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    Immortal Children

    Immortal Children (Web Novel)


    Author: Paul Hatanaka (パウロ・ハタナカ)
    Rank 130
    4 Releases 162 Views 0 Bookmarked Ongoing Status
    Last Update 19 hours ago

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    The Planet where the young man “Leila” awoke after losing his memories was the earth where the ancient people who developed life and facilitated intergalactic transportation were exterminated.

    Leila becomes a scavenger who gathers remnants left by the ancient civilisation with the artificial intelligence partner “Kaguya” retrieved by linking to a military satellite in geostationary orbit He finds himself in a world where ruthless marauders roam the streets as he hunts for answers to his lost memories.

    This is a tale about a young man who ends up in an abandoned city teeming with vicious marauders and weird animals.


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