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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 139


    Translated by Green Cake
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    ―――Today is the first day of the summer month.


    It’s the second summer since Yuri and the others came to the other world.


    Last year, at the same time as the summer moon entered, Yuri was fed up with the world, which had suddenly become hotter than yesterday, and hurriedly looked for accessories with [Hot and Cold Resistance].


    This year, Yuri’s wearing a ring on her little finger with [Heat and Cold Resistance], and the whole city is wrapped in a【Temperature Control Ward】, so the summer heat is not a problem.


    However, it seemed that too much seasonless is also lacking in elegance. In fact, I asked the children of <Red Plum> to adjust the temperature setting of the wards only slightly for each season.


    This is because people can sense a significant difference even if the temperature changes by only 1 degree Celsius. Even with this level of adjustment, it will be possible to produce some seasonal changes.


    As the moon has changed and the demons on the ground have returned, the children of the Yuri Empire will be out on extermination missions for a few days from today.


    In addition to the fact that the country is much larger than it used to be, they are also busy sending people to allied countries.


    Because the trade routes within the country are protected by numerous ‘skeleton soldiers’, it was necessary to prioritize the allied countries over the country itself in order not to interfere with trade between countries and carry out ‘extermination’.


    Fortunately, many of the children of the Yuri Empire, who were to carry out the ‘extermination,’ seemed to be very enthusiastic about the act itself.


    The mass overhunting of demons is desirable for them as it allows them to raise the level of their vocation.


    And today―――the city of Eureka will be open to the public.


    The【Transfer Gate】was opened to the public at noon today. As soon as the gates were opened, many people visited the new city, as long as they were registered with the Explorers Guild, they could move freely to the city of Eureka in addition to Ulysses.


    Since the city of Eureka is located in a mountainous area, there is a large difference in elevation even within the city, and the tower built by the children of Kikyo at the highest point offers a magnificent view of nature from the top.


    As of now, there are hardly any people living in the city of Eureka, as the migration of the citizens of Dakart will start today. With the help of Rubetta, Ados, Erin, and Aurence at the recent meeting, there are already quite a few stores open.


    In particular, many of the ‘food stalls’ that have officially been set up under Erin’s jurisdiction are taking advantage of the city’s location to serve dishes made with abundant food from the mountains and forests, and they seem to have been very well received by visitors on the first day.


    However, the main focus for the explorers visiting Eureka is not sightseeing or gastronomy, but rather the exploration of the new “Labyrinth”.


    Just as they did when they first opened the labyrinth in Ulysses, last night a party led by Altorius, the Pope and Lord of the Holy Land of Nimun, [Broadcast] the scene of the exploration and mining of the labyrinth in Eureka.


    He had been in the labyrinth several times since then, and his level had grown to 33, so he had no trouble getting into Eureka’s tunnel labyrinth. Above all, Altorius himself was very motivated to challenge Julica’s tunnel labyrinth, saying at the meeting, “By the way… will you give me another chance to experience it first hand?”


    Altorius and his party dove into the new labyrinth battled new demons that did not exist in the labyrinth of Ulysses and mined mineral resources such as iron, gold, and magical silver using the ‘ore deposits’ that exist only in the new labyrinth.


    As proof of this, the entrance to the labyrinth of tunnels in Eureka was filled with explorers from the very first day.


    The broadcast also showed a scene of Pope Altorius praying for the success of his search at a nearby shrine before diving into the labyrinth of tunnels, and many people followed his example by visiting the shrine.


    To be honest, the sight of Altorius, the pope of the Eight Gods Religions, praying at a shrine was very uncomfortable to Yuri… Because it looked like a scene of a person in a priest’s uniform visiting a shrine.


    Altorius, the man himself, did not seem to feel any resistance, saying, “It is natural to respect those who bring benefits and teachings to the people.”


    Kanayama-Hiko and Kanayama-Hime were very happy to see so many people coming to their previously deserted shrines.


    After all, for a god, there is no greater joy than to have people’s faith in them.


    It is an undeniable fact that the two of them are responsible for the mineral deposits in that “Labyrinth” tunnel. If we can spread the benefits of praying for them through the broadcast, there will be no end to the number of people visiting the shrine in the future.


    On the other hand, it seems that the amount of explorers that have gathered in Eureka has caused a temporary decrease in Ulysses. This can’t be helped, I suppose.


    As a labyrinth, it should be able to differentiate itself sufficiently so that some of the explorers will soon want to return to Ulysses, even if no special measures are taken.


    In the “Labyrinth” of Eureka’s, there is a definite disadvantage in that there are no treasure chests to be found, so there is no way to replenish life potions or mana potions.


    The more you dive, the more you’ll find your reserves decreasing, so you can’t just dive into Eureka’s labyrinth, especially if you’re not accompanied by a healer.


    Incidentally, the eastern part of the city of Ulysses―――Northeast of the Labyrinth of “Beginner I” and southeast of the Labyrinth of “Beginner II”―――is said to be more crowded than usual, and the city is crowded.


    The recommended level for the Eureka Tunnel Labyrinth is 30 or higher, so only those who have already raised their level to some extent in the Ulysses Labyrinth can challenge it.


    This means that there were so many explorers who were motivated by the fact that they would work hard to raise the level to 30.


    “How long do you expect it to take for explorers who switch to the Eureka Labyrinth to return to the Ulysses Labyrinth?”


    In the office on the first floor of the Ulytania Palace. It was almost dark when Yuri, who’s processing today’s work and reports, was asked by Carol, the “love duty” tonight.


    Normally, Yuri would have finished her work in the morning, but today, it was delayed until the evening. In the morning, Yuri had to rush around to set up the【Transfer Gate】from each city to Eureka, and in the afternoon, Yuri inspected Eureka and visited Sofia, who temporarily moved her base to the explorer’s guild branch in Eureka to take command.


    “Well, half of them won’t last more than three days.”


    “… That short?”


    “Unlike the labyrinth of Ulysses, the labyrinth of Eureka is not a place that can be managed by simple ‘brute force’.”


    There are five types of demons in Eureka’s labyrinth: Kobolds, fairies, spirits, magical creatures, and undead.


    Each of these five types of demons has its own peculiarities, so if you face them without thinking, as you do when fighting the demons in the labyrinth of Ulysses, you will be hurt.


    Kobolds, for example, are more cunning and troublesome than goblins, which are often compared to them because of their similar names.


    They are smaller in size than goblins, so if two individuals are of the same level, the kobold is weaker in terms of physical ability. On the other hand, they are much more dangerous than goblins in that they use their weapons more skillfully.


    Kobold archers always target the rearguard rather than the vanguard, especially the rearguard with the staff in hand. Needless to say, this is because Kobold correctly recognizes that magic and sorcery users are dangerous and prioritizes their elimination.


    In addition, the Kobold’s short stature makes it possible for it to move with great precision, and if there is an opening, it will attack a single opponent with two or three at the same time, making it very difficult for it to take advantage of its superiority in numbers.


    Many fairies and spirits are magic users. The latter, in particular, will always use the spirit magic of the attribute associated with them, such as wind magic for Sylphs and water magic for Undines.


    In Eureka’s Labyrinth, you must always be on the lookout for long-distance magic attacks, as well as spells that debuff your abilities or give you abnormal conditions.


    If a tank or a leader who is in charge of shielding or commanding the party is shaken, the situation can deteriorate quickly.


    Both magical creatures and the undead do not have a sense of pain. The more experienced you are in combat, the more likely you are to be caught off guard.


    The latter type of undead in particular is characterized by its extremely high durability, and unless you have access to sacred magic or other support, it will take a long time to defeat them.


    The basic strategy of fighting in a labyrinth is to defeat the first one to gain an advantage in numbers. However, when the undead come out as the vanguard of the enemy, it is often difficult to defeat that first one.


    Especially when fairies and spirits appear in the rearguard of the enemy, it is unbearable to have them use magic over and over again while you are struggling to deal with the undead.


    (The two “Beginner’s” labyrinth in Ulysses are really for beginners…)


    The demons that are in place only attack physically and do not use any kind of trickery.


    Since they rarely attack from a distance, the rearguard is safe unless the vanguard falls.


    ―――If a person who has only experienced such ‘lukewarm’ level battles were to challenge the labyrinth of Eureka’s tunnels. It would be a painful experience.


    “If you want to hit a smart enemy, you have to be smart yourself.”


    “Yes. If you can do that, many demons are easy to deal with.”


    Kobolds are physically weaker than goblins due to their inferior physique.


    Fairies and spirits are also less physically capable, as they devote more resources to their magical abilities.


    Magical creatures and undead are significantly less intelligent, so if you fight smartly, you can easily maintain their advantage.


    It’s all about exploiting the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses.


    For the explorer who can turn his head and be more cunning than the enemy, this is a labyrinth with plenty of advantages.


    (Now, I wonder how many explorers will be left in Eureka in three days…)


    With a small smile on her face, Yuri thought to herself.


    If possible, I hope that the explorers in the country will be even more inspired. I hope so.

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