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    Translated by Tam




    With a scream, people began to run away. The city quickly became a mess. The difference from other cities was that there were people who kept their seats and looked into the situation.


    “I can hear the sound of the waves. It’s the devil of the root of the sea.”


    “Looking at the size and color of the summoning magic circle, it’s not like low-level devils. But, hey! Come on, let the headquarters know!” 


    Can they tell at what level the devil is being summoned just by looking at the magic circle? As expected, Busperfield is helpful in many ways. Soon after, the Queen, who appeared through the current, looked around and opened her mouth.


    「This place— is full of magical energy. There are many great wizards. Is it okay to swallow them in one bite? I’m excited, you know?」


    Excited, the Queen flaps its short legs and tries to threaten the surrounding buildings. Catherine raised her hand to intervene, but the wizards around her reacted more quickly. 


    “Queen! It’s a disaster-class devil Queen!”


    “Damn it, a disaster-class devil? First of all, the protection of ordinary citizens comes first! Put up a shield!”


    The wizards moved quickly and began to defend the city, filled with fear.


    「Oho. Are they Nephilim? Somehow, I said there were fewer insects—」


    Thus, the battle between the wizards and the Queen to protect the city began. Catherine stared blankly at the dozens of attack spells flying toward the Queen and Queen leisurely defense while humming. 


    ‘Of course, I summoned it to make a fuss— but the problem seems to be bigger than I thought—!’


    Damian, who was sitting on a bench in the distance, called for Catherine.


    “Lady! This is a great spot!”


    “The natural enemy of the sea root is the wind! Therefore, organize your raid mainly with wizards with the wind as their root!” 


    “Haha! Queen, how hard is that friend’s shell? The Queen is dancing and nullifying all magic!”


    “Most of all, evacuate children and women to a wind shelter!”


    “Ah. I’m a little hungry after watching something fun. Is there any restaurant—.” 


    The urgent conversations of the wizards and Damian’s stupid voices overlap as opposites. Catherine was in trouble for a brief moment. 


    ‘No matter what, I don’t have to bother innocent people.’


    However, if she gives an order to Queen here, it will be revealed that she is the summoner, and she will become a terrorist. She didn’t know what bad things she would see then. 


    ‘No, is that better? They’ll interrogate me, and someone will come down from above–’


    What would be a better choice? It was time for Catherine to squeeze her brain with all her might. 


    “Hey, Lady.”


    There was a particularly clear voice in the noisy city atmosphere.


    Catherine turned in the direction the voice was coming from. As if to enjoy his vacation, a man in sunglasses and an extremely colorful shirt with a pineapple painted on it was looking at her. She felt pressure in his relaxed posture, the origin of which was unknown. 


    “You look hungry. Why don’t you go eat with me if you have time?”


    Giovanne Busperfield is the only man with a handsome face to wear such a terrible shirt. Giovanne said, raising the corners of his lips. 


    “I want you to accept this date request. My people are suffering because of your devil.”


    Damian, who came running like an arrow, stood in front of Catherine.


    He glared madly at Giovanne, who was wearing a terrible pineapple shirt. Then, at Damian’s appearance, Giovanne took off his sunglasses in a pushy voice.


    “What is it? Did you have a boyfriend?—No. Is he the Imperial knight I saw on Lilith? Oh. You had a great friend as your escort.” 


    “Lady. Do you know him?”


    Catherine tapped Damian on the shoulder in a positive way.


    “It’s all right, Damian. That old man is Giovanne Busperfield.”


    “Good. But not with the old man.”


    A deep sadness spreads over the relaxed face.


    Then what does she call an old man? No way. Does he want me to call him Oppa


    It was a level of conscience as terrible as a pineapple shirt. Catherine raised her head and commanded the giant tortoise to swim through her air.


    “Queen! That’s enough, you can go back.”


    Queen looked at her with a voice full of regret.


    「Only this much? Well, a light walk like this is not bad.」


    Queen’s new form, covering the sky, disappears with bubbles. After hearing Catherine’s voice, the surrounding wizards whispered in an incredible voice.


    “That young woman is the owner of a disaster-class devil?”


    “She’s with the commander-in-chief.”


    “It is clear that she is at least half transcendental. She must be much older than she looks.”


    Sometimes it is also important to show superiority in the middle of the enemy line.


    ‘Thank you for treating me like a great wizard.’


    In reality, she’s just a newbie who doesn’t even know how to use cleaning magic. Giovanne approached her and reached out his hand towards her. 


    “Let’s move on, Lady. This place is so noisy.”


    “It happened because you didn’t pick me up.”


    Giovanne shrugged his shoulders with an exaggerated gesture.


    “Are you blaming me now? If you had followed the guide carefully, you would have arrived at my place safely. In fact, the guide was stuck in a carriage and fell asleep happily. Even during working hours.” 


    “He had to talk so much about Busperfield that it hurt my ears.”


    “I want you to listen to that much. The public garden is also famous as a tourist city among Nephilim.”


    Is that my business? Catherine took Giovanne’s hand with her disliked face. No, Damien was standing in the middle with one hand trying to grab her, and Giovanne held Giovanne’s hand with the other.


    Is that my business? Catherine took Giovanne’s hand with her disliked face. No, Damian, who tried to hold the hand in the middle, grabbed Giovanni’s hand with the remaining one.


    “Hey, commander-in-chief. You’re old enough, and you shouldn’t be flirting with a little Lady. Touch me if you want to.”


    Giovanne laughs at him.


    “You’re very loyal.”


    At the same time, Catherine’s vision swung sharply up and down. She shook her head when she felt herself getting dizzy. Suddenly, they were standing in a stylishly designed drawing-room, not in the middle of a noisy city.  


    ‘As expected, he’s not an ordinary betting wizard.’


    There are very few wizards who can cast magic without spells. Giovanne Busperfield was rumored to have reached the heights of transcendental status like Shagweed II and the Pope.


    Like in the Lilith case, most people thought that he would do anything and use any method to get what he wanted, even if he looked soft on the outside.


    Catherine stood next to Damian. Giovanne took a leisurely step and took a seat at the top of her table.


    “To be honest, I didn’t know Lady would accept my invitation. It must have been cold. So, how is Madame Pompadour doing?”


    A light finger snap opens the door wide. Then came a line of women dressed in colorful costumes like noble ladies.


    They were all holding colorful desserts and drinks. Catherine replied, looking at the food that had begun to be served on the table.


    “She’s going to find a good contractor soon. So don’t pay attention.”


    “Really? Tsk, that’s too bad. She was one of the most difficult talents to find.”


    Damian looked pretty nervous. For some reason, he wasn’t interested in food, which he had usually put in his mouth without hesitation.


    “So… did my Lady come here to join the will of Busperfield?”


    “Will? Do you mean about the terrorist topic?”


    When Damian answered for Catherine, he did so with a fierce voice. But Giovanne accepted it casually as if he was used to it. 


    “Terrorists—. Hey, Sir Black Lion. Do you really think that our city is a place where terrorists like to hang out



    Giovanne stood up slowly and approached the window. The panoramic view of the hanging garden becomes visible when he lifts the screen from the huge glass window.


    ‘I think this is the space located in the spire.’


    There is no such thing as a horizon. The blue sky and pure white clouds were all around the hanging garden, which was full of high-rise buildings. It was a truly magnificent view.


    “It’s like a paradise for all the wizards on the continent, not just for Nephilim. Now, look at the world beyond that window.”


    While staring through the window, Giovanne’s face was softened as if he was looking at his lovely lover.


    “We live within the rules we set. It’s a perfect paradise, out of the empire that regards the Nephilim as a potential disaster, the Vatican that regards the devil as filth, and the Holy Kingdom that operates according to their divine laws.” 


    Catherine carefully drank her coffee, which was held in front of her. Damian noticed from the side, but no matter how much she thought about it, it was not likely that a person equal to the commander-in-chief would play around with food.


    “Crime? It’s a safer city than any other kingdom on the continent. Capital? This is the production base for the highest quality magic tools distributed on the continent. Institutions? We don’t worship Emperors or Gods. We believe in ourselves only.”


    Obviously, the level of growth here was on the same level as Christopher’s. So that alone was undeniably true.


    “But who would dare call us terrorists? Don’t you think, Lady?”


    There was also a good reason for the guide’s praise of Busperfield until it hurt her ears. The leader is full of self-love, and the people below him are obvious. 


    Damian, who sat next to her, answered while Catherine muttered the bread left in her mouth.


    “Hey. I’m sorry to tell this while you’re bragging, but my Lady doesn’t care.”


    It was an answer that accurately represented Catherine’s feelings. Catherine opened her mouth as soon as he had finished speaking.


    “Can I talk about my business now?”


    Giovanne let out a bitter laugh.


    “You really hit on the point… So, tell me about your amazing business.” 


    Catherine talked about why she had come all the way to Busperfield from far away.


    “Please be my teacher.”


    To have Giovanne as her own teacher. Damian’s response to her was much faster than Giovanne’s.


    “Lady, are you crazy?”


    Catherine kept talking about what she wanted to say and didn’t let him talk.


    “And I have a few questions about the existence of Nephilim. May I ask, if you don’t mind?”


    Giovanne sat back in his chair with a sullen smile. And he answered, shaking his head as if he couldn’t help it.


    “I guess I’m getting old, huh? I don’t think my good brain can keep up with what the Lady is thinking. But, first, about the connection— I’ll take questions first questions.”


    Giovanne the leader of numerous Nephilim and an outstanding wizard. Catherine thought he could give her more useful information than Cesare, the Great Devil.


    “Why do devils have children among humans?”


    Giovanne might be able to give her a more important answer.


    “Aha, it looks like our little Lady has just admitted that you’re a Nephilim. It’s a little late, but yeah.”


    Because he and Catherine are both Nephilim, which is something they have in common. 


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