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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 124

    Preparing for the “Labyrinth” Challenge (After)

    Translated by Green Cake
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    TN: From this chapter and so on, I’ll use different formatting for many things and some changes. Just to make it easier to differentiate (ex. Vocation and Class) and also for experiment :3 . I’ll edit the previous chapter if I have time (read: motivation). LINK HERE for the changes list. Enjoy!


    Guided by the priest, one by one, we entered the Hall of Divine Statues at the back of the cathedral.


    Standing in the center of the Hall of the Divine Statues, Sayuri and the others quickly completed the ritual by praying to the eight divine statues lined up along the surrounding walls.


    The priest who led us was a stranger to Yuri.


    If the High Priest Badanterre, who has the highest position in the cathedral, had been present, he would certainly have come out to answer the call. If he hadn’t come out, he must have been away for a while.


    Yuri had issued High Priestess Badanterre a permit to freely use all the【Transfer Gate】, as he had been a great help to her in many ways.


    The High Priest Badanterre is a very healthy daredevil, so he often uses the【Transfer Gate】to go to other cities to enjoy a meal during his breaks.


    Likely, he won’t come back while Sayuri and the others are in the cathedral.


    Incidentally, there was now a statue of Yuri in the Hall of Divine Statues.


    It was a little embarrassing and uncomfortable to see a statue of a god that resembled her appearance. At any rate, Sayuri turned her back to her statue and prayed only to the statues of the other seven gods.


    Even with such a random way of praying, she was able to get her〔Vocation〕as usual.


    There may not be much need for serious prayer.


    “Sayuri, what kind of〔Vocation〕did you get?”


    As soon as Sayuri left the Statue Room, Arcana, who had already finished the ceremony, came running up to her and asked with a curious look on her face.


    The only thing Sayuri got so far is her〔Vocation〕. The〔Vocation〕will be drawn randomly, and the <Class> will be chosen later after seeing the results.


    Will you choose the〔Vocation〕that is given and develop your strengths? Or, you can choose a <Class> that is different from your〔Vocation〕, and make your strengths more diverse, depending on your choice.


    “I’m a〔Tinkerer〕.”


    “A〔Tinkerer〕… that’s a production worker, right?”


    “That’s correct.”


    Sayuri’s vocation as a〔Tinkerer〕had given her two skills at the same time.


    〔Eye of the Craftworker I〕- Passive Skill


    The ability to see through details and structures and remember them accurately.

    You can also see through places and objects that have unusual structures built into them.



    〔Crafting Expertise I〕 – Passive Skill


    You can use your crafting tools with great dexterity to create artifacts.

    You can also unlock locked doors and boxes, and disarm traps.


    One skill is〔Eye of the Craftworker I〕skill, which allows you to ‘see through’ a crafted item to understand how it is made, and even ‘understand’ its structure.


    For example, if you look at a mechanical watch, you can ‘see’ through it to understand the mechanical structure of the watch. In other words, there is no need to peel off the exterior.


    Since we can ‘memorize’ the structure completely, it is not impossible to reproduce the structure with our own hands and make the same thing.


    Of course, there is a caveat that this is only possible if you have the skills to create it.


    As a side effect of the〔Eye of the Craftworker I〕, it also can detect places and objects that have unusual structures built-in.


    It can see through doors, floors, and boxes that have traps built into them.


    The other skill is〔Crafting Expertise I〕, which allows you to use crafting tools to create artifacts, which is a typical production skill.


    This skill also has a side effect of ‘unlocking locked doors and boxes’ and ‘disarming traps’.


    Sayuri’s〔Vocation〕is〔Tinkerer〕. so her vocation won’t be useful in the battle. On the other hand, it might be somewhat useful for exploring the “Labyrinth”.


    In the six “Labyrinth” that was created in the city of Ulysses, there are no traps on the walls or floors as a rule. However, of the four types of treasure chests that can be found in the Labyrinth, only the red treasure chest has a trap set in it.


    If Sayuri, who is capable of disarming traps, is with you, you may be able to retrieve the contents of the ‘red’ treasure chest relatively safely.


    Of course, she might fail to disarm the trap and set it off. Even so, it would be much better than opening it by force, knowing that the trap would be triggered.


    “What about Arcana?”


    “I’m a〔Hunter〕.”


    “Oh, you got a good one.”


    All of the children of the Yuri Empire already had a〔Vocation〕. According to what they told me, among the various vocation,〔Hunter〕is a relatively good choice.


    You can learn to use both melees and ranged weapons, and if you are lightly armed, you can move quickly. In addition, they can also acquire skills to detect demons in their surroundings.


    “I’ve heard that it’s a vocation that can be both a vanguard and a rearguard, so whatever vocation Lydina gets after this, it won’t be unbalanced.”


    “I’m a〔Heavy Warrior〕, Sayuri.”


    Lydina, who had just come out of the Statue Room, said and joined the conversation.


    “Welcome back, Lydina. You’ve drawn another solid avant-garde vocation.”


    “You’re right… I think I’d better choose a <Class> that matches my〔Vocation〕.


    “… Hmm.〔Heavy Warrior〕is a fixed fighting style on its own, so it is difficult to decide what to combine it with.”


    〔Heavy Warrior〕will wear metal armor and hold a large shield, and will be at the front protecting all of his allies.


    The metal armor greatly restricts the body’s movement, and since the large shield is held in one hand all the time,〔Heavy Warrior〕can only use one-handed weapons that are large enough not to interfere with defensive movements.


    Because the fighting style is almost fixed, it is quite difficult to decide what <Class> to add to it.


    “I’d like to be an <Cook> if that’s okay with you.”


    “… What? You already have a vocation as a〔Tinkerer〕, and now you want to add a production class?”


    “Yes, that’s the plan. Since it’s a good opportunity, I thought I’d spread the word through the broadcast that people with only production jobs can challenge the labyrinth without problems.”


    The explorers who tackle the labyrinth will be automatically broadcasted.


    As long as Lydina and Arcana are with us, I’m sure there will be many people watching Sayuri and the others as they explore. She wants to take this opportunity to let people know that even if you have chosen a vocation or class that doesn’t benefit you in any way, you can still fight well.


    And besides, it is Yuri who has placed the demons in the “Labyrinth”.


    Naturally, Yuri knows how many of each type of demon she has placed on each floor of the labyrinth, and she also has detailed information about the demons themselves.


    In addition, she has a vague idea of the location of her beast, so there is almost no danger of being ambushed by the enemy in the “Labyrinth”.


    I think they should at least have a professional handicap.


    “In that case, do you think Sayuri will be in the vanguard or the rearguard?”


    “I’m going to fight as a vanguard, just because I’m in production doesn’t mean I can’t handle weapons. Besides, it’s possible to gain skills through training now, right?”


    “Yes, that’s right.”


    Just as Yuri had acquired the skills〔Confectionery II〕and〔Cooking II〕. Nowadays, the world has been transformed in such a way that skills can be obtained with enough training.


    So, if you take the time and effort, it is possible to create a ‘Fighting Production Class’.


    “If both Lydina and Sayuri are in the vanguard, I’d rather be a rearguard.”


    “If there are three of us, there’s no problem if we’re all a vanguard. I think it’s fine for Arcana to choose the class she wants to be in.”


    Arcana seems to have decided on the class <Sorcerer> after some time of deliberation.


    She has a vocation as a 〔Hunter〕and handles bows, and a class <Sorcerer> and handles offensive magic. It seems that Arcana has chosen to make a seamless job structure as a rear guard.


    Lydina had also decided on the class <Priest> after some deliberation.


    Since the combat style is already fixed with the〔Heavy Warrior〕alone, she chose to add the class <Priest>, which allows her to handle healing magic, so she can be a more robust shield to protect her allies.


    “Have you decided on a class?”


    “Yes, I would like you to perform the ritual again.”


    After telling the priest so, Sayuri and the others went through the ritual again in order.


    Then they each chose the <Class> they wanted.



    Human / Avatar・Female / Propensity: Evil (-100%)


    〔Tinkerer〕 – Lv.1

    <Cook> – Lv.1


    Life Force: 14 / 14

    Magic Power: 36 / 36


    [Strength] 6

    [Toughness] 4

    [Agility] 23


    [Wisdom] 24

    [Charm] 12

    [Blessing] 10


    Using the [Appraisal Monocle] that she brought from the palace, Sayuri checked her status. She found out that her abilities had increased to a certain extent because she had acquired both a vocation and a class.


    To be honest, it’s hard to say that the status is for the vanguard. But, at any rate, if you have a double-digit life force, you should be able to handle it if you work hard.


    After completing the ritual and leaving the cathedral, Sayuri and the others first visited the branch of the Explorers Guild, which is also located in the Divine City of Yuritania.


    Once they had completed the registration procedures, they could use the【Transfer Gate】in the center of the city of Yuritania.


    So Sayuri and her friends were already warped to the “Lost City of Ulysses” 30 minutes later.


    “We’ll have to buy some armor somewhere.”


    Lydina spilled out her words as she looked around the streets of Ulysses.


    As a〔Heavy Warrior〕, Lydina is highly dependent on her equipment due to her fighting style. We need to find a store and get it as soon as possible, it’s not safe to go empty-handed.


    “In that case, let’s look for a store in the northeast part of Ulysses.”


    “…? Sayuri, why are we looking for a store in the northeast?”


    “Because the least difficult labyrinth is located in the northeast of the city. Here, the stores that sell armor for beginners are located near the labyrinths for beginners.”


    The south side of Ulysses is lined with armory stores for intermediate players, and the west side is lined with armory stores for advanced players.


    It’s not necessarily that a beginner can’t handle an item that can be bought at an intermediate or advanced armory store, but… Good armor is pricey in its own right, which means it’s inevitably not ‘beginner friendly’ in terms of money.


    Walking down the main street in the northeastern part of the city, Sayuri and the others entered a large armor store they saw on the way and bought all the armor they wanted.


    In addition to metal armor and a large shield, Lydina had purchased a hammer and spear.


    In addition to healing magic, the class <Priest> also allows you to acquire a few skills in handling blunt weapons.


    Her armor, shield, and hammer and spear were all made of metal, so they should weigh quite a bit. But Lydina wore and lifted them with ease.


    Perhaps, among the things you get from the beginning〔Heavy Warrior〕vocation is a skill that reduces the weight of your equipment.


    Arcana had purchased a short bow and quiver, as well as some light leather armor that would not impede her movements.


    She had not purchased a staff. It’s not like a <Sorcerer> can’t use magic without staff, so she’s going to go with just a bow as a hunter.


    Arcana seemed to be debating whether or not to buy a shortsword, but in the end, she decided not to. At least this time, Sayuri and Lydina would be vanguards, so she probably decided that it was unnecessary.


    Sayuri bought a mace, a short sword, a short spear, a hand ax, a short bow, and a small shield, along with hard leather armor.


    When you get the <Cook> class, you get the <Food Box> storage skill. This skill can be used to store anything, not just food, but the number of storage spaces is much smaller than the <Maid Bag> skill that can be obtained with the <Maid> class.


    However, just having the ability to store things in another space is something that will come in handy when exploring the “Labyrinth”. Sayuri plans to buy a variety of weapons and store them in the <Food Box>, switching equipment as needed.


    She will also buy a few backpacks and other miscellaneous items.


    There is a surprisingly wide range of items that can be useful when exploring the “Labyrinth”.


    By the time we left the store, it was starting to get dark.


    At this rate, by the time they reached the “Labyrinth”, it would be just in time for the daily [Broadcast].

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