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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 135

    Meeting of the Three Kingdoms Monarchs and Merchants (1)

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    “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to call you out.”


    “No problem. Thanks to the【Transfer Gate】set up by Your Majesty Yuri, it takes almost no time to move. It’s a piece of cake.”


    “Yes, absolutely. We can enjoy a nice meal on the way back, you can call me anytime.”


    A conference room on the first floor of the Yuritania Palace.


    The monarch of the Duchy of Selsia, Cadain Theodore, and the Holy King of the Holy Land of Nimun, Pope Altorius, who were gathered there, responded with smiles respectively.


    In fact, it’s not that unusual for the heads of the three countries to get together.


    As Cadain said, with the【Transfer Gate】is set up, it doesn’t take much effort to move. About once or twice a month, the three heads of state would get together and hold a meeting like this.


    Being able to keep in close contact with other countries, and even meet them face to face. In the eyes of the other two countries, it seems to be a ‘great luxury’.


    It’s no wonder, though, considering that if it weren’t for the【Transfer Gate】, the fastest means of information transmission in this world would be the ‘fast horse’.


    “Thank you for the [Broadcast], husband.”


    “Your broadcast tonight was very interesting.”


    “Yes, thank you, both of you.”


    Until a few minutes ago, Yuri had been in a separate room doing her regular daily [Broadcast] to the people of the three countries.


    Yuri’s face broke into a smile when she was praised for her efforts by both Lizelia and Roselotte.


    The two of Yuri’s third and fourth concubines, Lizelia and Roselotte, have been calling Yuri ‘husband’ since the day after Yuri loved her・・・・.


    It’s a little weird to be called ‘husband’ as a woman, but I don’t feel bad if I think of it as a term of affection from the two of them.


    At the meeting, there were also the other two concubines, Estoa and Sofia.


    Also, since we were going to talk about ‘money’ this time, we asked Rubetta, the head of the Rostine Chamber of Commerce, Ados and Erin, the heads of the Tormark Chamber of Commerce, and Aurence, the head of the Hayes Chamber of Commerce, to come and give their opinions from a merchant’s perspective.


    “Well, let’s get this meeting started. I’m going to say this first―――there will be a lot of talk from the Yuri Empire, so if there is anything from the Holy Land or the Principality that you would like to discuss, you can list it first.


    “The Holy Land has nothing in particular.”


    “Neither does the Principality.”


    “I see. Well, thank you for letting me lead the conversation today.


    First of all, I would like to inform you that in three days, the calendar will change to the summer month, and at the same time, the Yuri Empire will start operating the city of Eureka, the mining city.


    This is a new city built near the mines in the mountainous region that was ceded to us by the Principality at the time of the peace, and it will be a replacement for the current mining city of Dakart. Therefore, we will be operating with the residents of Dakart as they are. The migration period will be six months, and after the migration is complete, we plan to destroy the city of Dakart.”


    When Yuri had explained that much, Artorius slowly raised his hand.


    “Please,” she said, encouraging Yuri to speak up.


    “You mean that there was something seriously wrong with the city of Dakart that needed to be rebuilt?”


    “I would say so. First of all, because of the unplanned expansion of Dakart without any urban design, there are too many ‘walls’ and too many narrow and curved streets in the city. Movement within the city has become too inefficient.


    Secondly, for a mining city, the mines are a bit far away. If you were to walk from the city, it would take you about an hour to get there.”


    “Isn’t that necessary to prevent pollution such as poisonous water from mines from reaching the city?”


    “We can detoxify the mineral water with our【Purification Wards】. If that’s the case, there’s no reason to build a city so far away from the mine.”


    “Oh, I see―――That’s true, I suppose.”


    “In addition, if we want to deploy water and sewage systems in the city, it is easier to build them from scratch.”


    It would take a lot of effort to build water and sewage systems in a city that already existed.


    From the point of view of the Yuri Empire, which has <Kikyou>, a city with outstanding construction capabilities, it would be better to build a new city itself without any trouble.


    “This is just a report, really. It’s not like the Holy Land or the Principality will be affected just because one of the cities of the Yuri Empire is being rebuilt.


    However, I would like Rubetta, Ados, and Aurence to consider opening a few stores in Eureka’s cities as well. If there are a lot of high-level stores operating, it can be expected that the level of the stores in the city as a whole will be raised as a result.”


    “I understand, and the Rostine Merchant Association will be opening some food stores, restaurants, clothing stores, etc.”


    “The Tormark Trading Company will have a store selling magic tools.”


    “If you can lend us additional stalls, we would like to open a ‘food stall’ in Eureka City.”


    In response to Uri’s request, Rubetta, Ados, and Erin, Ados’ wife and the manager of the stalls in Yuritania and Ulysses, each answered immediately.


    A merchant who can make an immediate decision is something to be thankful for.


    “If you need more, just let me know and I’ll lend you another 30 or so. If it’s not enough, just let me know and I’ll add up to another 30 or so.”


    “Thank you, Your Majesty.”


    “Fumuu… What should we do…? I think it would only be a problem for you if you were to put our brothel in the new city you’ve just built.”


    “No, there’s no problem. People who work in manual labor jobs like miners are the kind of people who would use a brothel. You can make all the money you want.”


    “I’d appreciate it if you said so. But, if a brothel is built, the security will deteriorate, won’t it?”


    “I’m not going to run a city so warmly that it’s going to lose its security over something like that.”


    People who are too lazy to commit crimes because of the existence of brothels in the city are people who may or may not be in the city anyway.


    Criminals can be found instantly with Yuri’s magic, and all of them can be ‘deported’. If you can get rid of those who are troublesome at an early stage, it’s rather beneficial.


    “And I’ve entrusted Aurence with the cosmetics store, haven’t I? How long are you going to pretend that you’re just a business association that runs a brothel?”


    “Oh, come to think of it, that’s right… I completely forgot about cosmetics because my nature as a brothel had penetrated into my bones. Now I’m saying that I earn a lot more in cosmetics than in brothels…”


    “Pull yourself together. Besides, I don’t think it’s quite right to call yourself an ‘old lady’ anymore, is it?”


    Aurence current appearance has changed into a youthful body that is unimaginable from when Yuri first met her.


    Needless to say, this is due to the effects of the [Ochimizu] provided by Yuri.


    “So, here’s what we’re going to do. As soon as we start operating the city of Eureka, we will open the mines, which are currently temporarily closed, to the public.


    However, the mine will be opened as a “Labyrinth Dungeon”. I’ll place my beasts inside, or in other words, demons, and like the city of Ulysses, they’ll be protected by【Life-Saving Ward】as well, so you won’t lose your life if you’re defeated in battle.”


    “Oh, you’re adding more labyrinths?”


    “Yes, there will be three.”


    Yuri responded to Cadain words with a nod.


    The existence of the Labyrinth has enriched the Yuri Empire, but it has also contributed greatly to its ally, the Holy Land of Nimun, and its dependency, the Principality of Selsia.


    If the number increases, there is a high possibility that the benefits brought to each country will also increase. It was only natural that Cadain expression relaxed in anticipation.

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