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    She Was Killed By Shooting Stars

    Vol. 1 Chapter 00

    Introduction : Meteor Shower

    Translated by KuroNeko
    Edited by Phantom4080



    “Ah, a shooting star!”

    The child pointed to the night sky and said.

    A glowing blue sphere crossed the sky diagonally, trailing a long, long tail of light as it slowly became smaller and smaller. The scene, a mixture of beauty and transience, left a sad aftertaste in the hearts of those who saw it, and eventually disappeared like a soul that had burned out.

    “Oh yeah, I should have made a wish…”

    When the child mumbled in disappointment, the mother chuckled next to him and said, “I guess so.”

    The next moment, however.

    The child squealed with delight. The mother dropped her shopping bag.

    Blue meteors appeared one after another in the night sky, and they quickly became countless arrows of light that filled the heavenly world. There was a great commotion here and there, and all the inhabitants of the town were dazzled by the sudden celestial phenomenon, peeping out of their windows and coming out of their houses.

    There was no end to the meteor shower. Hundreds, maybe even thousands, of lights crossed the sky, trailing long tails as they burned away. They were overwhelmingly beautiful, and everyone was moved by the sight of them with a sense of regret. It was as if they were at the last moments of life.

    The meteor shower was observed all over the world; no one at NASA, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, or any other space agency had predicted it, but the phenomenon graced the skies of the world for several hours and made a splash. It may have been the first day since the beginning of time that all humans saw the same sight.

    This is December 11, 2022 – a day I will never forget.

    The next morning, people learned the truth. The Meteorological Satellite Himawari, the Observation Satellite Daichi, the Quasi-Zenith Satellite Michibiki, the Wideband InterNetworking engineering test, and Demonstration Satellite KIZUNA… The meteor shower was actually a crashed satellite. And not just those of Japan. Satellites from all over the world, including Russia’s “Cosmos,” the United States’ “USA”, and China’s “Tientsin Guo”, crashed as meteors with light trails.

    On this day, the history of mankind’s satellites, which began with the former Soviet Union’s Sputnik program in 1957, was abruptly interrupted. Thousands of known satellites, both active and in their grave orbits, were suddenly out of control due to someone’s work, plunged into the atmosphere, and disappeared as grains of light. The cause of the incident was not known until later, and the prevailing theory was that it was due to the hacking of the satellites. However, no expert was able to answer the questions of whether that was possible.

    Because of the overwhelming spectacle, the series of events known as the “World’s Most Beautiful Terrorist Attacks” later became known simply as the “Great Meteor Shower. The tactless name “12/11 terrorist attacks” had not taken root to this day.

    Fortunately, none of the satellites hit the ground. The meteorological observations and GPS systems that the satellites were responsible for were greatly disturbed, and many people were suspicious of the meteor shower, such as those who had car accidents or slipped off of the stairs, but the fact that there were no fatalities on the ground was a miracle in itself.

    But that was only on the ground…

    In this meteor shower, there was only one victim.

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