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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 104

    General Staff Merchant’s Return

    Translated by Green Cake
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    It was the 19th day of the winter month, and the winter season was already halfway over.


    On this day, <Kikyou> began work on the construction of the third new city following Yuritania and Ulysses.


    The current city of Dakart is called the ‘Mining City’, but it is located about four kilometers away from the entrance to the mines, which is a surprisingly large distance.


    Perhaps the city was deliberately built at a distance because they did not want the poison from the mine to affect the water in the wells.


    It would take nearly an hour to walk the 4km distance one way.


    That’s why they load the miners onto the back of wagons in the city of Dakart and send them back and forth between the city and the mines every morning and night for piston transport to get the residents to work. Needless to say, this is inefficient.


    After all, the mines where the miners work should be as close to the city as possible.


    If possible, it would be ideal if the entrance to the mine could be reached immediately after leaving the city.


    <Kikyou> seems to have decided to build a new city at the exact spot where the current entrance to the mine is located.


    If we surround the entire new city and the mine with [Purification Ward] deployed by <Red Plum>, we can ignore the mineral poison… It’s like a tour de force, based on that decision.


    Nevertheless, the idea of surrounding the entire mine with a [Purification Ward] is certainly commendable in that it will keep the air inside the mine clean.


    Although it may cause a strange phenomenon where the clothes of the miners engaged in their work will become clean after being dirty. But that’s okay, I guess.


    <Kikyou> had drawn up a rough plan of the new city in just three days, and Yuri had given the go-ahead last night.


    This morning, Yuri had sent all of <Kikyou> team to the city of Dakart using [Transfer Magic], so the construction work would probably have started by now.


    This time, <Kikyou> will not only build the city, but also the tunnel infrastructure in the mine.


    The air in the tunnels will be cleaned by [Purification Ward], but the oxygen concentration will not be increased. It also eliminates the toxicity of the mineral water that comes out of the mine, but it doesn’t prevent water from occurring in the mine itself.


    Therefore, ventilation and drainage must be taken into consideration when constructing tunnels.


    Since this was <Kikyou> first experience with such a project, they had not set a specific date for completion.


    However, Meteora, <Kikyou> captain, said, “No matter how much the work is delayed, it should be completed by the end of next month.”


    It was obvious, of course, that this was an incredibly short time compared to the usual number of days it would take to build a city or build a mine.


    Since we were planning to build a city and tunnels at the entrance to the mine, we decided to temporarily seal off the mine until the construction work was completed.


    Of the citizens currently living in Dakart, those who are working in mining-related jobs have been given 120,000 beth per person as living expenses for two months.


    Therefore, the temporary closure of the mines did not cause any complaints from the miners but rather was greatly appreciated by them.


    We’ve also set up a [Transfer Gate] in the city that will take you to Ulysses, so the miners can use their excess strength in the [Labyrinth Dungeon].


    We’ve also started broadcasting on Dakart, so I’m sure there will be more people who are interested in being explorers.




    As she was thinking about various things related to Dakart and the new city. Suddenly, something like a notification sounded in Yuri’s head.

    This is the sound that indicates that something that has been set as the target of notification has entered the range of [Spatial Grasp] that is maintained in the city of Yuritania.


    “Master, how can I help you?”


    Perhaps wondering why Yuri was suddenly leaking her voice, Hamanasu, the <Sakuraka> who would serve as today’s “love duty” and escort, asked.


    “It seems that someone has been caught in my [Spatial Grasp]. Did the Volmician Empire send a secret agent…?”


    “If that’s the case, I’ll go get him right away.”


    “Oh, you’re so dependable.”


    Focused my attention on [Spatial Grasp] that I was maintaining, and examined the log.


    As it turned out, Yuri’s prediction was completely wrong. It seems that it was the sound of the return of a much more pleasant target to the city of Yuritania than a secret reconnaissance.


    “I’m sorry, that was different. It seems that Rubetta and Ados have returned.”


    “The heads of the Rostine and Tormark merchant associations, I believe. I heard that they had gone to the Kingdom. It’s been quite a while since they left, hasn’t it?”


    “Yes, they left when it was still summer.”


    If Yuri’s memory is correct, it was on the 28th day of the summer month that Rubetta and Ados left for the kingdom.


    Today is already the 19th day of the winter month, so it has taken me almost two months to get to the kingdom and back. When I think about it, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen him.


    “I have a lot of matters I need to discuss with them, so I’m glad they’re back.”


    “If that’s the case, shall I run over there and tell them to come to visit you at the palace?”


    “Hmmm… Well, could you pass on a message to him?”


    “Anything at all!”


    Yuri marks Rubetta and Ados, two people she recognizes with [Spatial Grasp], with ‘blue’.


    This way, Hamanasu would always know where they were in the city.


    “I want you to tell Ruvetta and Ados that I want them to first rest their weary bodies from their travels and then take care of their own business, which has been absent for so long. If you don’t mind, I’d like you to visit the palace after that, when you have more time.”


    There are many things I want to discuss with them, but none of them are urgent.


    They are only merchants, they do not work for the government. It’s enough to think of them as second in priority to your business association.


    “Well, if it’s all right with you, my lord… I’ll let him know.”




    Yuri waved Hamanasu off as she walked out of the office.


    Yuri then leaned back in her chair, deeply.


    (…… Strange)


    Inwardly, Yuri quietly thinks so.


    Yuri maintains [Spatial Grasp] after exercising it in all the cities and villages within the land of the Yuri Empire.


    So if Rubetta and Ados had stopped by other cities and villages before arriving at the city of Yuritania, they would have heard the notification sound at that time.


    If they were coming back from the kingdom side, that is, from the eastern side of the Lily Empire, they could have stopped in the village of Notoku, 30 kilometers east of Yuritania, to get food and water, or to let their horses rest and feed them. It seems like a good place to stop by.


    Besides, there is also the city of Ulysses, 20 kilometers east of the Yuri Empire.


    The city of Ulysses is quite large, so it should be visible from a distance.


    It was a city that did not exist when Rubetta and Ados went to the kingdom, so if they saw a city that had suddenly appeared in the middle of nowhere, they would probably stop by out of curiosity.


    ―――But they didn’t stop in either Notoku or Ulysses, because [Spatial Grasp] didn’t record it.


    This means that they did not stop at either of the cities or villages and returned to Yuritania.


    (―――Did something happen that made it necessary to rush back to Yuritania?)


    Otherwise, there would seem to be no need to return in a straight line to Yuritania without stopping anywhere.


    Yuri tried to think of various reasons in her mind, but unfortunately, she could not come up with any other valid reason.


    “―――I’m back!”


    The door to the office was pushed open with a bang! and Hamanasu returned.


    It took her a net of about five minutes to return from her earlier departure. There was no need for her to rush off to tell me.


    “Welcome back, Hamanasu, did you meet them?”


    “Yes! I’ve given master message properly! ―――It is!”


    “… Hmm? Is there something wrong?”


    Yuri asked, guessing from the words.


    Hamanasu nodded once with a somewhat mysterious expression on her face.


    “Rubetta-dono and Ados-dono both said, ‘We have something to discuss with Yuri-sama immediately.’ He’d like to see you as soon as he can, if possible.”


    “Hmm…? All right, if that’s the case, let’s meet.”


    If both Rubetta and Ados wanted to meet with her, Yuri had no objections.


    Today’s work was mostly done, and there was no urgent business, so it was perfectly fine to make time for the two of them.


    “He also said that he is bringing a guest to see my lord. If possible, he would like you to meet him in the audience hall, not in the reception room or the office.”


    “… Guests?”


    Yuri wondered who it was―――and focused her attention on [Spatial Grasp].


    It would not take much effort to find out who had entered the city of Yuritania at the same time as Rubetta and the others by examining the record logs.


    (―――Oh, dear.)


    Yuri secretly shouted in admiration.


    The person that Rubetta and the others were accompanying turned out to be very important.

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