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    Crown Prince’s Ex-Boyfriend

    Crown Prince’s Ex-Boyfriend (Web Novel)

    황태자의 전남친

    Author: 웅이바보
    Rank 137
    3 Releases 3.6K Views 50 Followers Ongoing Status
    Last Update 1 day ago


    I possessed the body of the villain in the BL novel I’ve read. I didn’t do good deeds, I just lived like a human being. 


    “The young lady just opened the door herself!” 

    “You told me that a member of a noble family shouldn’t do something so trivial!”


    Everyone is looking at me like, “Who are you?” 

    My parents even put me in a mental hospital. 

    I clenched my teeth and cursed not to enter the asylum again. 


    ···· But why does everyone likes me? 




    I’m the interrupter of love. 

    I will be executed for interrupting the relationship between ‘Shou’ and ‘Gong’. 

    I fled to the enemy country to avoid that. 

    But why is ‘Shou’ here? What’s going on? 


    You went to war looking for me? When you pushed me away saying not to bother you? Are you crazy? 


    “A break-up? I’ll do it for you.” 


    “If you want to run away, do it.” After chasing me to death, you’d gently walk away from me?


    Vin smiled as beautifully as an angel and held my waist, unable to readily accept it. 

    “If it’s so fun to be caught by me.” 

    As if he had no intention of letting go in the first place. 




    But the madman is not only one. 


    “Don’t flirt with my sister.” 


    Even my brother, who hated me. 


    “I’m just doing this because I want to keep fighting with you.” 


    And the ‘gong’ that killed me in the novel. It seems he has gone crazy for me.


    #The-World’s-Strongest-Protagonist #Escaped-Female-Protagonist #I-thought-you-were-a-gentleman! #Obsessed-Male-Protagonist #Isn’t-this-BL? #What’s-wrong-with-you-all!


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