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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 116

    Continuation・Construction of the Shrine (Before)

    Translated by Green Cake
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    Yuri came to this other world, not in the body of Horaji Yuri, who lived in modern Japan, but in the body of 『Yuri』, the player character she controlled in the game『Atros Online』.


    As proof of this, Yuri’s body is not that of an ‘Avatar’, where the changes that accompany aging become more obvious, but rather the youthful ‘18’ that is set as her in-game age.


    In『Atros Online』, there is no ‘aging’ of the game characters. Yuri has been playing this game for more than 20 years, but her age has never changed from the 18 years old she set when she created her character.


    The only exception to this is when she suffers from a condition called ‘aging’, which causes her body to age significantly and her physical abilities to drop significantly.


    The [Ochimizu] that Yuri distributes to the merchants she is close to is essentially a [Recovery Item] that removes this condition.


    Yuri and the rest of the Yuri Empire have been transported to another world in the bodies of the game characters, so they can still use some of the functions as they did in the game.


    For example, the [Inventory]. This function, which allows anyone, regardless of occupation, to store items in a different space, is very useful, and Yuri uses it frequently.


    Other than that, Yuri and everyone in the Yuri Empire can be resurrected as many times as they want, even if they die for some reason.


    This is a standard and natural feature for game characters, but in a different world, it’s probably not as bad a cheat as it sounds.


    Of course, if you die, you will receive a [Death Penalty] just like in the game, which is something I’d like to avoid if possible. It’s very reassuring to know in advance that you’ll be okay even if something should happen.


    Guild Chat is another game feature that is still available today.


    If you use the guild chat, you can send your voice to all the members of the same guild, in other words, all the members of the Yuri Empire at once.


    Yuri and the others had stopped using this function.


    The reason was simple. If you use the guild chat, your voice is forced to reach all 360 members of the Yuri Empire, and it is often inconvenient to use it to communicate with only a few people.


    Because of this, the guild chat is mostly used when Yuri, the guild master, is communicating with everyone in the Yuri Empire. Other than that, it was only used on rare occasions as a means of communication for urgent matters.


    So this is a rare example of the latter.


    『―――I’m sorry, Sister. I’m Meteora from <Kikyou>. If it’s possible, I have a few things to tell you.』


    It was the morning of the fourth day of the spring month. Yuri was in her office, as usual, signing the contract with the Holy Land of Nimun for the next year’s trading goods. Suddenly, she heard a voice directly into her brain, and she was startled.


    The letters in my signature are a little distorted because I was so surprised…… Well, I guess this much is okay.


    The first voice of the guild chat always comes out of nowhere, regardless of the time and place.


    This is probably one of the reasons why this feature is not used much anymore.


    “What’s wrong, Meteora? Would you like me to connect you to your telepathy?”


    『Oh, that would be great.』


    “All right.”


    Yuri selects Meteora from the connected [Bond Link] and sets it up so that two-way conversation is possible.


    It’s not hard to do with the abilities of the <Etherlinker>.


    “I’ve adjusted it so that we can talk to each other, so we’re good to go. What’s wrong?”


    『I’m sorry, sister. I would like to confirm one thing first, is it correct that the deity enshrined in the shrine we built the other day is called 『Kanayama-Hime』?』

    “Yes, that’s correct. I’m sorry, but I didn’t tell everyone in <Kikyou> about the details of the shrine you built for us.”


    『No, that’s fine! We’re not interested in using it after we’ve made it.』


    “Oh? That’s fine, but…”


    It is typical of <Kikyou> that she is only interested in architecture.


    “… So. What’s wrong with welcoming『Kanayama-Hime』to the shrine?”


    『Well, I thought I’d pay a visit to the shrine since it’s close to the mining city we’re currently building, but…』


    “Hmm, that’s a good thought. So?”


    『A person claiming to be Kanayama-Hime has taken up residence at the shrine.』


    “… eh?”


    『When she asked me if we were the ones who built the shrine, I told her that we were. The second thing she said was, “Let me see your lord right now.”』


    “…… What? Kanayama-hime, the Goddess of Gold Mountain, is manifesting?”




    “I see…”


    The act of manifesting a deity itself is something that can be done in the game『Atros Online』.


    However, to do so, it is necessary to use an item called a [Corpse Better Doll] to possess the divine spirit in the doll.


    Yuri had never heard of an example of a god manifesting itself.


    “… I will be there shortly, so please keep Kanayama-Hime waiting for me.”


    “Yes, sister. I’m sure it’ll be fine.”


    “Okay, please.”


    Yuri immediately sorted out the [Bond Link] and contacted Hotaru, the captain of <Red Plum>, who performed the ceremony to welcome the deity, Kanayama-Hime.


    I met up with Hotaru, who had come to my office, and used transfer magic to fly to the shrine at once.


    “Wow, this is a surprise~”


    Immediately after the transfer. Looking at the surrounding scenery, Hotaru let out a cry of surprise.


    There were many cherry trees that the children of <Kikyou> had planted in the corner of the shrine grounds when the shrine was built. The trees had not even sprouted yet, but now they were all blooming at once.


    “… So, the story of God’s manifestation is becoming more and more true, isn’t it?”


    “That’s right~”


    There are not many people who can perform such a miracle.


    However, there are not a few girls in the Yuri Empire who can.


    Considering that the current season is ‘spring’, the cherry blossoms in full bloom are the right scenery.


    It might be a good idea to come here once in the spring month to enjoy the cherry blossoms.


    “I’d like to see the cherry blossoms here and drink to my heart’s content~”


    Hotaru had a similar thought and said something like that as well.


    I have enough liquor in my stockpile, so I don’t mind using it for parties. I’m a little concerned about the fact that I haven’t been able to get enough alcohol since I came to this world.


    Together with Hotaru, we went into the main shrine.


    The main shrine building itself is not that big, so we can see everything once we are inside. A woman was standing there, wearing a blue kimono.


    Perhaps this woman was the 『Kanayama-Hime』, the Goddess of Gold.


    I didn’t notice her for a moment because she was much shorter than the woman. If you look closely, you can see Meteora, the captain of <Kikyou>, right beside her.




    “Sorry to keep you waiting, Meteora.”


    “Hmm… You are the master of these people who built the shrine?”


    A woman with beautiful black hair that was straightened out asked Yuri that question.


    She looked like a Japanese goddess.


    “Yes, but what is it?”


    “Mm… Are you a god, too?”




    “And you’re far more divine than my husband…!


    I am truly very sorry that I have been so rude as to call you here!”


    With obvious dismay, the woman hurriedly slapped her head on the spot.


    … A woman I don’t know suddenly kneels.


    It was hard to understand what was going on, and Yuri was just bewildered.

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