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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 107

    The Price of Good Faith

    Translated by Green Cake
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    “At least it’s going to be the way you want it――― reluctantly.”


    In the reception room of the Yuritania Palace.


    After the meeting, Yuri dropped by and told them that she was waiting for the two princesses of the kingdom in this room. When Yuri entered the room, Lizelia and Roselotte stood up from the sofa and responded, both with complicated expressions on their faces.


    “You are unwilling to…?”


    “Yes. I have no interest in controlling the cities of the kingdom myself.


    ―――Oh, please sit down. Let’s talk a little more slowly.”


    While answering Lizelia’s words, Yuri urged them to sit back down on the sofa.


    Yuri’s words were not a lie. Yuri herself was against the expansion of the country.


    And yet… because everyone wants it. That would be Yuri’s wish, though.


    “But it seems that my subjects are eager to expand their territory. So all the land in the kingdom will be put to good use in the Yuri Empire. Is that okay with you?”


    “Of course, we are offering to surrender.”


    “Very well.”


    Yuri nodded to Roselotte, who bowed her head and spoke auspiciously.


    Next to her, Lizelia said in a small voice, “Thank you.”


    Yuri took out a teapot and cups from her inventory and poured tea for the three of them.


    Yuri said, “Here you go,” and offered the cups to the two princesses, who accepted them with some reluctance.


    “Your Majesty, Yuri, made the tea herself…”


    “You’re both princesses, aren’t you? Isn’t that a similar position?”


    “There’s a difference between being an Empress and a princess!”


    Roselotte said this to Yuri as she leaned forward from the couch.


    After a couple of seconds, she looked a bit silly, as if she had just realized something, and then sat back down on the sofa, looking uncomfortably embarrassed.


    “Also, sorry about…”


    “Hmm. No, thank you. You can talk to me like that if you want.”


    “… Are you sure?”


    “Do you need more permission than I need to say, “I permit”?”


    “No, no! Not at all!”


    Roselotte replied, shaking her head.


    Perhaps this is Roselotte’s way of speaking.


    “I would like to ask you both a few questions.”


    “What is it?”


    “I had ordered the skeletons to attack only ‘armed men’. It’s not my intention to have the tip of my sword pointed at civilians.


    Roselotte said in the audience room that the men of the royal family and the heads of the noble families and their children were killed by the skeleton soldiers. In addition, there were probably other casualties, such as soldiers who worked for the royal castle. On the other hand, those who did not wear swords, such as officials and maidservants, may have been safe.”


    “There is no doubt… that the skeletal soldiers did not attack those who did not have weapons. But, you know, in the kingdom, the officials also basically wear swords…”


    “… Yes. Then let me ask you the opposite. What kind of people from the castle were able to survive unharmed?”


    “Women are generally safe. Other people, such as civil servants of low rank who are not allowed to wear a sword, are also safe. Unfortunately, our mother is unable to accept the fact that she has lost her father and son, and has fallen ill. Instead, we, her daughters, have come to you this time as messengers of surrender.”




    If it is only a mental illness, it may be possible to treat it.


    Some of the healing spells used by the children of <Water Lily> have the effect of [Curing Abnormalities of the Mental System]. It’s worth a try, though you have to try it to see if it works.


    “I’m sorry to say this, but… Unlike your mother, Roselotte can talk about the fact that her family was murdered in a normal way.”


    “… I’m past the crying and grieving stage.”


    “You’re strong. I don’t mind a strong woman.”


    “Thank you.”


    The expression on Roselotte’s face, as she bowed her head, showed no sign of hostility towards Yuri.


    It seems that she has already sorted out her mind.


    “I want the surviving noble girls and civil servants to be employed in the Yuri Empire because we will need manpower to manage the kingdom’s cities in the future.”


    “Yes. I’ll let them know what you say. Isn’t that right, Lize Sister?”


    “… Yes. Please let me do that much.”


    “Fine. However, the Yuri Empire does not have a system of ‘nobility’ itself, so you can only hire people and not treat them as nobles. I would appreciate it if you could explain that to the noblewomen in advance.”


    “Yes, I certainly understand.”


    In response to Yuri’s words, Lizelia bows her head deeply.


    It seems that she has become somewhat accustomed to the situation, and I am somehow soberly happy that Lizelia is no longer looking at Yuri with frightened eyes.


    “My sister and I have a certain amount of experience in the office. If you would be so kind, we would be happy to put in good use in the Yuri Empire.”


    “Then I’m sure I’ll be asking you for some help in the future. But before I do, there is one thing I would like to request of you.”


    “A request? What is it?”


    “I’m at your service.”


    “I want you both to be my concubines.”




    At Yuri’s words, Lizelia and Roselotte were both surprised at the same time.


    The expression of surprise on both of their faces is very similar. Well, they are sisters.


    “I’m sorry, but isn’t Your Majesty, Yuri, a woman…?”


    “Yes, but I prefer girls of my gender. Is that weird?”


    “No, no! It’s not weird…? I think so!”


    “Really? Thank you.”


    Yuri smiled as she said this.


    Roselotte responded with a slight blush… it seems that she’s the type that drops relatively easily with a little push, I wonder if it was my imagination.


    “Do you know what the biggest problem is with this surrender of the kingdom?”


    ““The problem”, you say… I’m sorry, I don’t know.”


    “There is. It’s that neither I nor my subjects have any faith in the people of the kingdom.”


    That’s not a lie.


    Yuri doesn’t even care what happens to the people of the kingdom.


    To prevent the people of the kingdom from being oppressed and exploited under the rule of <Red Rose>, the children of the <Shirayuri> and <Water Lily> were given the role of overseer. And it’s not because Yuri cares about the people of the kingdom.


    It was just that―――Lydina would not like it if the people of the kingdom were to suffer. I was just trying to get around the situation so as not to cause her displeasure.


    “As I said before, I’m not interested in controlling the cities of the kingdom itself.


    Well, my wives seem to be keen on expanding their territory, but that doesn’t mean that I want the people of the kingdom. As long as I can get the land and expand the territory of the Yuri Empire. I’m sure they don’t care if the land is inhabited or not.”


    “Oh no…”


    “Roselotte, I especially like you. I want you to be mine.


    I have a soft spot for the people I love. Therefore, if you become my concubine and always ask me to treat the people of the kingdom equally with my people, I will obey. ―――Are you prepared to sacrifice yourself for the sake of the people of your kingdom?”


    “Of course. As a woman of the royal family, I must not be intimidated.”


    “Very well, then I will take Roselotte as my second concubine. Just so you know, even though you’re a concubine, I will never treat Roselotte badly.”


    By the way, I’m planning to take Sophia as my ‘first concubine’.


    I don’t want her to be a slave forever, so I’ve been thinking of welcoming her as a concubine soon. She probably won’t say no to it either.


    “So… what do you want, Lizelia? Roselotte is enough for me, so I won’t force you to be my concubine.”


    “Well… I would like to do my part to make Your Majesty, Yuri feel at ease with her people.”


    “Yes. Then I will take Lizelia as my third concubine. Nice to meet you both.”


    “I’m not very good at this, but…”


    “I look forward to working with you, Your Majesty, Yuri.”


    ―――That’s what we’ve agreed upon for now.


    As long as you become my concubine, I will not make Lizelia and Roserotte sad.


    I will satisfy them, that’s all. I will try to make the people of the kingdom happy.

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