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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 134

    I Want 5000 Trillion Gita! (I Have Six Times That)

    Translated by Green Cake
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    ―――Spring Moon 38th.


    It has already been decided that the mining city of Eureka and the “Tunnel Labyrinth Dungeon” will be opened to the public starting next month, and this morning, three days before that, there was a visitor. There was a visitor in the office that Yuri usually keeps occupied during the morning.


    But it was not a visitor from the outside. The person who came to see her was Krone, the captain of the <Rindou>.


    “Yuri-sama. I apologize for taking time out of my duties today.”


    After following Yuri’s suggestion, she sat down on one side of the facing sofa in the corner of the office. Krone bowed her head deeply.


    “You don’t need to worry about it, it’s not like you have any urgent work to do. Besides, if Krone wants to come to see me, I’ll always make time for you.”


    “… Thank you, Yuri-sama.”


    “So, what is it that you want to talk to me about?”


    “Yes, I would like to propose to you about money in our country.”


    “Money, mmm…”


    “Do you know where the coins that are currently used in the Yuri Empire are minted?”


    “Yes, I’m aware of that. The capital of the kingdom, right?”




    In response to Yuri’s answer, Krone nodded deeply.


    The currency called “Beth” is used not only in the Yuri Empire but also in the Holy Land of Nimun and the Duchy of Selsia. The minting of this currency was done by the now-deceased Eldard Kingdom.


    In the mind of Yuri and everyone else in the Yuri Empire, the Eldard Kingdom is inevitably remembered as a small, trivial nation because of Yuri’s【Star Fall Meteor・Strike】annihilated the invasion force and Raquel’s【Army of the Dead】brought the collapse of the country.


    It had a geopolitical advantage because it was located in the center of the Mekia continent, it had a large enough land area, and it had even won a war against a duchy. The Kingdom of Eldard was even feared as one of the ‘hegemonic nation’ of the Mekia Continent.


    “Beth” is a currency whose credit was secured by the powerful power of the Kingdom of Eldard.


    However, now that the kingdom has collapsed and all of its lands have been annexed. Needless to say, the entity that guarantees the credibility of the currency has been transformed into Yuri Empire.


    “I’ve received reports that the Beth coin minting facility in the basement of the Royal Castle is nearly intact and will not be affected by any future operations…?”


    “Yes, that is true. The equipment is in good enough condition to resume coin minting on the same day if Yuri-sama requests it.”


    “So, is there another problem?”


    “How many Gita coins does Yuri-sama have?”


    The『Gita』that Krone talk about is the magical monetary unit used in the game『Atros Online』.


    “Ah, If we’re going to talk about that… As I recall, more than 30 of the <Nadeshiko> girls had money in their bags, up to the limit of what they could carry…”


    “So we’ll have at least 30 Peta Gita?”


    “I suppose so.”


    The <Maid> occupational class can use the <Maid Bag> skill to store up to 1 Peta Gita of money.


    So if more than 30 people are carrying money to the limit, then the total amount of money they are carrying is simply more than 30 times that amount.


    By the way,『Peta』is the fifth power of 1000, or 1000 trillion.


    Therefore, Yuri, who has more than『30 Peta Gita』is in possession of an enormous amount of assets that exceed『3 Kyo Gita』.


    ―――But of course, in this world, there is no use for it.


    “But what does it matter?”


    “Did you know that the『Gita』currency is now also stockpiled in the treasury?”


    “Of course. Because it produced from the “Labyrinth Dungeons” in Ulysses.”


    In『Atros Online』, if you used the <Dismantle> skill on a defeated demon, you could get a certain amount of money Gita along with the demon’s materials.


    So, Yuri’s beasts that are placed in the “Labyrinth” in Ulysses. ―――In other words, the demons in『Atros Online』produce not only materials but also money Gita when they are defeated.


    This is because the corpses of the demons are immediately collected by the【Recovery Wards】, so it is unlikely that any explorer knows this fact. The money produced by the defeated beasts cannot be given to the explorers, so it must be stored in the national treasury.


    This is because there is no point in handing over useless money to the explorers.


    “Hmmm… Perhaps Krone would like to propose to me that『Gita』be the currency of the Yuri Empire?”


    “Yes, it is. As you may know, the『Gita』currency can be ‘exchanged’ at will by us. Also, on the one hand, it is impossible to ‘reuse’ it as a resource, which is very convenient for the country.


    In addition to the fact that Yuri-sama has already stockpiled a large amount of it, the fact that we operate a “Labyrinth” means that we can expect stable production in the future without the hassle of minting, so I thought there was no way we couldn’t use it as a national currency.”


    “I see…”


    The『Gita』, which was set up as a『Magic Money』in the game, has two outstanding features that no other money can imitate.


    The first of these is that if you put the money in <Inventory>, which is available to all『Atros Online』game characters, you can take it out at any time in any amount of money you want.


    For example, if Yuri has『10,000 gita』in her <Inventory>, she can not only take it out with 10,000『1 gita silver coins』but also with 100『100 gita gold coins』or one『10,000 gita platinum coin』.


    Yuri can freely choose which currency to take out, depending on his will.


    This can be described as the ability to freely exchange money for other amounts by using the <Inventory>, as Krone said.


    Even though the people of this world are now able to freely obtain <Class> due to the “Great Change” caused by Lydina. The only people who can use <Inventory> are Yuri and the children of the Yuri Empire.


    This means that Yuri and her team can freely adjust the amount of money in circulation for each denomination in the country. Even if there is a shortage in the amount of money circulating in a particular denomination, Yuri and the children of the Yuri Empire can immediately improve the situation by getting involved.


    In addition, another feature is that『Magic Coins』cannot be reused as resources.


    As mentioned above, a 1 Gita coin is a『Silver Coin』, a 100 Gita coin is a『Gold Coin』and a 10,000 Gita coin is a『Platinum Coin』. It is impossible to convert the coin into silver, gold, or platinum ingots.


    The『Magic Coin』will never melt・・・・no matter how high a temperature it is thrown into a furnace.


    Even if you put it in a furnace that can maintain a high temperature of more than 1768 degrees Celsius, which can melt even platinum, the magic coin will not melt, will not be damaged, and will never be blackened or stained.


    “If the word gets out that we are a nation that circulates a coin that can never be damaged, it will help raise the national prestige of the Yuri Empire.


    In addition, the engraved design of the Gita coin is very beautiful.


    The power of a country that can put into general circulation as ‘money’ something that might even be considered valuable as a work of art must be a serious threat to other countries.”


    “Hmmm… If it’s perceived as a work of art, other countries may store『Gita』coins and attempt to reduce the amount of money in circulation in the Yuri Empire, you know?”


    “Isn’t that all right? We can produce as much『Gita』money as we want, so no matter how much other countries store, it can only be meaningless. As long as we can increase the circulation volume by ourselves, no matter how much artistic value the currency is, it will be impossible to make it worth more than the state defines.”


    “… Well, I guess that’s true.”


    It certainly didn’t sound like a bad idea to Yuri.


    More importantly, it would be great to be able to restore the value of the large stockpile of property that had become completely worthless.


    As Krone mentioned, the amount of money in circulation can be freely adjusted, and it is impossible to reprocess the coins. Taking advantage of these two advantages, existing silver and gold coins can be actively exchanged for the magic coin―――『Gita』.


    It may even be possible to use the beautiful “good goods” of Gita to destroy the “bad goods” of other countries that are far inferior in quality and design.


    “Krone, I’d like to keep this idea for a while. I think it’s better to get the opinions of the people of this world before deciding on our own.”


    “If you say so, then of course I have no objection.”


    If the money circulating in the Yuri Empire is to be renewed, it will naturally have a major impact on the allied countries. At the very least, the top sovereigns of the Holy Land of Nimun and the Principality of Selsia should be informed in advance.


    In addition, since we are talking about currency, I would like to decide after hearing the honest opinions of the merchants who are close to me.

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