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    Yuri Empire

    Chapter 101

    White Lily and Water Lily Plotting

    Translated by Green Cake
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    TN: White Lily = Shirayuri


    In the morning of the 14th day of the winter month, in the office of the Yuritania Palace.


    Yuri was presented with a document by Hera, the captain of <Shirayuri>, and Sera, the captain of <Water Lily>.


    “What’s this?”


    “You can think of it as a kind of… request letter from our two units.”


    “Hmm, let’s have a look.”


    Yuri took the documents and looked through them one by one.


    The contents of the document were, in summary, “We want you to give maximum support to the Principality of Selsia, which will become a vassal state.”


    In addition to preventing the threat of demons, all of the duchy’s cities will be warded with [Barrier Ward] to protect them from any military action by the Volmician Empire, and [Temperature Control Ward] will be deployed to keep out the winter cold.


    We will actively ‘exterminate’ demons and activate the movement of merchants in the Principality.


    As for the farmlands that were severely damaged by the heavy snowfall, the Spirit Manipulation of <Yellow Rose> and <Blue Rose> will activate the spirit of the soil and restore the ground. Also, to prevent people from starving due to lack of food, a [Transfer Gate] will be set up so that the people of the Principality can freely purchase food in the city of Ulysses.


    After the excommunication is revoked, the clergy of the Holy Land can use the Gate to return to the cathedrals of the Principality as soon as possible. The <Water Lily> will also use the [Transfer Gate] to visit each city every day and use the magic of [Purification] to remove all the pollution that has accumulated in the city.


    All the cities of the Principality will be added to the listening range of the daily broadcast. In addition, we will also allow free access to the ‘broadcasts’ of explorers who are challenging the [Labyrinth Dungeon].


    ―――In short, the Yuri Empire, as a sovereign nation, should give the same treatment to the cities of the Duchy, as a vassal nation, that it gives to its own cities and the cities of the Holy Land of Nimun, with whom it has an alliance. That’s what it says in the request.


    The two troops, <Shirayuri> and <Water Lily>, are made up of only children with [Extreme Good] tendencies.


    So there is nothing strange about these two units submitting such a request to show mercy to the enemy.


    But―――perhaps this is not a suggestion out of pure goodwill.


    Yuri could somehow understand this.


    “You’re not going to allow the duchy to become independent in the future… no, you’re going to manipulate the people of the duchy so that they don’t have the will to become independent in the first place.”


    “After all, does the princess understand?”


    “Not when it’s this obvious.”


    With a small chuckle, Yuri responded to Hera’s words.


    As soon as the punishment of the Duke Drapon family is completed, the Duchy of Selsia will become a vassal state of the Yuri Empire. This is not a condition for making peace with the duchy.


    In the first place, making the country a vassal state is a separate matter from making peace, providing the duchy with food aid, and serving as a protection against any pressure from the Volmician Empire.


    This is not something that can be forcibly imposed on a defeated country, so it has been agreed that if either of the two countries wishes to terminate this vassal relationship, it will be amicably terminated one year from the date of the request.


    Conversely, if neither side wishes to dissolve the relationship, the vassal relationship between the two countries will continue without any time limit.


    This time, the letter of request from <Shirayuri> and <Water Lily> was aimed at just that.


    By showing the nobles and people of the Principality the benefits of being a vassal state of the Yuri Empire, such as [Ward], [Transfer Gate], daily ‘broadcasting’, and [Purification] of the city, the idea is to induce them not to have the desire to become independent.


    “You guys do this kind of planning too, I feel a little relieved. Well, unlike everyone else, you didn’t go ahead and do it without telling me, but you did present it to me in the form of a request, which is typical of you.”


    Yuri said with a smile.


    Hera and Sera both blinked at the words, surprised.


    “Did you know about all of us, Princess…?”


    “Hmm? Yes, of course. I’ve noticed that almost all of the troops, except for the <Shirayuri> and <Water Lily>, are doing whatever they want without telling me. But I don’t intend to restrict them, and I’m sure they’re fine.”


    “… Are you okay with that? You don’t mind?”


    “I think it’s best if everyone can enjoy their freedom.”


    Yuri still clearly remembers the NPCs that she saw every day when she was playing 『Atros Online』, who only spoke certain lines and acted in certain ways.


    As Yuri remembers it, everyone now has their mind, and they plan and do things in secret, even from their master, Yuri. Whenever Yuri sees these people, who are far from being NPCs, she feels happy.


    So no matter what they do, Yuri has no intention of restraining them from doing it.


    Yuri understands that everyone loves her, and she knows it.


    Perhaps everyone’s self-indulgent behavior is all for Yuri’s sake. If you think about it, it’s only a happy thing for Yuri.


    “I understand the contents of your request for now. If that’s what you want, we’ll do it.”


    “Thank you, Princess.”


    “Thank you, Yuri-sama.”


    Hera and Sera both bowed deeply in response to Yuri’s words.


    It’s not that Yuri herself is not interested in keeping the duchy as a vassal state.


    And yet… if that’s what the children she loves want, that is what Yuri herself wants.


    “Speaking of which, Yuri-sama. Do you have any thoughts on the ‘mining city’ that will be ceded by the duchy?”


    “No, I don’t have anything in mind at the moment… Well, now that the city of Ulysses is safely completed, <Kikyou> hands are free. If they want to make any changes to the mining city, I will allow them to do so.”


    I heard that the city is rich in iron, so it must be a worthwhile mining city. Some of the beasts in the labyrinth in Ulysses drop iron and silver ingots when defeated, so to be honest, it’s not necessary.


    If you’re having a hard time dealing with mineral poisoning, you can use a [Purification Ward] to deal with it.


    If the materials needed to put up a [Purification Ward] can now be replenished from the [Labyrinth Dungeon]. It is possible to enclose an entire city in a [Purification Ward] without any major problems.


    “Well, you’re joining your city. I hope you will take good care of it.”


    “That’s true. Please give shelter to the surrounding villages as well.”


    “Yes, I know.”


    With the cession of the entire mountainous region from the Duchy, the number of cities controlled by the Yuri Empire will increase from two to three, and the number of villages from four to six.


    The name “Empire” is not quite enough. But the increase in land area was something that made Yuri feel a little bit happy.

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