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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 111


    Translated by Green Cake
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    ―――I’ve been wondering about this for a while.


    In the corner of Yuri’s vision, there is always a meter that shows the percentage of her magic power remaining. This is the same kind of meter that existed in the Atros Online game, the so-called [HP Bar] or [MP Bar].


    In『Atros Online』, this meter is only displayed when your life force or magic power is not full・・・・.


    That’s why there’s no bar in Yuri’s field of vision that shows the percentage of life force remaining. As long as she doesn’t go outside the city, she won’t encounter any enemies that can damage her, so her life force will stay full and the bar will never appear.


    On the other hand, the bar that shows the [Remaining Percentage of Magic Power] is always displayed.


    This is because Yuri’s magic power is usually consumed continuously by various things, so it rarely stays full.


    For example, the magic of [Spatial Grasp] that is applied to all the cities and villages under the control of the Yuri Empire. To maintain this, Yuri is constantly consuming a large amount of magic power.


    The same goes for the [Transfer Gate]. The [Transfer Gate] that have been installed in all the cities of the Yuri Empire, the Holy Land of Nimun, the Duchy of Selsia, and the former territories of the Kingdom, and which can be used to travel to the “Lost City of Ulysses” in an instant, were created by Yuri’s magic.


    Normally, [Transfer Gate] is set up only when necessary, and are removed as soon as they are no longer needed. They are not meant to be maintained in multiples. However, since Yuri has installed these gates in many cities, they naturally consume a lot of magic power.


    And the one that consumes the most magic power continuously is the [Summoning Messenger Beast].


    Yuri is currently summoning a staggering total of more than three thousand of them. Needless to say, their purpose is to play the role of monsters in the [Labyrinth Dungeon] of the “Lost City of Ulysses”.


    I try to place an average of around 100 demons on each floor of the labyrinth.


    In fact, for low-level locations, I probably place about 120 monsters per floor. On the other hand, for high-level locations, I often place only about 70-80 monsters.


    Each [Labyrinth] is five floors underground, and there are six labyrinths in total in the [Labyrinth] city of Ulysses.


    So in total, there are 100 monsters x 5 floors x 6 dungeons = about 3000 monsters.


    When summoning an emissary beast, Yuri is constantly consuming magic power.


    The amount of magic power consumed is higher for higher-level monsters and lower for lower-level monsters. In particular, monsters with a level of 120 or lower are called [Low-Level Servant] and consume very little magic power.


    However, if there are 3,000 of them, the total amount of magic power consumed is quite a burden.


    In addition to the ones that are deployed, there are also about 200 [Sylph] and other service animals that are summoned to act as filmers to broadcast the scene of the party challenging the [Labyrinth].


    The merchants who are close friends with Yuri concubine―――the four concubine of Estoa, Sofia, Lizelia and Roselotte, and the four merchants of Rubetta, Ados, Erin, and Aurence―――each have a Level 140 [Greater Wraith].


    Demons between levels 120 and 199 are called [Intermediate Servants] and consume several times as much magic power as lower-level ones when summoned. There are only eight of them in total, but this can be somewhat of a burden.


    And the one that eats up the most magic power on its own is, of course, the High Dragon Radragulf.


    I don’t think I’ve seen his face in a long time. The High Dragon Radagulf continues to be summoned even now, and of course, Yuri continues to consume a large amount of magic power.


    The level of the High Dragon Radragulph is 1850. If the level of the dragon exceeds 200, it is classified as an [Advanced Servant Beast], but if the level of the dragon is this high, it should be called [Super Advanced] rather than [Advanced].


    If you’re a normal person, you’ll probably run out of magic power in less than an hour if you’re summoning a demon that’s this powerful.


    Yuri’s occupation <Bond Chain Master (Etherlinker)> is one of the professions implemented in the game『Atros Online』that has a very high amount of magic power.


    However―――[Spatial Grasp], [Transfer Gate], and a huge amount of [Summoning Messenger Beasts].


    With so much magic to bear, no matter how much of a <Bond Chain Master (Etherlinker)> you are, it should be time to start seeing the depletion of magic power.


    The bar that showed Yuri’s [Remaining Percentage of Magic Power] was constantly moving back and forth near its maximum value, and there was no sign that it was going to decrease at all.


    Immediately, Yuri looked at herself with an appraisal.



    Race: Human, Norn / 18 years old・Female / Propensity: Extreme Evil (-100%)

    <Bond Chain Master (Etherlinker)> – Lv.200

    <Goddess> – Lv.155


    Life Force: 444808 / 444808 (288468 + 156340)

    Magic Power: 354162 / 354162 (346162 + 8000)

    [Strength] 0 (2840 + 1620 + 117 / -100% equipment correction)

    [Toughness] 0 (3160 + 2128 + 150 / -100% equipment correction)

    [Agility] 0 (3160 + 1620 + 339 / -100% equipment correction)

    [Wisdom] 6352 (3520 + 2271 + 561)

    [Charm] 51342 (5000 + 10303 + 1811 / +200% equipment correction)

    [Blessing] 288468 (4290 + 90826 + 1040 / +200% equipment correction)


    “…… What is this?”


    Yuri was so shocked that she was taken aback by the situation.


    There was so much going on that she could tell just by looking at it.


    ―――I don’t even know where to begin, because there are so many things to get into.


    First of all, what exactly is this <Goddess> occupation? No, from the way it is written, I guess this <Goddess> is not an occupation but a kind of [Vocation].
    (TN: Reminder, Occupation (Class) is Atros system and Vocation is the world original system.)


    (How long have I had this [Vocation]…?)


    Normally, Yuri rarely uses [Appraisal] to check her status.


    The reason is that she has long since reached the 200 level limit, and there is no way to grow any further. A status screen that always shows the same numbers is nothing but a vain thing to look at.


    But after Lydina’s big change, you can acquire [Skill] through training, so you can check the information in the [Appraisal]. On the other hand, the [Status Screen] itself, which lists levels and ability values, was not displayed regularly, if at all.


    That’s why―――I didn’t realize it until later.


    Until now, Yuri hadn’t realized that she had a vocation as a <Goddess>, or that her level had somehow grown to 155.


    “I don’t know what’s going on with my life force and magic power numbers…”


    Yuri’s original life force was probably around 150,000, including the equipment he usually wore. I think her magic power was around 60,000 as well.


    Now, it’s 440,000 for life force and 350,000 for magic power.


    Rather than a player’s ability value, it seems to have reached a value similar to that of a boss monster.


    Thanks to the skills she has mastered and the equipment she wears, Yuri can naturally recover about 15% of her maximum magic power every minute.


    The maximum amount of magic power used to be around 60,000, so she was originally able to recover about 9,000 points of magic power per minute.


    But now―――the maximum value of magic power is 350,000.


    If that is the case, the natural recovery amount is 15% of that, which means that about 52,000 magic power per minute are constantly being replenished.


    (…… That’s why my magic power is not decreasing at all…)


    If the natural recovery rate of magic power has increased to almost six times that of before. Understandably, the speed of recovery is higher than the speed of recovery after consuming a huge amount of magic power for various things.


    I can understand it, but―――to be honest, I’m not convinced.


    I’m not sure why this happened in the first place.


    “There is a high possibility that this vocation as a <Goddess> is the cause…”


    With that thought in mind, Yuri stood up from her chair at the desk.


    A rice cake is a rice cake maker. If you don’t understand something, it’s best to ask the same <Goddess>.

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