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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 117

    Continuation・Construction of the Shrine (After)

    Translated by Green Cake
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    This shrine, built by the members of <Kikyou>, is not very large, but the main shrine in the back is. On the other hand, the hall of worship is much larger and more majestic.


    There is no space to relax inside the main shrine, but there are some private tatami rooms inside the shrine. So, Yuri and the others moved there first to talk calmly.


    As soon as they entered the tatami room and sat down, Yuri and the others went in.


    As soon as they sat down in the tatami room, Kanayama-Hime bowed deeply to Yuri.


    “I apologize for the inconvenience.”


    “… At any rate, could you please stop your strange and reverent attitude? I’m just a newbie as a god, so I’m not the kind of person who would bow down to the likes of Kanayama-Hime.”


    I know that the god in front of me is just a god that was implemented in『Atros Online』. It was as if she was bowing down to the『God』of Japanese mythology, which made Yuri feel very uncomfortable.


    After three more requests from Yuri’s side, the golden mountain goddess finally stopped beating her head and turned around to look at Yuri from the front.


    “I am Yuri. These two are my subjects, Hotaru and Meteora.”


    “I am Kanayama-hime, the Goddess of Gold.”


    “So, I was told that Meteora wanted me to come?”


    When Yuri asked this, Kanayama-Hime gave her a very awkward look.


    “Oh, no, I… I didn’t expect you to be so high up, mistress, I should have come to you myself…”


    “That’s enough. Isn’t there something you want to tell me?”


    “Yes, yes! Well, I want to thank you and… I also have one more favor to ask.”


    “Shall we?”


    “Thank you for summoning me to your splendid shrine. My husband is the god of mining and metalworking, so he is no more than an amateur when it comes to construction. Even as a concubine, I can see how splendidly this shrine has been constructed.


    Also, it seems that you have prepared a more than adequate altar for the concubine to dwell in, and I don’t feel the slightest burden when I manifest my body like this.


    ―――I have to thank their master, who seems to be in charge of the construction, for having done so much for me, and I have been summoned.”




    It’s no secret that the “Shomakyo” used as a sacred object is a very high-quality item. In addition, there is no need to think about the great skill of <Kikyou>, who built the shrine.


    I could understand that Kanayama-hime wanted to express her gratitude to me, knowing that I had treated her well.


    “It may seem rude to say this―――but we only welcomed the Princess of Gold Mountain for a certain purpose. You don’t have to thank me for that.”


    “I have a general understanding of what you are saying. You want me to use my power to enrich the mines beneath this shrine.”


    “You’re the god of mines, you’re so quick with your words. Can you do that for me?”


    “It’s nothing out of the ordinary. Since you have provided me with a splendid shrine and a place of worship, I must do something of this magnitude, or my mistress will have no choice but to leave.


    I’m very sorry to say even though I’ve been treated so generously by… but if I may, I would like to ask one more thing of you, Yuri-dono.”


    “If I can do so, I don’t mind.”


    “Please summon my husband’s spirit and allow us to live together.”


    I don’t know how many times I’ve done this, but Kanayama-Hime bows her head deeply again.


    When Hotaru asked Yuri whether she wanted to welcome the male deity Kanayama-Hiko or the female deity Kanayama-Hime, Yuri immediately chose the latter.


    If you think about it, in the game『Atros Online』, the two gods are not brother and sister, but are treated as “Husband and Wife”. The idea of invoking only one of them might have been a mistake in itself.


    “I see, so it was rude to invite only one of the god’s couple… I’m sorry, I didn’t think that far ahead.”


    “Oh, no! Normally, there is no problem if only the concubine is summoned, but…”


    “… But?”


    “If I were to dwell in an ordinary reincarnation, I would be in a state where almost half of my consciousness would be asleep at all times, so I wouldn’t care if my husband was around or not.


    Well… thanks to your very good preparation this time, and it seems that we can manifest freely like this. If I’m going to live long enough to get a body here, I’d like my husband to be next to me…”


    With a hint of red in her cheeks, Kanayama-Hime said.


    She said that now that she had a body, she wanted to live with her husband while making out with him.


    That seems to be the point.


    “If that’s the case, then we’d better make sure that Kanayama-Hiko, the god of gold, has a godly body of a certain rank so that he can manifest freely as well, right?”


    “I’m sorry if I’m repeating myself, but if you’ll allow it, please do.”


    “Don’t be shy. Besides, if we invite two gods, the blessings that will be brought to the mine will increase, and we can expect a reasonable return for our efforts.”


    “I assure you, you will be well repaid for that.”


    “No, thank you. That one assurance is more than enough compensation.”


    However, Yuri’s inventory no longer contained the “Shomakyo” Mirror.


    “Maybe I should go back to the palace and get the mirror from <Nadeshiko>”, Yuri thought. As if she knew what I was thinking, Meteora held out one item with both hands.


    “Sister! You can use this if you like!”


    “Oh, you don’t mind?”


    “Yes! It’s a weapon I no longer have any use for!”


    Meteora handed me a hammer called “Hammer of Heavenly Light”.


    It is an item that can change its size at will according to the wearer’s will. If it is left at its normal size, it becomes a tool for blacksmithing and construction, and if it is enlarged, it becomes a ‘Two-handed Blunt Instrument’ with high attack power.


    As usual, it was obtained as a prize from an in-game gacha in『Atros Online』, but since it was a weapon with an equipment limit of ‘Level 120 or Higher’, it was a weapon that was a big downgrade from Meteora, who had already reached the upper limit of ‘Level 200’.


    This would certainly be an item that could be used as a sacred object.


    “Kanayama-Hime, do you think this hammer will be sufficient for the deity Kanayama-Hiko?”


    “… It is sufficient. On the contrary, I believe that the sacred artifact is no longer sufficient…”


    “Really? Then I will use it to summon your husband?”


    “Oh, thank you very much. Please take care of it.”


    Once again, the Kanayama-hime made a deep slap on the head.


    No matter how many times I ask her to stop, she has no intention of changing her ways.


    “Well, we’re going to perform a few rituals in the main hall, but what about Meteora? You can follow us and observe the ceremony, or you can go back to building the city.”


    “Yes… Let’s see, deity Kanayama-Hime will reside with us at this shrine once Kanayama-Hiko God has been successfully welcomed, right?”


    “Yes, that is the plan…?”


    “I have built some Japanese-style rooms in this shrine, but it will be inconvenient for you to live in a building without a kitchen or bathroom. I would like to build a small house in a corner of the temple grounds while you complete your rituals.”


    “That’s a good idea. May I ask?”


    “Yes, sister! Leave it to me!”


    After parting ways with Meteora in the temple grounds, Yuri, Hotaru, and the Princess of Gold Mountain made their way back to the main shrine.


    On the way, Kanayama-Hime asked Yuri quizzically.


    “… Yuri-dono. If I’m not mistaken, I think the child carpenter said that she would build a house before the ceremony was over…?”


    “Yes, I’m pretty sure that’s what she said.”


    “I’m sure you’ll be able to tell from the way the shrine is built that the girl is an excellent carpenter. She can’t build it before the ceremony is over.”


    “That’s right, it’s usually impossible.”


    Yuri couldn’t help but smile at Kanayama-Hime’s words.


    Just behind Yuri, Hotaru couldn’t hold back her laughter and blew out lightly.


    After arriving at the main shrine, Yuri and Hotaru recounted the steps they had taken the other day.


    Then Yuri established the connection to the other world, and Hotaru performed the ritual.


    “The Imperial Family’s Leakage in Takanohara―――”


    The congratulatory rites spun by the Hotaru were as beautiful as ever, without a hint of stagnation.


    Seeing the splendid performance, Kanayama-hime, the goddess of gold, blinked once and seemed to be very impressed.


    After the whole ceremony was over, they took a break. Hotaru turned to Yuri’s side.


    “It looks like we’ve met our match.”


    “Good work, Hotaru.”


    n response to Hotaru’s words, Yuri cut off the connection to the other world.


    I’ve heard that the amount of ‘faith power’ consumed to connect to another world is very small. I’ve been doing it twice in total, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that… maybe.


    “It seems that my husband is indeed conceived. Thank you, Yuri-dono, young priestess.”


    “Will he does not manifest soon?”


    “It will probably take a little while before he awakens, as it did for her.”


    “Hmm, so that’s how it is.”


    I was hoping to see Kanayama-Hiko soon, but unfortunately, it seemed impossible.


    If we revisit this shrine in a few days, we will be able to see him then.


    Yuri and the others left the main shrine after placing the “Hammer of Heavenly Light”, which held the god Kanayama-Hiko, in the same box that held the “Shomakyo” mirror, which held the god Kanayama-Hime.


    When they returned to the spot where they had just left Meteora, they found that―――well, that was to be expected. In the corner of the shrine grounds, there was already a very magnificent palace.


    As Yuri and the others walked up to the building. Meteora had just come out of the palace, and as soon as she spotted Yuri, she rushed over.


    “Sister! Welcome back!”


    “Meteora, didn’t you just say that you were building a ‘small house’……?”


    “Excuse me! I was in the middle of making it and I got excited!”


    …… Yeah. If you’re excited about it, there’s nothing you can do about it.


    It’s a fine palace that looks like it’s about 10LDK―――so it seems a little too big for a couple to live in.
    (TN: LDK = Living, Dining, and Kitchen Area)


    Next to Yuri, Kanayama-Hime, who had just witnessed something unbelievable, was stiffening up with her mouth wide open.


    Well―――I guess it’s understandable.

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