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    Is he expecting her to believe it right now? Later, even when they ran into each other in the Duke Christopher’s residence, she would say, ‘Oh, I often hear that they have the same face, the same name, and live in the same place.’ 


    Someone who carelessly gives 1,000 Rid. And a wizard.


    Again, even thinking about it, the true identity of the man was Archduke Cesare. She was confused because of his non-noble words and actions, but it was not strange considering the unique nature of the wizards. Why is there such a big figure hanging in this mansion? 


    Catherine wondered if she should be formal to him now. He was only handsome, but when she saw Cesare’s brazen smirk, that thought was blown away.


    “Why did you suddenly change your mind?” He asked, the 1,000 Rid still untouched.


    “I said I’d think about it then, but I never really said I’d move.”


    “You can know what a person is thinking just by looking at their eyes, Miss Phanya.”


    Cesare’s blue eyes pierced her like a summer beach. The heat was unbearable since it felt as if he was looking into her mind. In truth, it didn’t matter whether or not this man was the Archduke. The bigger problem was elsewhere.


    That the guy is the same race as ‘that thing.’ Even if his blue eyes are so bright and clear right now, his purple eyes when he uses magic—. She gets a chill just recalling memories. Catherine sat on the chair furthest away from Cesare, purposely turning the table away.


    “What’s wrong with my eyes? Feel free to watch.” 


    Leaning back on the chair and crossing arms, Cesare slowly blinked its eyelids. 


    “Do you remember a few days ago? At that time, Miss Phanya was afraid of something.”


    “Did I do that?”


    Does he know that ‘something’ is him? 


    “But not now. I don’t know what happened in just five days, but I know very well that you have no intention of backing down— Have you ever had a goal of a lifetime that you can’t give up on?” 


    Catherine stared at Cesare without answering. Not exactly his eyes, but around his nose and cheeks. Dealing with that man is quite, no, quite difficult for Catherine. She didn’t know that before, but at least she feels that way now. 


    Cesare was unlike any of the other persons Catherine had encountered. It’s possible that it’s natural because he’s a great man. He didn’t pretend to be poor, he didn’t fight, and he didn’t pretend to know what was going on.


    So Catherine felt uncomfortable with him. It’s because he’s a person who can’t easily grasp.


    “If you already know, give up and don’t come into my house. I’m not sure how many times I’ve mentioned this.”


    Cesare smiled and folded his eyes in response to the remarks. It was a unique black smile, as opposed to the earlier comfortable smile.


    “I believe you forget who saved the mansion a few days ago when it was half-broken.”


    Catherine’s eyes were wide open. Some people think she has nothing to say.


    “You don’t know who saved you last night, who almost froze to death.”


    The man slammed his lips shut. At the same time, a wide smile spread all over the face before immediately disappearing, as if removing a mask. He was already a sensitive man with delicate lines, but when his smile was removed, he seemed to be a completely different person.


    But it’s strange. Rather, that appearance is more natural and less frightening. Maybe that cold face was Cesare’s real face, she thought.




    Catherine stared at him with eyes telling him to say anything.


    Cesare’s face, which is beginning to be distorted, seemed quite complex. He opened his mouth for a moment as if he had something to say, but when he saw Catherine’s face, he closed it tightly again.


    And then the sound of opening it.


    “Ha— That’s enough.”


    “Enough? I’m not. I caught a cold from the heavy rain because of you.”


    Catherine, of course, had never been sick in her life. Like her mother, she was healthy. 


    “But how can you not say thank you?” 


    She feels as though she’s whining for him to say thank you when she does this. Why does she act so childish in his existence?


    Cesare replied, carefully sweeping his long fingers across his back neck.


    “The current Miss Phanya looks very healthy, but—.”


    Does he know where she’s lying? 


    “If what you want is reward, well. It’s not that difficult. It’s true that you were willing to be kind.”  He raised himself with a graceful movement like a nobleman. “All right, then I’ll stay by your side until you get over your cold.”


    The man rose from his seat. Then he began to cook with the kitchen fire that had been extinguished.




    ‘Are you going to cook?’


    Catherine stared blankly at the back of the cooking man. Under fall shirts that are neither thin nor thick, men’s muscles can move freely. Under the rolled-up sleeves, the arms were firm. It was a very contrasting body with white and long fingers.  


    When he sat down, she didn’t notice, but when he stood up, she realized he was quite tall. She couldn’t even see what he was preparing because of him. Catherine couldn’t believe he was a wizard and that the man who was ‘that thing’ was preparing a meal for her right in front of her.


    ‘Please don’t say you’re trying to kill me.’


    As she considered it further, she began to feel anxious. Perhaps he’s taking poison. Perhaps he’s trying to make her ill by feeding her something she can’t eat—.


    The man looked very good at cooking.


    A man as tall as an Archduke cannot cook well. If so, is he the Archduke’s hidden twin? But Catherine felt like her head was about to explode, because he was, no matter how much she thought, he was the undisputed Archduke Cesare.


    “Oh my, oh my!”


    Rose, who came to the kitchen due to the noise, approached Cesare with a fuss. Cesare turned his head and asked her to sit and wait with a smile.


    “Rose, it’s all right. Come here.”


    Rose, who was restless, sighed with relief when Catherine told her to sit next to her. She must have been very nervous about leaving the cooking to the guest. 


    When she came to her senses, a pretty decent meal was served in front of Catherine and Rose. Shrimp stew with strong spices, bacon with vegetables, and bread.


    “Oh, my, I thought you were a noble gentleman, but you’re a great cook.” 


    Rose had already fallen in love with Cesare. No, she looked like she was swimming, not the level she was missing. 


    “What does cooking have to do with caring for me?” 


    Cesare, who sat across from her in the chair, chuckled.


    “What makes you think it doesn’t matter? Miss Phanya, good health begins with avoiding skipping meals. So don’t forget to eat everything thoroughly and don’t leave anything behind.”


    Cesare began ripping the bread and putting it in her mouth, and a strange lunch began. The flavor was better than she had imagined. It was so delicious that she questioned whether it was the right dish for her.


    She thought the Archduke was a strange person because he cooks well and tastes nice. He was doing this without even looking into it because he was a strange person. Her thoughts had cooled down a little after making such a judgment.


    Rose jumped up from her seat and kicked her and Cesare out of the kitchen as soon as the meal was over, claiming that she had to at least handle the cleaning.


    “Miss Phanya, come here.”


    Cesare, who called Catherine, enjoyed the mansion with a familiar walk. She followed the man to the drawing room in a strange mood. She feel like a Cesare is the owner of this house and she’s a guest in a bad weather. 


    Cesare sat Catherine on a long sofa. 


    “Since we’re done eating, I think we’d better sit there and read a book.”


    A book and a blanket were next to it, which she had no idea where they came from. Cesare gave a gentle beckon, and the fireplace roared to life. Catherine opened the blanket after a brief moment of admiration for the rare sight.


    He was a man who showed up at will and then disappeared at his own will. If it gets boring, he’ll disappear again. And here Catherine decided to obey the man.


    How much time has passed. 


    On a dark day, the sky darkened even more, the rain continued to fall heavily, and only the occasional flash of lightning lit the room. Catherine closed the book and stretched herself out long, unable to resist her dry eyes. The atmosphere was unusually quiet. She wondered if Cesare had returned in the meantime, but—.




    He was playing chess. 


    ‘Where else did you get that?’ 


    In this old mansion with antiques, there was no chess board. Cesare’s chess board was shiny, as if it had been well-kept, and it was set on a high-end wooden table that looked expensive.


    “Do you know how to do it?”


    With his eyes fixed on the chess, he asked. Catherine shook her head silently against his disheveled silver hair. It was a stupid act, but for some reason, it seemed that Cesare would be able to see it without looking at it.


    Catherine said to him. 


    “Just go back.”




    Cesare moved his piece without answering. 


    “I didn’t mean for you to take care of me. I’m fine, so you can just leave.” 


    What the hell does this man want? 


    Catherine had not expected to be fed and cared for by a man she met one day and who broke into her life in his own way. Even a sick lie wouldn’t be enough to fool a man like Cesare. Despite this, the man pretended to believe and was fooled.


    “Are you going to kick me out? And in this thunderstorm?




    The thunder shattered the sky at the same time as the answer. Cesare’s face was still lit by the light that flared a beat faster and then disappeared. His serious expression was fixed on the chessboard.


    “It’s not that hard to take care of you. You don’t have to worry too much because I’ll go back when the rain stops.”


    “—That’s the case. I’ll give you a room today. Have a good night’s sleep.” 


    Why was a man standing in the rain yesterday who hated thunder and lightning. As expected, it’s strange. Catherine couldn’t quite understand the character Cesare. 






    The sound of firewood burning pleasantly rings in my ears. The regular, soothing noise opened Catherine’s eyes dimly. The room, which she was asleep, was warm and cozy around.  


    ‘—When did I fall asleep?’


    It was already midnight when she looked at the clock.


    She remembered the three of them having lunch, but she couldn’t recall anything else. She believes she was reading a book when she fell asleep. Cesare was not seated in his chair. The same could be said for the chess boards and pieces that were strewn about.


    “Really—. You’ve come all the way and then you’ve gone all the way.” 


    She took a few steps off the sofa, awoke the tiredness, turned off the fireplace, and walked out of the drawing room. Catherine moved carefully up the hall’s stairwell, which was occasionally lit by lanterns.


    As she moved away from the fire, a chill shivered through her body. Somewhere in the long hallway leading to the bedroom, she saw someone leaning against the window frame with the curtains removed. It was Cesare. 


    Shh. He must have been staring at Catherine, too, and gestured briefly, bringing his index finger to his lips. 


    As she came closer, Cesare exudes an unfamiliar atmosphere that is difficult to describe in words. It was like meeting someone for the first time right now. Blinking slightly awkwardly, Catherine followed him, staring down the window.




    She could see someone coming into the mansion site. The two men wearing raincoats were conspicuous giants. A silver armour was seen under the black cloth surrounding the body. Next to it is a huge sword not covered by a raincoat. 


    “Those people are—”


    Catherine had very good eyesight as she was very healthy by birth. She checked the shape of the armor with all her concentration. It’s a splendid figure that makes she admire it at a glance. That was the armour of the Imperial Knights. 


    With her eyes wide open in embarrassment, Catherine turned her head to Cesare. Cesare, with his calm face, leaned against the windows, and slowly opened his mouth. 


    “Didn’t I tell you. If you hold out in this mansion, you’ll only see dangerous things happen.” 


    The men were getting closer across the garden. 


    She doesn’t know how they opened the locked door. They broke into Catherine’s mansion with bold steps. Cesare asked in a low voice, like a whisper. 


    “You still have no intention of leaving this place?” 

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