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    After that day’s incident, Zhang HuiShan did not come to provoke Qin LingLing again. This may be because she did not have Li JianYe’s backing behind her, and Qin LingLing’s personality changed drastically, let alone her, even Fu XiaoYue now looks at Qin LingLing, feels like a different person.


    Of course, it is also because Qin LingLing goes home every day, plus Director Liu takes seriously all the contradictions that exist between their educated youths today. Many educated youths can only behave with their tails clamped, otherwise they would accidentally put themselves in the bullpen and that would be extremely unfortunate.


    Qin LingLing’s main reason for going home was not that she was worried about the conflicts, but because there was still Gu Yao at home who she wanted to take care of.


    Gu Zheng gave her all the respect and care, and since the future of her sister-in-law Gu Yao did not end well, she had to pay more attention so as not to repeat the same mistakes.


    Li DaNi is as annoying as ever to her, her heart only wants to covet the bike, looking for Gu DaShun and Gu ChunHua, the father and daughter pair to go forward, but both failed to get it, making her even more furious. Every time Gu DaShun came back, she would tell him about this “cheap” daughter-in-law’s fault.


    But Gu DaShun had already lost his face once, and when facing Qin LingLing, who is not at wrong, he could only sullen his head and not speak, made Li Dani more annoyed, causing the house to jump around every day.


    Unable to find a sense of agreement in Gu DaShun, Li Dani went out to visit their neighbors and told fellow gossip-mongers about Qin LingLing’s various misdeeds.


    On this day, Qin LingLing had just returned home from work, and she was almost there. She stopped to push and walked. She planned to go to the market tomorrow. It was the end of the month. The farm’s grain had already been distributed, so she planned to go to the town to buy something.


    But she had just walked a few steps while pushing the bicycle, and she heard a sharp voice talking excitedly in the distance.


    “But you do not know, this Qin LingLing is a fox spirit reincarnation ah, don’t look at her obedient face, but behind the scenes, she’s powerful.”




    “How else can I say, don’t you know? My family has been separated recently. Gu Zheng ran to the commune, dead set on separating the family.”


    “The matter of family separation, every family is like this, the son marries a daughter-in-law to separate the family, and the old one takes care of the young one. Why is there a problem with this?” Someone asked.


    “Hey, this is exactly how it is. What else can I say about it? I mean, he’s not at home these days. It was me, GuoQiang ChunHua who looked after his father. He got picked up as child in the mountains, so how can he be ungrateful and think of splitting up our family? Don’t believe at him saying that he doesn’t need anything at home; he has money to himself, you know how much his military salary is, and he has no respect for his father. He gave it all to his wife. He even bought a bicycle as soon as we separated. The Phoenix brand, more than 100, very expensive. Don’t you know that when Gu Zheng returned home, he would give his father some money? This time, after his wife blew the pillow, he didn’t give a penny. He came back and separated the family. The separation is not a concession, but there is no reason to separate abruptly. Is there any conscience left? ”


    Li Dani pounded her chest and feet, felt very sad for this stepson. [T/S: I’m also wanting to pound my head when I translate your words, old hag.]


    Several women with grandsons sitting around the room, nodding their heads in agreement.


    “If this is really the case, it is a bit heartless. In any case, Da Shun has raised him. His family situation is not good, but he still give him a good life, as he can serve as a soldier and join the army. It is because of you that made him what he is today. Ah! How can he not be filial to old man Gu after earning this money?”


    “Yes, yes, the matter of family separation is part of every family, there is no need to be so anxious. The soldier has been outside all year round. He wants to break up the family, and he want his wife to live well at home.”


    One by one, Li Dani seemed to be satisfied.


    Li DaNi hastily added: “Do you think it’s easy for me and DaShun? Raising four children, I and DaShun earned work points in the early years of the family, and while the children can help a little bit, but where did you see that was not DaShun and I’s money and effort ah?”




    “But now that the children are older and have their own abilities, they look down on us. Others say that when there is a stepmother, there will be a stepfather. But you can see yourself, where did I ever beaten them and scolded them all these years? I just let them do more work so that in the future, when they leave home, they won’t done something their in-laws dislike, especially DaYa. If she does not do more work, she will be disliked in the future. Now look at the whole village, which family does not say DaYa is a good daughter? Isn’t it all because of my teaching? Isn’t that how the scholars’ saying that ?”


    “That’s right, DaYa is now one of the most diligent girls in our village, and she’s pretty too, everyone says DaYa is good girl, if she gets older, the threshold will be broken. So now, most of them are looking up to her.”


    Li Dani nodded fiercely, “So, am I not good enough as a stepmother?”


    “No, that they are too heartless”.


    “I can’t say I blame Gu Zheng. His wife is to blame; she is not a person. She is the reincarnation of a fox. There was a lot of movement in Gu Zheng’s room the day before he returned to the barracks, and it didn’t stop until I went through the door to use the restroom at midnight. This daughter-in-law refused to get up early the next day. She had just awoken when we returned from the commune. She was also at the house for a lengthy time during the day. You know what happened.”


    Such words, even a room full of women, still cannot help but cover their mouths and exclaim “So bold, is this woman has never seen a man before?”


    “Isn’t it? She gripped him during the night, and entangled during daytime too, is it fair?” Li Dani replied.


    “But after all, they just got married. It’s not surprising that they are entangled together. Your Gu Zheng is no longer young. This man can’t even see any women in the barracks. It’s more surprising if they didn’t toss and turn at home. Yes, young people…” The woman who had just dealt with her grandson’s poop entered the door and retorted.


    Several people in the room who were discussing intensely were taken aback and looked at Aunt Qian who was carrying her grandson’s pants.


    The person who spoke is the Third Aunt Qian with her grandson, who is regarded as the daughter-in-law of Gu DaShun’s relatives. Usually, the women who can’t go to earn work points will take care of their grandchildren at home and let the young people go to work.


    Li DaNi started, “Third Aunt, you say this as if they had done nothing wrong.”


    “That’s right, even if it’s at night, so many people are up during the day, and they still entwined together, this woman looks immodest ah! It is said that young people from the city are particularly pretentious and love to toss and turn, she is ah, not a bit of a woman’s manner.”


    “Auntie, it is a normal thing to do, but they shouldn’t do this at all times.” It was the wife of Third Aunt Qian’s nephew, who also had the same surname, Qian Yue, who was also the hostess of the house.


    Since Aunt Qian’s husband is the youngest, she is not much different in age from her nephew’s wife. Since she married to the same family, they have more contact during the days.


    Hearing Qian Yue’s words, Third Aunt Qian said disdainfully: “How is young people’s affairs is our business? Even if they don’t get out of bed for a day and night, as long as the couple is happy, it’s still their business.”


    “Third Aunt Qian, what you said…”


    “What’s wrong with that? You guys never stuck together? This is also a good affection for the young couple. Do they have to quarrel every day so that the enemy can be happy? Besides, the couple closed the door, what did they do, who was affected?”


    Li Dani choked, she didn’t expect Third Aunt Qian to be a thorn today.


    Usually when she talks to people in the village, she is inevitably rebutted by Third Aunt Qian, who always disagrees with her, but they doesn’t see each other too often, so she doesn’t bother.


    Today she finally said a few words and was refuted again, and  anger her.


    “If this is the case, then let your son and daughter-in-law toss and turn at home every day, so that the relationship between the young couple is good.”


    Third Aunt Qian was really surprised by Li Dani’s ridiculous theory, her heart was suffocated, and the look in Li Dani’s eyes was even more uncomfortable.


    “Just based on what you just said, I can’t be bothered to talk to you, who has no brain. Usually, your mouth didn’t spout a good word towards Zhao E and the two children, but you said that you’re a good stepmother, how can people be so blind?”


    “Eh, you…”


    “DaYa is called by you to work all day long. Your family’s GuoQiang and ChunHua, on the other hand, play every day. ShanZi has tirelessly served his country in the army and has finally married. After all, which family has split up yet still has as much things as you? I believe ShanZi is correct in separating the family, however it’s unfortunate that this child is honest and did not demand for any money from you. If it were someone else, how could he not want anything? How is this different from severing the relationship? You still have the face to ask him for his money? Soldiers do get a lot of money, but isn’t that because they risk their lives? He married a wife, how is it wrong to give the money to her?”


    Third Aunt Qian’s words, although every word against Li Dani, but the words are not unpleasant, it sounds reasonable.


    A few people in the room thought carefully and felt that it seemed to be the case, so when they looked at Li Dani, they felt like she was deliberately sowing discord and using them as a gun.


    Why would Li DaNi defend herself when she got bitten by Third Aunt Qian? Her mood is naturally not pleasant.


    She was not a timid person. When she saw this, she slapped the table angrily and pointed to Third Aunt Qian, “What kind of a woman are you? I heard you kill the woman third uncle wanted to marry. You calculated it. You’re a shameless mistress.”


    “Try saying another word!” “Pop!” In the next second, Third Aunt Qian threw an enamel jar over Li DaNi’s body. The cup slammed on her body and fell on the ground, making a clanging sound.


    “How dare you hit me?” Li Dani’s eyes reddened, and she reached out to her.


    Third Aunt Qian directly glared at her, “I have five sons, why don’t you hit me?”


    Hearing the “five sons”, Li Dani’s anger was instantly half extinguished.


    Third Aunt Qian is capable, she was able to have two sons after marrying Gu SanShu, and later gave birth to three more sons. The last two were twins.


    Twenty years ago, having children is a blessing. Although it is difficult to raise children, for rural people like them, having a son is something to proud for. What’s more, Third Aunt Qian gave birth to five sons. In this small village, no one would dare to bully their family casually. What’s more, this year, Third Aunt Qian’s third son also became the captain of their brigade.


    It is precisely because of Third Aunt Qian’s “background” that Li Dani never quarreled with her. After a few words of craving, she would not be ripped off if she could not see the bargain. Nor did she think that Aunt Qian was at QianYue’s home today. She usually went to another house to chat, and she would never collide with Aunt Qian.


    She is so angry that she can’t calm down, it’s very uncomfortable, but she was beaten by someone, and she can’t even say anything.


    Several women in the room didn’t expect things to develop to this point, and they quickly pulled Li Dani’s clothes, “Dani, calm down, let’s just chat, why are we still fighting?”


    “That’s right!”


    Li DaNi heart suffocated, she did not dare to make a move against Third Aunt Qian, but also do not want to just let it go.


    She did not know that Qin LingLing pushed her bicycle back from the trail and their voices talking.


    It was expected that Li Dani would go to others to complain about her, but she did not expect that Li Dani would turn black and white and slander something she hadn’t done, and even say that she and Gu Zheng do such things day and night!


    She and Gu Zheng are more innocent than scallions mixed with tofu. Where do they gripped at night and entangled during the day?


    Qin LingLing pushed her bicycle around the back of the house to the front of the house, where she listened to everyone’s words.


    Just when she was about to go in and say something, she heard a retort, someone was talking for Gu Zheng and her. Although the words is not right, but she has to say it, she felt very relieved. But she didn’t expect that Li Dani would be beaten in the end, causing such a big disturbance.


    Looking at the room, there was only silence after the fierce quarrel, and the sound of her bicycle was a bit abrupt. Only to saw Li Dani facing the door and glancing at Qin LingLing. When the others saw this, they also turned their heads to look over.


    At this awkward appearance, Qin LingLing grinned, showing an awkward but polite smile, “Hello, Aunt Dani is not going home for dinner yet? I just happened to be passing by and stopped by to call you.”

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