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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 125

    Live Broadcast of Labyrinth Exploration (Introduction)

    Translated by Green Cake
    Edited by Green Cake


    Northeast of the city of Ulysses―――.


    Sayuri and the others arrived at the “Labyrinth” of “Beginner I”, which is open to the lowest level explorers, and passed the time by chatting a bit in front of the Labyrinth.


    We’ve already gotten permission from Lydina and Arcana for the [Broadcast]. So all we had to do was wait for the time to start the daily [Broadcast].


    As I was killing time in front of the “Labyrinth”, I could see a lot of explorers coming back from inside the entrance gate.


    It’s not that no people are going inside. However, there seemed to be an overwhelming number of people coming out of it.


    Sayuri was wondering what was going on here.


    “Everyone wants to see Sayuri’s broadcast, right?”


    “Yes, yes.” She nodded my head repeatedly.


    Arcana said to her as if it were a matter of course.


    “… Oh, really?”


    “If you didn’t, they wouldn’t have come back from the “Labyrinth”, would you?”


    As a general rule, the [Broadcast] that Yuri makes every night cannot be viewed while in the “Labyrinth” unless it is of great importance.


    This is because the sudden appearance of the broadcast screen blocking the view of explorers in battle would undoubtedly cause inconvenience. Therefore, Yuri intentionally set it up so that those in exploration would not be the target of the broadcast.


    Similarly, the broadcast is not projected on the view of people driving carriages in the city, for the same reason.


    If you want to see the [Broadcast], you have to leave the “Labyrinth”.


    So if that’s why the explorers are coming back… it makes sense.


    In the current Yuri Empire, pocket watches have already succeeded in becoming commonplace, and many explorers carry them with them. This is because it is impossible to check the position of the sun in the “Labyrinth”, and if you don’t have a watch with you, you lose all sense of time.


    So, before “8:00 p.m.” in the evening, when Yuri is making her nightly [Broadcast]. It was not hard to understand why they all came back as if they were on the same page.


    “I don’t think my [Broadcast] are that interesting to watch…”


    Rubetta and Ados had urged her to continue, so Yuri had no choice but to [Broadcast] every night without fail. Honestly, she didn’t think the images she was showing were that interesting.


    However, Sayuri’s idea was easily denied by Lydina.


    “The content of Yuri’s [Broadcast] may seem boring to modern viewers who are used to watching a world full of TV programs produced by many professionals. All of the images are unedited, so they may look boring and lacking in sharpness.


    There are probably a lot of people out there who look forward to what Yuri is [Broadcast] every night, deep down, you know?”


    “Eh…? It’s a bit awkward for them to look forward to it too much.”


    “Hmm. It’s a good thing that faith can be gathered efficiently.


    Well―――Sayuri, isn’t it about time for us to start?”


    “Oh, yes. Thank you, Lydina.”


    The clock is currently showing 19:55.


    Yuri’s broadcast is supposed to start at 8:00 p.m. every night, but she’s not trying to be strict with the time. It’s not uncommon for the broadcast to start a few minutes earlier or later than usual.


    “Good day to you, subjects of the Yuri Empire, as well as subjects of the Holy Land of Nimun and the Principality of Selsia. My name is Yuri, and I am the Empress of the Yuri Empire.”


    A little earlier than the scheduled time, Sayuri began her [Broadcast].


    At the same time, the surroundings instantly became noisy.


    ―――Well, I guess it’s understandable.


    It was obvious to any explorer that the door in the background of Sayuri’s reflection belonged to the “Labyrinth” of “Beginner I”.


    The people around would inevitably be in an uproar if they knew that a [Broadcast] is taking place right where they are.


    Sayuri is sure that many Japanese people are living in the modern world who would instantly become noisy if they knew that a live TV broadcast was taking place near where they are now.


    “Well, as many of you may have already noticed. Today we are broadcasting from the “Labyrinth” of “Beginner I”, located northeast of the city of Ulysses. There is, of course, only one reason for broadcasting from such a place, isn’t there? It’s so that you, the viewers, can see how we are going to challenge the “Labyrinth”.


    However, I’m quite good at what I do, and I also have no small amount of power as a god. Well, it’s not only me but the two people right next to me as well.”


    In response to Sayuri’s words, Lydina and Arcana, standing next to each other, waving their hands to the audience.


    It is common knowledge for people in this world to know who these two girls are, as they look the same as the statues of gods that are always placed in cathedrals and other temple facilities.


    “We are an『Avatar』, a separate body of ourselves―――a ‘spare body’, you might say. We can create any number of them.


    Well, I just learned how to do it today… So I tried to create this small body of ‘me’.”


    “Fufu, please call her ‘Sayuri-chan’.”


    “… The name of the my『Avatar』is decided by Lydina.”


    When Sayuri shrugged her shoulders in annoyance, there was a small laugh from the people around her.


    Before she knew it, a crowd of onlookers seemed to have gathered and formed a wall around… Well, I’m used to it, as it’s quite common when broadcasting outside.


    “I am level 1 in this body. By the way, my Vocation is〔Tinkerer〕, and my class is <Cook>, both of which are production jobs.


    Unlike those who have obtained a combat class, those who have a production class can hardly obtain skills that will give them an advantage in fighting demons. But―――I wanted to let you know that even such a person can do well enough in the low-level “Labyrinth”. Today, I would like to challenge the “Labyrinth” of “Beginner I” with this body of mine.”


    “The two of us, Arcana and I, are also Level 1, just like Sayuri. But we do have combat jobs. By the way, I have a vocation〔Heavy Warrior〕and a class <Priest>.”


    “I get a〔Hunter〕vocation and <Sorcerer> class.”


    It wasn’t like we had a specific meeting. Following Sayuri, Lydina and Arcana also revealed their vocation and class.


    They often appear with Yuri when we [Broadcast] our food stall tours. The girls are already used to being broadcast, which is very encouraging.


    “I’ll be the rear guard, attacking with arrows and magic, while Lydina and Sayuri Sister will be the vanguard!”


    “… Hey, Arcana. It’s a bit strange that you call me ‘sister’ when I’m much smaller than you now, isn’t it?”


    “What? But you’re my sister.”


    “Eh? You can call me ‘Sayuri’ or ‘Sayuri-chan’ if you want.”


    “S-Sister! You’re my sister!”


    To tell the truth, Sayuri wanted to be called by ‘-chan’ once. Unfortunately, Arcana seemed to be stubbornly refusing to call me that, even though I urged her to do so in a broadcast-like manner.


    Well, if it doesn’t work, it can’t be helped. I’m also happy to be called ‘Sister’.


    “For now, I’m going to broadcast the three of us level 1s taking on the labyrinth today. Of course… since it’s level 1, Lydina and I won’t be able to fight very well, and Arcana probably won’t be able to use much magic yet either.


    I don’t know if it’s interesting to watch or not, to be honest. If you have a lot of free time on your hands, it might be a good idea to watch it with a drink in your hand.”


    “I hope it’s a good way for people who haven’t tried the “Labyrinth” to get a feel for it.”


    “That’s right. I think Lydina is right about that.”


    “Well, let’s get going! Sayuri sister!”


    Prompted by Arcana’s voice, Sayuri and the others moved to the entrance side of the “Labyrinth”.


    They received cheers of support from the onlookers gathered around them. Sayuri and the others pushed open the gate on the ground and entered the “Labyrinth”.

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