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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 131

    Test Mining (Before)

    Translated by Green Cake
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    The next day, on the 33rd day of the spring month, Yuri was accompanied by two people to visit one of the dungeons in the mining city that <Kikyou> had already completed.


    She wanted to test the comfort of the items she was going to lend to the explorers before she put this place into operation as a “Labyrinth”.


    I also wanted to see with my own eyes what the labyrinth of tunnels was like, together with Sofia, who was in charge of the Explorers’ Guild.


    That’s why one of my companions this time was Sofia.


    She has already grown to a level of more than 30, so she has no problem handling the cobalt and other ores produced in this labyrinth with her bare hands.


    Another companion is Kanayama-Hiko―――the “Guardian Deity” of this mine in a sense. He plays a very important role in enriching this mine with his authority.


    Incidentally, I invited only Kanayama-Hiko, but not Kanayama-Hime.


    She doesn’t say a word when she is with Kanayama-Hiko, probably because she is trying to look like a lady. This time, I knew she wouldn’t give me any advice even if I brought her along.


    “I was a little concerned about safety when I heard that the tunnel was… but if it’s built this solidly, there seems to be no danger of it collapsing even if we use offensive magic inside the mine.”


    After stepping into one of the tunnels in the labyrinth, which is a relatively shallow part of the mine and is intended for lower levels, Sofia looked around the mines and gave her impressions.


    As the head of the Explorers Guild, she was probably wondering if it was safe to let explorers dive into this place.


    “I’ve heard that they use a special kind of wood from demons for the mine wood. It’s very sturdy, and even though it’s wood, it’s resistant to fire. They also designed it so that the air inside the mine can circulate properly, so even if you use a lot of fire magic, you won’t feel suffocated.”


    Of course, the children of <Kikyou> were the ones who built it, but Yuri also received enough information through the report to explain the details to others.


    “It’s so good that it’s clear to the untrained eye… Is that the work of the artisan girls who built her own country, castles, and residences?”


    “Yes, they are. It’s the work of a group of girls called <Kikyou>.”


    “I see. As expected, Yuri-dono, you have a wonderful vassal.”


    Yuri’s cheeks relaxed at Kanayama-Hiko’s unrestrained praise.


    She was much happier when her beloved children were praised than being praised herself.


    “Well, Master. If you don’t mind, could you please introduce me to this gentleman?”


    “Ah… I’m sorry. I haven’t introduced you yet. This man is Kanayama-Hiko, and he will be the god who will manage this mine.”


    “I am Kanayama-Hiko. I look forward to working with you.”


    Sofia was dismayed to see Kanayama-Hiko’s response, as she straightened her posture and bowed her head deeply at a precise 90-degree angle.


    “A-A-A God!? T-T-That’s scary! Please don’t bow to me!”


    “A certain person is indeed a pillar of the gods, but he is essentially just an existence that has no connection to this world. As a resident of this world, Sofia-dono, there is no need for you to be afraid of me, so please do not hesitate to talk to me.”


    “Is that so…?”


    “Yes. Right now, I’m just a servant who owes allegiance to Yuri-dono.”


    “Well then, I am a slave to my master, so I am in a similar position.”


    “I see, you are also… I look forward to working with you.”


    “Yes, it is my pleasure to work with you.”


    Sofia responded to Kanayama-Hiko’s deep bow with a curtsy.


    I think the conversation was a bit of a ramble….. Well, as long as the two of you can get to know each other, I guess it’s okay.


    “Master. Have you placed any demons in this labyrinth yet?”


    “No, I have not. So there’s no need to be wary of your surroundings.”


    Yuri still hasn’t decided what kind of demons to place on which level.


    It will probably take a few more days before they are actually placed.


    “Today we came here to inspect the ore deposits in this tunnel that Kanayama-Hiko made for us, and also to see how these two items work.”


    “Is that… ice ax and monocle?”


    “Yes. I’m planning to lend these two items to explorers who challenge the labyrinth in the tunnels so that they can freely mine the ore inside. So, here.”


    Yuri then handed the two items to Sofia.


    “When we get to the deposit later, you can try it out. If Sofia, who was given the job out of the blue, can handle it, then the other explorers will have no problem digging.”


    “I see… Okay, I’ll try it. Should I put on my glasses?”


    “No, we can do that when we get to the front of the deposit.”


    At the same time, Yuri handed the ice ax and binoculars to Kanayama-Hiko.


    Since he’s accompanying us, we’ll let him try it out for himself.


    “Well―――Since being summoned to this world, my wife and I have been looking forward to watching the [Broadcast] of the explorers and cheering them on. I can’t help but look forward to the prospect of explorers coming to the mine that I control.”


    After receiving the item from Yuri, Kanayama-Hiko said with a smile on his face that made him look truly happy.


    At the moment, the newly built mining city is not inhabited, so there is no one to visit the shrine where Kanayama-Hiko and Kanayama-Hime live. This means that he spends all his days alone with his wife.


    In a world where entertainment is scarce and the two of you are alone all the time, you will inevitably spend a lot of time being bored. Apparently, Kanayama-Hiko and Kanayama-Hime are enjoying themselves by watching the [Broadcast] during those times.


    I asked him about it, and he told me that he and his wife support the miners, especially the explorers from the city of Dakart, who go to Ulysses to challenge the “Labyrinth”.


    As a god of the mines, I wondered if he felt a kinship with the miners.


    “If it were allowed, I would like to support the miners’ explorers by creating a weapon with one of my hammers.”


    “I’ve already built a few blacksmithing workshops in the mining city, so after the city opens up, you can go there and make your armor as you like. If you want, I can provide you with the materials, and if you want to open an armor store, I can prepare a building for it.”


    “What―――are you sure you want to do that?”


    “Yes, of course. But don’t give preferential treatment to the miners’ explorers.”


    “It’s only natural, isn’t it? I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity, Yuri-dono.”


    “As long as you return the favor by enriching the mine, I have nothing to say.”


    “As you wish. A certain person is more than capable of fulfilling the duties of my wife and I, and I will see to it.”


    Kanayama-Hiko, kneeling on the ground of the tunnel, bows his head to Yuri and tells her so.


    Before I knew it, I felt like I was being completely honored by my subjects―――well, I don’t think there’s any real harm to it, so, no problem?

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