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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 123

    Preparing for the “Labyrinth” Challenge (Before)

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    For a while, we were enjoying the tea that Lydina was making for us and exchanging casual conversation. Eventually, just before noon, Arcana showed up in the garden of the Divine Realm.


    Yuri said to Arcana, “Why don’t the three of us challenge the [Labyrinth Dungeon] today?” As expected, Arcana was overjoyed when Yuri suggested it.


    Judging from her delight, it seemed that it was true that Arcana had been pestering Lydina to experience the explorer’s side as well.


    The three of us enjoyed tea together for a bit, and then Yuri turned her consciousness back to Yuritania, joining Lydina and the Arcana avatar who had come to visit the palace.


    The three of us had lunch together after visiting the many food stalls set up in the square in front of the palace. Once we moved to the Yuritania Palace, Yuri learned how to make『Avatar』from Lydina and Arcana in her private room.


    The process of making the Avatar is not particularly difficult and is quickly completed.


    In the garden of the Divine Realm, Lydina had told her that it would be wise to make it look different from the main body, so Yuri decided to make the Avatar into something different from the main body.


    Her face, hair, and other aspects of her appearance are similar to Yuri’s own. On the other hand, Yuri’s Avatar is only about 120cm tall.


    In other words, Yuri made her Avatar with a child-sized body so that it would be easy to distinguish from the main body.


    “Why don’t we name the Avatar ‘Sayuri’?”


    “… Do I need to give the Avatar a different name than the main body?”


    “No, it’s not necessary. But there’s nothing wrong with that, is it?”


    The name of the Avatar is decided immediately after Lydina said so.


    It is true that, as Lydina said, it would not be a bad idea to use a different name only when manipulating the Avatar.


    The name “Yuri”, a character in the game『Atros Online』, is, of course, named after the real name of the player, “Horaji Yuri”.


    The small, minimalist version of Yuri. Yuri doesn’t feel any discomfort in adding the character for “small” to the word “Yuri” to make the name “Sayuri”.



    Human / Avatar・Female / Propensity: Evil (-100%)


    Life Force: 6 / 6

    Magic Power: 20 / 20


    [Strength] : 2

    [Toughness] : 2

    [Agility] 5

    [Wisdom] 10

    [Charm] 10

    [Blessing] 10


    Yuri had prepared a magic tool called the [Appraisal Monocle] and checked her status.


    Yuri had expected this―――but the numbers were all terrible.


    It’s a status of civilians… No, on the contrary, the three types of physical ability values are far inferior to those of ordinary people.


    If you have a body as small as a child’s, it is only natural that your muscle strength and toughness are inferior. If this is the result of the small size of the body so that it can be distinguished from the main body, then it cannot be helped.


    In the race column, it doesn’t say『Human, Norn』, just『Human』.


    『Human, Norn』is a race from『Leangard』 in-game world of『Atros Online』, so they must have become a race based on this world.


    On the other hand, in the propensity column, it said [Extreme Evil].


    The reason is that it seems to depend on the mind, not the body. This might be natural, I suppose.


    “…… Ahー, ahー. Tess, Tess.”


    Switching the body she was operating to the『Avatar Sayuri』, Yuri tried to speak out.


    She’s a little surprised to hear a voice so high and cute that she couldn’t believe it was her own.


    Apparently, the child-sized body had made her voice sound young as well.


    “You should get a [Vocation] and [Class] for now. The results will change your status to some extent.”


    “That’s true. Well, let’s go to the cathedral first, shall we?


    ―――Ah, I see. I can’t use the guild chat if I’m in the Avatar Sayuri.”


    It’s obvious that if a girl who looked like a child came out of Yuri’s private room, it would startle the children of the Yuri Empire who encountered her in the palace.


    Yuri tried to tell everyone about her Avatar in advance through the guild chat. She just realized that she can’t use the function.


    It is natural if think about it since the Avatar Sayuri is a completely separate entity from the main body of Sayuri.


    When she tried, she could not even use the [Inventory] function.


    Of course, it is impossible to summon a servant beast―――but on the other hand, it seems that it is possible to send commands to a servant beast that has already been summoned.


    “… Hmm.”


    As a test, She ordered the eight Greater Wraiths that have deployed to defend the palace to come to Sayuri’s side. The order was immediately carried out.


    Now all eight of them are gathered right in front of Sayuri. The Greater Wraith is a demon that is always transparent and cannot be seen, but it seems that even Sayuri, the Avatar, knows where it is.


    “Perhaps the beast is not connected to Yuri’s body, but her mind.”


    When Yuri asked her about it, Lydina told her so.


    When they had talked in the Divine Realm, Lydina had said that the division is only to create another body, not to increase the mind of Yuri. It is also difficult to move two bodies at the same time because there is only one consciousness.


    The class <Etherlinker> is owned by the main body, but it seems that the [Bond] formed with the servant beast by this ability is on the side of Yuri’s “Consciousness” ―――in other words, in her “Mind”.


    Even Yuri’s controlling the Avatar of Sayuri’s body, the beast seems to know that it is the same person as the main body. So she can even give orders through the [Bond].


    “I see… I guess I’ll have to give the order to the beast in charge when I challenge the labyrinth. So even if it’s me―――don’t hesitate to attack.”


    “That’s right. If Yuri doesn’t give the order beforehand, it’s most likely that the beast won’t take the initiative to attack Sayuri.”


    For the time being, Yuri switches the control side from Avatar Sayuri’s to Yuri’s body. Yuri used the 『Guild Chat』to inform all the children of the Yuri Empire about her Avatar Sayuri.


    In addition, she ordered the children of <Nadeshiko> to prepare one room in the palace to keep Sayuri in.


    The bed in Yuri’s private room is quite large, though. It would be better not to leave Sayuri’s body here.


    It would get in the way of her nightly activities with her loved ones in bed.


    “Then let’s go to the Great God Temple to get [Vocation] and [Class].”


    Yuri suggested after switching the operator back to the Avatar Sayuri.


    After getting the consent of Lydina and Arcana, she left her private quarters. In the corridor of the palace, not a few people from the Yuri Empire had gathered.


    “You guys―――. What’s going on here?”


    “Oh, sister! What a cute voice…! Well, we all gathered here because we wanted to see you in your ‘little form’!”


    “Oh, I see…”


    After waving goodbye to the children of the Yuri Empire, Sayuri, along with Lydina and Arcana, walked to the cathedral, which was not far from the palace.


    The fact that Lydina and Arcana’s Avatar were living in the city of Yuritania was already known through Yuri’s past ‘broadcast’. So when Sayuri and the others arrived at the cathedral and went inside, the clergymen who recognized Lydina and Arcana immediately bowed their heads in response.


    “I would like to undergo both the [Vocation] and [Class] rituals.”


    At the counter on the far right of the cathedral, Yuri went through the ritual procedures.


    As a general rule, the first ritual to obtain a [Vocation] or [Class] is free of charge to anyone, as long as it is done during the day when the sun is up.


    However, for the second and subsequent rituals to redraw the [Vocation], a small donation is required instead of a fee.


    “Very well. Are all three of us allowed to attend the ceremony?”


    “Yes, that would be great.”




    The counters clerk’s question was answered not by Sayuri, but by Lydina and Arcana.


    Apparently, both Lydina and Arcana were planning to undergo the ritual together.


    They had only been using their bodies to enjoy food. I guess they didn’t need to get a [Vocation] or [Class] until now.


    “You need to be an adult to take the ritual, is that okay?”


    “Yes, that’s not a problem.”


    The next question from the counter clerk was directed at Sayuri, though. This question was also answered immediately by Ldina, not by Yuri.


    In this world, adulthood is defined as being at least 20 years old.


    If you only listen to this part, it may sound like the same system as in Japan, but in this world, there are only 160 days in a year, so even if your body looks only 9 years old in the Japanese sense, you are already an adult.


    So the person at the counter didn’t say anything in particular to Lydina’s answer.


    Even with Sayuri’s young appearance, it was not surprising that she had reached adulthood.


    (…… An Avatar that was created just a few minutes ago, so it’s practically ‘0 years old’, isn’t it?)


    Inwardly, Yuri secretly wondered about this.


    However, Lydina told the person at the reception desk that it was fine. Even with this body, it must be possible to undergo the ritual without any problems.

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