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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 138

    Meeting of the Three Kingdoms Monarchs and Merchants (4)

    Translated by Green Cake
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    “This is―――more like jewelry than money.”


    Sofia said as she looked at the eleven coins lined up in order of face value.


    The “Beth” currently in circulation, whether silver or gold, is not particularly eye-catching.


    In the first place, the silver and gold content itself cannot be said to be very high. The surface of the coin has only a modest pattern on it.


    On the other hand, the『gita』coins presented by Yuri, both the silver and gold coins, all shine with dazzling brilliance, like jewelry that has just been polished.


    In addition, platinum coins are probably not in circulation in this world. No country would have the facilities to process platinum.


    “In fact, if you made a pendant out of this instead of a gemstone, it would be a noble enough ornament, wouldn’t it?”


    “Yes, I think it would sell just fine. I’d like to sell it in my business.”


    Furthermore, both Aurence and Ados also praised it with open arms.


    If they said so, then it must be true.


    As the owner of a brothel, Aurence eye is discerning enough, and as the owner of an art dealership, Ados’ eye for connoisseurship goes without saying.


    However, Yuri would be troubled if they found too high a value in something that she was planning to put into general circulation as mere currency.


    “Before I go any further, let me tell you that this coin was not minted. Well, it would not be wrong to say that they are manufactured by my ability.”


    “By the master’s ability…?”


    “Yes. Although this coin clearly appears to be made of precious metals such as silver, gold, and platinum. I can produce an infinite number of these coins without consuming any materials. I can tell you that the production cost is completely ‘zero’.”


    These are from the demons that Yuri used as beasts in the game『Atros Online』. If Yuri summons them to this world, kills them, and then uses the <Dismantle> skill on their corpses, Yuri can obtain this magic money along with various materials.


    So every time one of the beasts that Yuri has placed in the labyrinth of Ulysses is defeated by an explorer, Yuri can obtain『gita』.


    In other words, the explanation that this coin is manufactured by Yuri’s ability is not a lie.


    “Hmm… If that’s the case, does that mean that Your Majesty Yuri can originally create precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum at will, in any quantity?”


    “No. Unfortunately, that is not the case.”


    Yuri shook her head at Artorius’ words.


    “As strange as it may sound―――the only thing I can produce with my abilities is the finished coin, and I can’t make it any other way.


    Also, this magic coin has the property of being『absolutely indestructible』built into it from the start. It can be thrown into a hot furnace and never melt, speared or hammered and never damaged or deformed, and handled by many hands and never stained. ―――This is a very useful characteristic for money.


    However, it also makes it impossible to reuse as a resource…”


    “I see… If it’s impossible to melt it down, then so be it.”


    “So, while I can create these 11 types of money at will, they have no resource value.


    Also, when I said ‘my ability is producing this’, I meant it more like ‘my ability needs to keep producing this’. I already have quite a few of these coins in my possession. So if it’s available, I have a strong desire to make good use of it as a nation.”


    As long as the “Labyrinth” is in operation,『gita』money will always be produced.


    That is exactly what it is, whether Yuri herself wants it or not.


    “Specifically, how much do you already have?”


    “At face value, I have about『3 Kyo Gita』”


    “… 3 kei?”


    Tilting her head, Sofia asked back.


    Not only Sophia, but the four merchants also seemed to have a hard time understanding the unit of『Kyo』. However, this is not unreasonable.


    “Well, let’s see… Let’s say we have a lot of boxes full of ‘1000’ platinum coins with the highest face value of『100000 Gita』.”




    “I already own more than 300 million boxes of face value currency at this point.”




    Rubetta was the first one to speak up after Yuri’s explanation.


    As expected from a skilled merchant, she’s quick with money.


    “It’s not just the Yuri Empire, the Holy Land of Nimun, and the Duchy of Selsia, but even if I distribute it throughout the entire continent of Mekia, I should still have more than enough to go around.”


    “Can our country also handle this currency…?”


    Cadain said with a slight hint of joy in his voice.


    It seems that the Duchy of Selsia will be willing to circulate the『gita』currency.


    “At present, the currency circulating in the Yuri Empire is that of the Eldard Kingdom made. To show that the ruler has been replaced, the Yuri Empire hopes to renew its currency to the『gita』by next year.


    ―――Rubetta, Ados, Erin, and Aurence. If you have any opinions or remarks from your knowledge as merchants, please do not hesitate to tell me. I’m not so narrow-minded that I won’t listen to you.”


    “… It is a good thing, I think, that the fact that there is such a beautiful and incomparable currency in circulation will spread to neighboring countries and enhance the prestige of the country.”


    “I agree with you. This art coinage will be the envy of other countries.”


    Rubetta and Ados both responded that they did.


    Erin and Aurence didn’t say anything, but they both seemed to have no objections.


    “Sofia, you were also the head of the Theodore Company. What do you think?”


    “I think it’s very good. I can see this currency sweeping across the continent.”


    Sofia tells me this with her eyes closed, making a gesture as if she is thinking about something.


    Sofia also seems to be in favor of renewing the currency. If the five trusted merchants are all in favor of it, there is no need to hesitate.


    “As of today, the『Gita』coin will be established as the ‘national currency’ of the Yuri Empire, to renew the currency in circulation within the country by the end of this year.


    I’ll leave it up to each of you to decide whether or not the Holy Land of Nimun and the Duchy of Selsia will follow this move. The Yuri Empire will not pressure you to do anything, so please take your time and make your decision.”


    “The Holy Kingdom of Nimmun is willing to do the same.”


    “The Duchy of Selsia is willing to do the same.”


    Despite Yuri’s words that he wanted them to take their time in making a decision, Artorius and Cadain, as the two heads of state, made the decision immediately.


    Changing the currency is supposed to be a big deal for a nation… It made Yuri feel a little uneasy, wondering if it was okay to make such an easy decision.


    “It’s a great honor to be allowed to handle… the divine currency.”


    When Yuri asked about it, Artorius answered with a big smile on his face.


    The『gita』is just a coin that was universally used in the game of『Atros Online』, and is not a big deal like a “god coin” by any means.


    ―――Well, I guess I don’t have to bother explaining all the extra stuff, do I?


    It’s not a lie that this currency is being mass-produced with Yuri’s ability. You can say that this is a “god currency” ―――if you want to. I’m sure… 

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