Holy Land of Nimun from west to east in a straight line.


    If that happens, of course, more than half of the land of the Holy Land is desert, so most of the journey will be through a desert environment that is extremely hot during the day and extremely cold at night.


    It goes without saying that this is a journey that Princess Yubel, who has a sickly weak body with [Toughness] ability value of 0, would never be able to endure. Encouraging people to go to the Yuri Empire without knowing about the existence of the【Transfer Gate】is like encouraging people to go on a journey of death.


    “Of course, in reality, we were able to transfer from the western city of the Nimun Holy to Ulysses at once, so there was no need to go through the desert at all.”


    “So, when they found out later that Princess Yubel had arrived safely, they rushed to send an assassin.”


    “Perhaps that’s correct.”


    “Does Princess Yubel have a bad relationship with the Second Prince Lazar?”


    “Neither particularly well nor badly. I have been stuck in bed for as long as I can remember, and my brother Lazar never seemed to pay any attention to me.


    However, Lazar has a strong character of ambition and aspiration. He will not hesitate to ostracize me, his sister if he feels it is necessary to gain the throne.


    “He’s murderous, isn’t he?”


    Yuri couldn’t help but have a complicated look on her face when Yubel told her.


    In contrast to Yuri, Yubel smiled with a funny look.


    “Fufu, Fufufu…! But still, I never imagined that they would plan an assassination in the city of Ulysses. I’m sure there are some very interesting assassins in the world.”


    After saying this, Yubel let out an unbearable laugh.


    Yuri also started to laugh a little bit, as if she was caught up in Yubel’s laughter.


    In the city of Ulysses, which is protected by a【Life-Saving Ward】, you can never die, and those who suffer lethal damage are immediately ‘saved’ in a specific location.


    To break into a city where assassination is impossible and get caught for it… 


    They are indeed such a dumb assassin that I can’t help but be laughed at it.

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