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    Translated by NotBlueYet
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    Race Name: Undead Dragoon

    Name: None

    HP: 157255/157452

    Muscle Strength: 458990

    Magic Power: 245500

    Agility: 382720 ▲

    Level: 80

    Occupation: Dragon Knight


    HP Lv23 Muscle Strength Lv32 Magic Strength Lv25 Agility Lv27 Spear Technique Lv23 Claw Technique Lv17 Physical Attack Resistance Lv5

    Special Skills:

    Auto Recovery Magic Intimidation Full Magic Resistance Full Mental Resistance Dragon Breath


    A knight in silver full-body armor is riding atop a blackened dragon.


    Or rather, an undead knight riding on top of a dragon zombie; they’re both enemies.


    The appraised status values were only slightly higher than the vampire’s. From my point of view, there was no difference in the sense that both the vampire and the undead dragoon ended up being less than 1% of my status.


    It seems that the intimidation won’t knock him out because he has complete mental immunity.


    I bound the undead dragoon with magic power while using what I learned from battling with the vampire earlier.


    Magic is a part of me. I use it like a thorn to bite into both undead dragoon knights and dragon, then I use certain skills.


    The Absorption of HP and the Absorption of Magical Power.


    I used it secretly when I first got it, but this is the first time I used this against an actual enemy. While observing the status of the undead dragoon by appraisal, I sharpen my HP




    “Okay, I get it!”


    When the Undead Dragoon’s HP was below 100, I called out to Ichika-chan, who stabbed the Undead Dragoon in the back.

    [ It has been confirmed that the Extra Boss has been defeated. ] 

    [ It has been confirmed that the Extra Boss has been defeated with no damage.] 

    [ It has been confirmed that the Extra Boss has been defeated with only magic power.] 

    [ As a reward, the original value of status other than magic power will be +3000 ]

    [ ,and only magic power will be +7500.]

    [ You’ll also be given the title “The Margin fo Strength” ]


    After I finished listening to the sound of the System’s voice that rang out, I checked Ichika-chan’s status.

    Name: Kobayashi Ichika

    HP: 10,126,047,000/10,126,000,000

    Muscle Strength: 9,659,800

    Magic Power: 29,943,736,000

    Agility: 5,824,600 ▲

    Level: 48

    Occupation: None

    Skills: ▼

    Flexibility Lv30HP Enhancement Lv21 HP Enhancement Lv18HP Enhancement Lv16HP Enhancement Lv16Muscle Strength Correction Lv16Muscle Strength Enhancement Lv16Muscle Strength Enhancement Lv16Magic Power Enhancement Lv52Magic Power Enhancement Lv22Magic Power Enhancement Lv20 Magic Power Enhancement Lv18 Arithmetic Lv22Appraisal Lv90Item Box Lv19Super Recovery Lv17  Super Regeneration Lv16Agility Enhancement Lv17Agility Enhancement Lv16HP Enhancement Lv16HP Enhancement Lv16Muscle Strength Enhancement Lv16Agility Enhancement Lv16Magic Power Enhancement Lv16Magic Power Enhancement Lv16 Damage Reduction Lv17 Damage Reduction Lv15 Damage Reduction Lv12

    Special Skills:

    Aesthetic EyeSkill DuplicationAutomatic RecoveryMental ImmunityPhysical ImmunityMagical ImmunityDamage ReductionItem StorageTrue EyeMagical Eye

    Unique Skill: 

    Wisdom Eye




    What the hell is this status!


    No, it’s a tremendous level up, and the strategy rewards have raised the original stats to a ridiculous level – strength, agility, and stamina to 5815, and magic power to 16680.


    In addition, the skill of strengthening and strengthening that I “taught” Ichika-chan the other day has increased by 15 levels, and there is also the violence of the numerical value of my title, so I feel like that will happen.


    Even so, it is a tremendous status.


    In particular, her HP is higher than mine, and her other stats are slightly inferior to mine from last year, but still very high.


    At least with that ridiculously high level of HP, it’s not like I’m going to break her if I hug her too hard.


    I was so happy that I hugged Ichika-chan forcefully.


    “Yasushi-kun, it’s a little painful.”


    “I’ve always wanted to do this, but was afraid that whemistake,n we’re together and made a mistake it would hurt you.”


    When I said that, Ichika-chan hugged me back.




    It is said that people feel calmer when they are hugged, but I am so happy and more happy to interact with her that my heart was pounding so loudly.


    I hugged Ichika-chan until I was satisfied, and then I checked my status.

    Name: Yasushi Sashima

    HP: 14,066,308,000/14,066,208,000

    Muscle Strength: 7,446,816,000 (100)

    Magic Power: 30,728,864,250,000 (100)

    Agility: 746,816,000 (100) ▲

    Level: 65

    Occupation: None

    Skills: ▼

    Appraisal Lv55 Enhanced Agility LvMAX Enhanced Agility Lv52 Enhanced HP LvMAX Enhanced HP Lv76 Enhanced Muscle Strength LvMAX Enhanced Muscle Strength Lv52 Super Recovery LvMAX Super Regeneration Lv82 Parallel Thinking Lv42 Enhanced Magic Power LvMAX Enhanced Magic Power LvMAX Enhanced Magic Power Lv36 Agriculture Lv25 Professor Lv42 Flexibility Lv83 Damage Reduction LvMAX Damage Reduction Lv3Magic Efficiency LvMAX Magic Efficiency Lv51 Swimming LvMAX Magic Enhancement LvMAX Magic Enhancement Lv7 Stealth Lv80 Enhanced HP Lv68 Enhanced Agility Lv52 Enhanced Muscle Strength Lv52 Experience Increase Lv40 Item Box Lv77 Experience Increase Lv45 Cooking Lv19 ⁘ Sewing Lv17 Language Understanding Lv23

    Special Skills:

    Complete Mental Immunity Swiftness Rigidity Automatic Stamina Recovery Magic  Manipulation Magic Absorption Full Magic Resistance Magic Power Release Magical Intimidation Super Calculation Complete Physical Resistance Instantaneous Step Shrinking Ground Divine Speed Acceleration Strength Absorption Energy Conservation Sense of Aesthetics Increase in Joint Range Herculean Strength Muscle Hardening Strength Intimidation Asura Skill Duplication Automatic HP Regeneration Shark Skin Cloud Hiding Skill Transmission Soft Skeleton Item Storage True EyeSuper Swimming

    Unique Skill: Repeated Attempt


    “The One Who Overruns.” 

    “Numerical Violence.”

    “Magical Goliath”

    “The Margin of Strength”


    The newly obtained title “Magical Goliath” seems to double the owner’s magical power status after ignoring the opponent’s “Magical Power Resistance” and “Magical Power Complete Resistance.”


    And it seems that the Margin of Strength has the effect of halving the damage taken if more than 90% of the strength is left, and doubling the damage dealt to the opponent, the owner’s movement speed, and the magic density.


    In short, if you have over 90% of your strength left, you can practically double all your stats.


    On top of that, the original value other than magic power, combined with dungeon rewards and the results of daily training, is 20,800. Magic power has also increased to 39,500.


    If you take into account the augmentation enhancements that went up by 15, it makes sense, but every time you see it though, it’s a tremendous status. However, 7 billion in muscle power was too much, and the 30 trillion in magic power didn’t make any sense at all.


    And that’s where I find myself.


    “Ichika-chan… I hugged you as much as I could earlier, but are you okay!”


    “Uh, yeah, it was fine.”


    Worried, I looked at Icika’s status and found that she had full strength.


    When I looked at Ichika-chan’s status with anxiety, her HP was full..


    However, the strength status of me and Ichika is nearly 20 times higher. It has ten times more HP, and in addition to “Automatic Recovery” that recovers HP by 1% per second, there is “Super Regeneration” that can recover physical strength with magical power, so it may be suppressed to virtually 0.


    In other words, I think she’s just recovering, but she’s taking damage.


    Maybe that hug was causing Ichika-chan more pain than I imagined.


    Our stats difference is about 18 times. The strength status of me and Ichika-chan is about the same as that of a 2-year-old child and an adult man who is training.


    I’m sure I’ll be able to touch her more lightly now that she’s stronger, but I still need to treat her with care.


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