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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 119

    Fourth City Construction Plan (After)

    Translated by Green Cake
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    “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Yuri-dono. My name is Kanayama-Hiko. My wife has been very unreasonable with her requests for this… I apologize for the inconvenience.”


    After meeting Kanayama-Hiko and Kanayama-Hime in a room with a [Transfer Gate] in the Yuritania Palace. Yuri and the others moved toward the reception room.


    Yuri urged them to sit on one side of the facing sofa. As soon as he sat down, Kanayama-Hiko bowed deeply to Yuri and told him so.


    Kanayama-Hiko―――looks like a man with skinny cheeks.


    But he’s not really skinny. His body was well trained, especially the muscles from his shoulders to his upper arms, which were quite thick.


    He’s the god of blacksmithing, so it was no wonder that his arms were so strong.


    While Kanayama-Hime had glossy black hair, Kanayama-Hiko had slightly faded black hair that was cut short.


    In terms of appearance, he was somewhere between a young man and a mature man. His appearance is still young enough to be considered young. On the other hand, Yuri could see white streaks in some parts of her hair.


    I wonder if he is suffering from young gray hair. ―――Yuri wondered that.


    “Please raise your head, Kanayama-Hiko. It’s natural for a husband and wife to want to be together. I don’t think it’s an unreasonable demand.


    “Thank you for your concern, Yuri-dono. ―――Even though it’s late, thank you for inviting us to this other world.”


    “Oh my―――so you know right away that this place is ‘another world’?”


    Come to think of it… I don’t think I’ve explained to Kanayama-Hime the fact that this is a different world.


    Yuri was more than a little surprised that Kanayama-Hiko had told her that as if it were obvious.


    “Of course I know. In this world, there are too few signs of the gods that we know. But if it’s Amaterasu or Kamimusuhi, I can sense their presence from various places in this palace, including the child girl there.”


    “Oh, that’s true, isn’t it?”


    The “child girl” Kanayama-Hiko refers to is Hotaru sitting next to Yuri.


    Both of these gods’ spirits are inhabited by all the children of the <Red Plum>, including Hotaru. It’s not surprising that there are hints of them everywhere in the Yuritania Palace.


    “Unlike minor gods of a certain group, both gods are of the highest divinity in Takamagahara. To have that spirit in your body… you look like a young and innocent child, but you have been undergoing a great deal of training.”


    “Well, that’s about it~”


    Hotaru responded happily to Kanayama-Hiko’s praise, standing next to Yuri.


    Of course, Hotaru was also a Level 1 when her character was created in『Atros Online』.


    She has experienced a total of 3,150 level ups, with 20 reincarnations along the way, to reach the extreme level of 200.


    If you were to call that process ‘a lot of training,’ you’d be right.


    “I hope it’s not too much trouble for you to be summoned to another world.”


    “It’s not a nuisance. If you invite us to a new place, we may be able to gain new believers in this place. If you think about it, it would be a great opportunity for us.”


    “Hmm… One thing I would like to know is if I invite other gods to this world, will they be bothered by it?”


    “Not at all. I think most of them would simply be happy to be summoned to an unknown land.”


    “I see. Thank you, that’s very helpful.”


    “Hmm?… How can that be of any help?”


    Kanayama-Hiko asked with a deep sense of wonder.


    Next to her, Kanayama-Hime was also tilting her head quizzically.


    I don’t think she’s said a word since we met today. I wonder if she’s the type of person who doesn’t talk much when her husband is next to her.


    Yuri could understand Kanayama-Hiko’s question. Yuri held out the document she had just received from Hotaru in front of him.


    “The unit she heads has proposed a plan to build a city like this.”


    As she said this, Yuri gently stroked Hotaru’s head sitting next to her.


    Hotaru squinted happily.


    “Is it okay for a certain person to see it?”
    (TN: The way Kanayama-Hiko refers himself/others is kinda weird. Maybe it’s some kind of formality or another.)


    “If I didn’t want to be seen, I wouldn’t bother presenting it.”


    “That’s true, too. Now, if you’ll excuse me…”


    Picking up the document, Kanayama-Hiko slowly read through it.


    All of the documents were written in Japanese, so people in this world couldn’t read them unless they were translated using magic tools. Of course, Kanayama-Hiko would be able to read them without any problem.


    “This―――well, what can I say, quite a big idea.”


    After a while, Kanayama-Hiko finished looking through the documents and said his first impression. There seemed to be a great surprise in his voice.


    “What do you think about this idea?”


    “I think it’s an interesting idea. It’s just…”




    “I think it would be difficult to build a city that invites all the gods. Many of the gods are warriors who take pride in their prowess and would not hesitate to take on those weaker than themselves. I think it would be wiser to build a city without inviting such people.”


    “That would be no problem at all~”


    Hotaru responded immediately to Kanayama-Hiko’s words.


    “Why is that?”


    “Conversely, those who pride themselves on their prowess are loyal to those who are stronger than them. Once they have been subdued by the power of my Lord, they will soon change their minds.”


    “…… Oh my. Are you that powerful, Yuri-dono?”


    “Hmm, I wonder…”


    Yuri is a little confused by what Kanayama-Hiko had asked her.


    As long as the Hotaru is counting on me, I’m not going to lose easily… It’s not easy when you’re up against a god. If you ask me if I can win, I honestly think it’s a bit of a long shot.


    However, I am confident that we will not be defeated if we face them with the entire army of the Yuri Empire.


    In the worst-case scenario, Yuri personally would be defeated. It will be no problem at all to drive out the rebellious people from the city.


    “Well, I’m thinking of implementing this city plan. In that case, would it be possible for you two, Kanayama-Hiko and Kanayama-Hime, to help?”


    “Of course. If there is anything that we can do, we are willing to help.”


    The two gods nodded in unison, indicating their agreement.


    Kanayama-Hime only nodded, though she still didn’t seem to utter a single word.


    “Do you have an idea of where the city will be built yet?”


    “No, I haven’t thought about it yet. I have a vague idea of building a city not too far from the shrine where you were welcomed.”


    The mountainous area that was ceded by the duchy is quite large, though. Although it is large enough, there is only one city and two villages.


    In terms of area, I think it would be nice to have one or two more cities.


    “If that’s the case, I would recommend a location 25 kilometers northeast of the shrine.”


    “Hmm. Is there anything there?”


    “We are the gods of mines, so we have a bit of insight into what’s going on under the ground. If you dig deep enough, you’ll probably find hot springs.”


    “Oh―――that’s very nice.”


    In other words, if you dig, you will find hot springs.


    If a city is to be built, it should have its unique charm. A hot spring would be an attraction in itself.


    “Is it volcanic?”


    “Yes, it is. However, there is no danger of eruption.”


    “I’m relieved to hear that. When we start building the city, would you mind taking us to the exact spot?”


    “Of course.”


    ―――We will build a “Hot Spring City” where the “Eight Million Gods” will reside.


    Perhaps if we presented this idea, the children of <Kikyou>, the building unit, would immediately show their approval.


    Since we will be inviting many gods based on Japanese mythology, it might be interesting to create a “Japanese City” with all Japanese-style buildings.


    Most MMORPGs have at least one or two “Japanese Cities” in them. I’m sure the <Kikyou> girls have some knowledge of such buildings, as there are Japanese-style towns in『Atros Online』as well.


    I like western-style buildings, but sometimes I just want to take off my shoes and relax.


    It would also be a good idea to have everyone in <Kikyou> build a magnificent mansion that can be used as a secondary base for the Yuri Empire.


    (In any case, I’d like to build a quiet Japanese garden in that mansion…)


    Sometimes Yuri almost forgets that she used to work as a garden designer for a design company when she was living in Japan.


    It would be interesting to see her use her architectural skills in another world, rather than leaving everything to <Kikyou>.

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