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    Baby Squirrel Is Good at Everything

    Baby Squirrel Is Good at Everything (Web Novel)

    Author: 군청주단
    Rank 15
    32 Releases 196K Views 226 Followers Ongoing Status
    Last Update 3 days ago

    This novel's update schedule is twice a week; every Tuesday and Saturday.


    Beatty, a weak squirrel shapeshifter who was born into a lion family.

    Because of that, I lived my life being abused at my aunt’s house in the capital. 

    When I told my only friend and fiancé, the Second Prince, that I would leave to achieve my dream—


    ‘Ritter, you bastard…!’


    I died on his fangs.


    I opened my eyes again to my childhood, the time before I got myself involved with the Second Prince.

    At times like this, what do you need? Speed.

    I immediately forced my body up and ran away to the land of my biological father, the lion family.


    Though I won’t be welcomed, if I possess this one great secret that will only be discovered in the future, I won’t get kicked out….


    “Welcome, Young Miss!”

    “OMG! When did you grow up like this…?”

    “Young Miss is walking with those two cute feet!”


    … Huh? Why am I welcomed like this?

    No way, is that my statue?


    #Regression #Head Family #Healing #I thought I was an Ugly Duckling #Lion Father #Lion Older Brother #Squirrel Alone #Wild Female Lead #Obsessed Black Dragon Male Lead


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