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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 122

    More of Me

    Translated by Green Cake
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    ―――The Divine Spirit can divide its existence infinitely.


    This is a very common notion in Shinto Shinto, which has been practiced in Japan since ancient times.


    It may not be often mentioned in a sentence, but Japanese people are unlikely to question the fact that there are many shrines with the same name and enshrining the same god at the same time throughout Japan.


    This is what is called ‘Bunrei,’ and because this is possible, Yuri and the others’ plan to create a hot spring city where the eight million gods reside is also possible.


    If we connect to the world of『Leangard』, where the gods already exist, we can invite the gods even to another world.


    Thinking about this fact again, there was one thought that crossed Yuri’s mind.


    “Isn’t it possible that I can do the same thing?”―――She thought.


    “It’s possible.”


    As it turned out, Yuri’s question was easily affirmed.


    The person who told this was, of course, Lydina, whom I met in the Garden of the Divine Realm.


    “I mean, I’ve talked to Yuri about the division of bodies before, haven’t you?”


    “Ahhh―――that’s right, you did.”


    Lydina and Arcana are gods who live in the Divine Realm. On the other hand, they also have their Avatar living in the mansion in Yuritania.


    By doing so, they can manipulate their Avatar as needed and enjoy eating at the many food stalls set up in the city of Yuritania.


    “I see, I can do the same thing, can’t I?”


    “That’s right. However, there are three things you need to be aware of when creating an Avatar.”


    “Please tell me.”


    There is no better way to learn an important part than to learn it first.


    Yuri turned to face Lydina to make a record in her mind.


    “The first is that the power consumed to create an Avatar will be lost from the body. To put it simply, if Yuri’s current power is 100, if she creates an alter that has 30, Yuri’s power will drop to 70.”


    “That’s easy to understand. Does that mean the level goes down?”


    “You can think of it that way, but it would be more accurate to think of it as a reduction in the amount of experience you gain by dividing the body.”


    “I see.”


    There is an overwhelming gap between the experience needed to raise the level from 1 to 2 and the experience needed to raise the level from 199 to 200.


    If Yuri were to lower the level of herself to 199, that alone would probably raise the level of the Alter from 150 to 160.


    In the end game, it is common in MMORPGs to need such a tremendous amount of experience to gain just one level.


    “In other words, if you don’t want to cede any experience at all, if you want to have a body with 0 experience, you can make as many as you want. 


    The body that Arcana and I have living in our mansion in Yuritania is a body with zero experience, which means it has a level of one. Neither I nor Arcana consumed any power on the main body to create that.”


    “I’m glad to hear that.”


    Being able to create altered bodies without consumption is very gratifying.


    If you have nothing to lose, you can even create an Avatar just to try it out. ―――You can even create your Avatar if you feel like it.


    “The second thing to keep in mind is that the altered body you create will have no divine status. To put it bluntly, it will be no different from an ordinary human being.


    “Hmm… It seems that I currently have the vocation of a <Goddess>, but can I assume that this will not be granted to my Avatar?”


    “Yes, that is correct. Instead of the main vocation, the Avatar will be able to take on a different vocation, which could be an advantage.”


    The downside is that you can’t choose your Vocation, since it is obtained by random drawing. I think that’s one of the more interesting aspects of the game.


    It would be fun to try your best to raise the level of the vocation that you happen to have.


    “… It’s possible to grow levels, right?”


    “As I mentioned earlier, they are the same as normal humans, so of course you can. If you get a [Class], you can raise it as well.”


    “Oh, I see. Because it’s a different individual, it can choose a different class from the main body.”


    “Yes. Of course, it is also possible to choose the same one.”


    In any case, it would be more interesting to develop a different class than the current one.


    ―――Yuri can’t help but feel the urge to create a new character when she thinks about it.


    When Yuri was playing『Atros Online』, she was so busy trying to raise the levels of the girls in the Yuri Empire that she never had time to think about creating another character for Yuri to play.


    “Finally, the third and most important thing to remember is that the Avatar is just another body, not a new mind called Yuri.


    There is only one consciousness, so even if you have two bodies, it is very difficult to move them at the same time. It’s better to move them one at a time.”


    “Lydina and Arcana also let the main body in the Sanctuary sleep when they are moving the body they keep in Yuritania.”


    “Yes. It’s not impossible to operate two or more bodies at the same time, but it’s really difficult…”


    That would be true.


    Yuri was confident that she would panic even if her field of vision increased in two.


    “And also―――not so much a cautionary tale. You can manipulate the appearance of your Avatar to a certain extent when you create it, so I think it would be wise to make it look different from the main body in Yuri’s case.”


    “… Why is that?”


    “If you don’t pay attention to it, you’ll end up with another individual whose body is a perfect match for your current one.


    Wouldn’t it be weird to have a doppelganger who is the same in every way, from the position of his mole to the number of hairs she has?”


    “Oh… That might be a little, a little creepy…”


    In the case of Lydina and Arcana, one of them is in the Garden of the Divine Realm and the other is in Yuritania, so Yuri guesses it’s not a problem. In the case of Yuri, both the body and the Avatar exist in close locations.


    Creating an Avatar with the same body is likely to cause some trouble.


    “By the way, I have a favor to ask Yuri.”


    “Oh, what is it? If there is anything I can do for you, I will do it.”


    In general, Yuri has no intention of saying no to Lydina, to whom she owes a great debt of gratitude.


    No matter how much she does for her, she always thinks that it’s not enough to repay the debt she owes her for inviting her and the rest of the Yuri Empire to this other world.


    “When you create your Alter, would you be willing to dive into the [Labyrinth Dungeon] with me and Arcana a few times? Arcana, who always looks forward to watching our broadcasts, has been pestering me for a while now, wanting to experience the explorer’s side of things anyway.”


    “What, that kind of thing? Of course, I don’t mind.”


    Since Arcana is the ‘God of Entertainment,’ she is interested in anything that looks like fun.


    In a way, it’s only natural that she won’t be satisfied with just being an audience member.


    Yuri was also thinking that if she was going to create an Avatar, she would like to grow its level as well.


    A companion who would dive into the labyrinth with her would be a welcome addition to Yuri’s life.

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