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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 141

    Yubel Rapier (Before)

    Translated by Green Cake
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    The city of Ulysses, nicknamed the “Lost City” by its citizens because it has six labyrinthine dungeons in total, is also often nicknamed the “Lake City” when it comes to the “Tourist Resort Area” in the north.


    Needless to say, this nickname was given because the entire area is covered with lakes. Many noblemen and wealthy people still stay in the “Tourist Zone” where they can enjoy swimming regardless of the season because the air and water temperatures are both kept constant.


    As a result of the alliance, many of the guests were noblemen and wealthy people from the Holy Land of Nimun and the Duchy of Selsia. Some of them came from other third-world countries, and not a few of them are staying here.


    Yubel Rapier, the first princess of the Rapier Kingdom, is one of them.


    Yuri has been looking into the log of the use of the【Transfer Gate】, and it seems that Yubel and her escort knights came to the sightseeing section of Ulysses on the 9th of winter last year.


    Since Ulysses started operating on the first day of winter last year, it means that Yubel had already visited the city a week after it was released for use.


    Since then, she has been staying for two months, that is to say, almost half a year, so we can completely say that she is a ‘Superior Guest’ for the “Tourist Zone”.


    According to the records of the government office, Ubel has been staying at the “Ulysses Butterfly”, the most luxurious hotel in the “Tourist Resort Area”, renting four twin rooms. 


    The reason for the large number of rooms is probably because she is also staying with her knight escort.


    “Welcome, Your Majesty, Yuri. Are you staying with us today?”


    I entered the luxurious hotel building and went to the reception desk. A beautiful woman in a suit standing at the desk immediately called out to me.


    … I’m sure I’ve met her once before. There is a slight tug on the memory.


    As a general rule, Yuri never forgets a woman she’s had a conversation with, but strangely enough, she couldn’t remember her well.


    I think she was one of the executive women of the… Hayes Chamber of Commerce.


    “You look familiar. Didn’t you look older when we met before?”


    “Yes. Thanks to you, I’ve regained my youthfulness.”


    The woman at the counter bowed deeply to Yuri.


    If she takes the [Ochimizu] and becomes young again, her appearance will naturally change. Yuri had only seen her once before, so Yuri couldn’t remember her appearance well.


    “I’ve been instructed by the head of the association that if Your Majesty Yuri comes to stay with us, we will provide her with the best room free of charge.”


    “Oh no, I didn’t come to stay here today. I have a few things to do with the guests who are staying here. Could you call them for me?”


    “Yes. Do you have the room number or the guest’s name?”


    “Yes, I have both.”


    I asked the woman at the reception desk to call them and waited in the lobby with a cup of tea.


    Within five minutes, a woman with an upright posture and the appearance of a knight came near Yuri. After checking out Yuri’s appearance, she immediately knelt.


    Apparently, she knows what Yuri, the country’s ruler, looks like.


    … Well, if you stay in this country, you will have the opportunity to see the [Broadcast] every day. It’s rare for people not to know what Yuri looks like here, though.


    “You’re… A knight in Princess Yubel’s guard?”


    “Yes. I am Hennes Kremer, Knight of the Kingsguard and Baron of the Kingdom of Rapier.”


    I thought she was just a knight, but apparently, she has a title.


    I can feel the slightest hint of magic power from the sword she wears on her hip. I’m sure an ordinary knight can’t have a magic weapon on her belt.


    “I’m Yuri, the Empress of the Yuri Empire… Perhaps something has come up at an unfavorable time for Princess Yubel?”


    If the head of the state calls directly, he or she will usually go to meets.


    But the fact that a knight of the Kingsguard was coming instead of the person itself seemed to indicate that something was going on.


    “I’m sorry, but the Princess has been suffering from a cold since last night… It would be very dangerous if she were to infect Your Majesty Yuri, so could you please wait to see her until the temple can send a healer?”


    “Oh, I see. It’s not that Princess Yubel is inconvenienced by my meeting with her?”


    “Yes. The princess is resting in her room and is awake.”


    “Then don’t worry about it. I’m sure I’m not going to catch any kind of disease, so can you show me around?”


    “Are you sure…?”


    “Yes. I can assure you that you will not be responsible for anything that happens to me.”


    “Yes, I understand. Then let me show you.”


    Walked through the lobby of the hotel, led by Hennes, a knight of the Kingsguard.


    We took the elevator to the seventh floor and then walked further down the corridor.


    The only building in the city of Ulysses that has an elevator is the Ulysses Butterfly Hotel.


    Hennes stopped in front of a room and looked back at Yuri.


    “I’m sorry, Your Majesty, but if you could just wait a moment…”


    “Yes, I understand. It is our side that has come suddenly. I’m sure Princess Yubel has a lot of preparations to make, so feel free to take your time.”


    “Thank you very much for your kindness, I will leave for now.”


    After bowing deeply, Hennes walked into the room.


    Yuri stood in the corridor, looking out the window and speaking in Guild Chat.


    “―――Sera, may I have a moment?”


    She spoke to Sera, the captain of the <Water Lily>, and received a response after a three-second pause.


    『 Yes, Yuri-sama. Is there anything I can do for you? 』


    “Is there anyone available in <Water Lily> right now? I need to borrow one of you.”


    『 Then you don’t need to check, I’m available. 』 


    “Would you mind if I summoned you?”


    『 Yes, please. 』 


    After a quick conversation, Yuri used her【Summon Subordinate NPC】skill to summon Sera, the captain of the <Water Lily>, to her location.


    When Sera spotted Yuri, she gave a small bow.


    “Thank you for the summons, Yuri-sama. What can I do for you?”


    “Thank you for coming, Sera. I’m meeting the princess of the Rapier Kingdom who is staying in this room later, but she seems to have a cold. I was wondering if you could help her with her illness?”


    “That should be easy.”


    Sera and other children of <Water Lily> can exercise the magic of【Complete Recovery】.


    With this, you can treat all kinds of injuries and illnesses together. Of course, quelling a cold is no problem.


    “I’ve been waiting for you, Your Majesty.”


    At the same time, Hennes, a knight of the Kingsguard, came out of the room and told me so. She noticed that there were more people in the room than just Yuri, and gave her a quizzical look.


    “Hennes. Her name is Sera, and she is my trusted vassal and healer.”


    “My name is Sera. I look forward to working with you.”


    As Yuri introduced her, Sera bowed deeply.


    As if caught by the polite manner of Sera, Hennes also hurriedly bowed her head.


    “My name is Hennes Kremer, a knight of the Kingsguard. Thank you, Your Majesty, for taking the trouble to invite your healer.”


    “I’m doing this on my own, so no need to thank me. So, are we going to meet Princess Ubel?”


    “Yes, but I’m afraid she’ll be in bed.”


    “I’m not so narrow-minded as not to allow such a thing.”


    “Thank you very much. I’ll show you.”


    Hennes led Yuri and the others into the room.


    Immediately from the back of the room, we could hear the sound of a painful cough.


    It seemed that it was true that Princess Yubel was suffering from a cold.

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