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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 112

    I Want To Go Home. I Don't Want To Go Home

    Translated by Green Cake
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    “I think it’s crazier that you haven’t noticed it all this time.”


    In the garden of the usual Sanctuary. While enjoying a cup of freshly brewed tea, Yuri told her the whole story. Lydina said with a tone of disbelief.


    “When you say it so frankly, it makes me cringe…”


    “When do you think it was that I put Yuri in the <God Seat>?”


    “Let’s see… maybe two months ago?”


    “It was on the 23rd day of spring… when Yuri joined our group. So it’s been more than three months and ten days.”


    “It’s already been that long…”


    To be honest, Yuri doesn’t feel it at all.


    Perhaps it’s because her days since she came to this world have been so hectic.


    “… So, does that mean that this [Vocation] as a <Goddess> was already given to me on that 23rd day of spring?”


    “Of course. Strictly speaking, this is not the same thing as a vocation… Well, they are similar, so I guess you can say that.


    There is no doubt that from the moment Yuri became my companion, she had the vocation of a <Goddess>. I can assure you of that.”


    “My level has gone up a lot, why is that?”


    The fact that I have a vocation as a <Goddess> is fine with me.


    It’s not just that Yuri is an idiot for not realizing it until now, it’s also that she was more than a little interested in getting the vocation itself. If you think that you have obtained a rare and rare vocation that ordinary people will never be able to obtain, this is not so bad.


    However, to be honest, she was not at all satisfied with the fact that the level of the <Goddess> had grown to 155 before she knew it.


    Yuri doesn’t devote herself to ‘extermination’ like the rest of the Yuri Empire, and she doesn’t hunt demons regularly. It’s not as if she has gained a huge amount of experience to raise her level so much.


    “I’m sure there are several reasons… why your level has grown so much. One of them is the fact that you destroyed a large army from the kingdom, right?”


    “… In this world, do you get experience from killing people?”


    “Yes, you can. The higher the level of the opponent, the more experience you get when you kill them.”


    Yuri’s question was simply answered by Lydina.


    On top of that, Lydina smiled slightly.


    “In the first place, it’s easy to think that you can only get experience when you defeat demons.


    I’m sure you’re not the only one whose thinking has been poisoned by the game.”


    “…… That’s not a good place to start…”
    (TN: Raw is “「……ぐうの音も出ない……」” which can also mean loss of words.)


    Having been told that, Yuri had no way to refute it.


    On that day, the number of soldiers that Yuri had killed with the [Star Fall・Meteor Strike] was as many as 55816.


    I don’t think there were many high-level soldiers. Even so, it’s not hard to imagine that killing such a large number of people at once will give you a considerable amount of experience.


    “The level of the Goddess is up to a certain point―――maybe 30 to 40. If you let her grow up to that level, the rest of her level will go up on its own. In Yuri’s case, she must have far exceeded that line when she annihilated the kingdom’s army.”


    “Self-serving…? Is that what it is?”


    “Yes. I’m sure Yuri has already acquired these skills, but once you have the [Floor of Faith] and the [Saint’s Offering] skills, they will give you experience on their own.”


    When she heard that from Ludina, Yuri hurriedly checked her skills.


    Before I knew it, I had over 100 more skills that I didn’t remember…… at all.


    〔Floor of Faith〕- Passive Skill


    Through the act of gathering faith, you can increase your divine power.

    You gain experience based on the amount of Faith offered.

    〔Saint’s Dedication〕- Passive Skill


    As your followers gain experience, a portion of it will be dedicated to you.

    The more faithful they have in you, the higher the percentage of dedication.


    “I see… You’re right, with this skill, you’ll gain experience on your own.”


    “In the case of Yuri, there are guaranteed to be at least 359 devout believers, so that would be especially true.”


    It’s true that, as Lydina said, the children of the Yuri Empire have absolute faith in Yuri, and there’s no doubt about it.


    The more faithful you are, the higher your percentage of dedication will be, according to the description of the skill, so, likely, a large percentage of the experience earned by everyone in the Yuri Empire through extermination was dedicated to Yuri.


    “… That’s why it’s level 155…”


    When Yuri understood everything, she sagged down on the spot.


    Seeing this, Lydina giggled and laughed.


    “You wouldn’t feel bad if you thought it was a gift from your ‘wives’, would you?”


    “Well… I guess.”


    I feel a little bad that I took away some of the experience that everyone in the Yuri Empire had gained, though. As long as it’s going to Yuri, I’m sure they’ll be okay with it.


    If they knew that some of the experience they had earned would be given to Yuri, I could see them all working harder than ever to destroy it.


    When I imagine that―――it certainly doesn’t feel bad, it feels good.


    Yuri gulped down the remaining tea in her teacup.


    This tea has the characteristic of being delicious even when it is cold. The bitterness of the tea seems to fade a little as it cools, and she knows that Arcana always lets it cool a little before drinking it.


    “Oh―――is Arcana not here today?”


    “She’ll be in your hometown today.”


    “…… in Japan?”




    Lydina nodded easily, but it was a big surprise for Yuri.


    Arcana is the “Goddess of Entertainment”, so Yuri could understand her interest in Japan. ―――But is it such an easy place to visit?


    “It’s a reasonably easy place to go if you’re willing to consume a bit of your faith. Of course, you can go there if you want to, right?”


    As if seeing through Yuri’s mind, Ludina tells her so.


    (Can I go home…?)


    She had thought that this was a place she would never be able to return to.


    Even though she was told that she could simply go home, Yuri’s inner feelings were a bit complicated.


    “If anyone wants to say goodbye, you can leave once you’re done, okay?”


    “… Are you sure? I may not come back here again.”


    “Hmm, that’s impossible.”


    Yuri’s words were laughed off by Lydina.


    Lydina was right. As long as all of her precious wives exist in this world, Yuri can’t ask them to stay in another world.


    “I don’t need… to say goodbye. It would only confuse things if a dead person contacted them after all this time.”


    “I see.”


    ―――It’s been almost a year since Yuri came to this world.


    This means that almost half a year has passed since Yuri’s death in Japan.


    To tell the truth… I wanted to apologize to my grandfather, who had been good to me when I was living in Japan, and to Arita, who was with me at the moment of Yuri’s death.


    After half a year, I’m sure my grandfather and Arita have already sorted out their feelings.


    If you truly care about them.


    I’m sure it’s best not to contact them… That’s what I thought.

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