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    Translated by Tam


    When unexpected things happen, people’s heads usually go blank.


    Catherine was no different. She had predicted that she would be able to meet him in this way, but when she saw him, she couldn’t remember any of the coping strategies she had planned.


    Since she gave Damian a little free time, she had no acquaintance next to her to talk to and pretend she didn’t see him.


    Even more so since Percyville was in a very comfortable outfit she had never seen before.


    “You’re rude to the people you meet for the first time.” 


    So Catherine decided to stick to her role as a foreigner for now.


    In response to her firm answer, Percyville crumpled his forehead.


    “What kind of bullshit is this? Did you fall and hit your head without me seeing it?”


    As expected, it doesn’t work. He’s uselessly quick-witted.


    Catherine slowly relaxed her eyes, which had been pretending to be someone else.


    “Hello, Percyville.”



    The response to the friendly greeting is not good enough.


    “Why did you get on the Lilith in that weird way?”


    “You know? It’s not very nice to see you, so let’s go our separate ways, Percyville.”


    “You can’t really be happy to see a familiar face in your life.” 


    They were about to go up the same stairs, so they had to walk side by side. She wanted Percyville, which was as wide as his height, would have passed by and disappeared, but he seemed to have no intention of doing so.


    “You’ve changed so much that people can’t recognize you, goat poop.”


    “It’s normal not to recognize things like this. But how the hell do you recognize me?”


    “That’s what I want to ask.”

    Such a good-natured face that it is hard to believe that such a harsh tone came out from it. A straight, and radiant atmosphere that is always maintained as long as he doesn’t openly dislike it.


    It had been a long time since she had such a casual conversation with Percyville at such a close distance.


    ‘After all, the world is fair. The content of the skin that is faithful to the Gods is actually such idiots.’


    On the way up the stairs to the cafeteria on board, the two walked side by side.


    “Why did you pretend you didn’t know me on the first day? It feels dirty when we make eye contact in person.” 


    “You’re so funny, Percyville. Have you ever erased your old memories? We’re not supposed to greet each other with a smile.”


    “Considering that you said hello well earlier.”


    “Whether I say hello or not, it’s a mess.”


    What am I supposed to do?


    At that, Percyville opened his mouth to say something and slowly closed it. He looked very complicated.


    Well, it’d the same for me. We reunited within a few days after declaring that we shouldn’t meet again. 


    ‘Oh, I want to ask. I want to ask if he knows the root of the classification transition—’


    As his main job is a paladin, he must have had more magic knowledge comparable to that of any wizard.


    Like Madame Pompadou, the reality of not being able to open her mouth is frustrating when there were so many people to ask around.


    ‘But the promise with Cesare comes first.’


    The cafeteria was beautiful in the late afternoon. Because the sailing pace was slow, the sight of the vast sea was not bad. Catherine said as she went closer to the correct location.


    “Percyville, how far are you going to follow me? Don’t you have plans?”


    Percyville’s head, staring blankly, turned for her. Watching his slowly blinking eyelids, Catherine was convinced. He really followed her up here.


    “You’re not asking me to have a cup of coffee with you, are you?”


    That one word was the starting point. Percyville, who had been unsatisfied, returned to his original human eyes.


    A long wind ruffled his bangs. ‘Oh-oh.’ here was a roar of admiration for Percyville’s beauty from somewhere. Of course, Catherine was not impressed.




    He looked like he had lost his enthusiasm for life. Percyville shook his head with a look of deep disappointment with himself.


    “I’m crazy, I really am.” 


    Then he turned his back and moved away from the cafeteria. ‘Oh my!’ The woman who recognized his face laughed covering her mouth. It must have been an ugly expression, but even that expression looked holy.


    After ordering coffee, Mrs. Pompadou whispered as if she had waited.


    「Percyville Benedicto Fahenrichin? Oh my. My lady’s fishing net is really wide. How did you catch that crazy dog? The Grand Duke? The Holy Knight of the Lily? Which one of the two is your pick?」


    If she hadn’t kept her ears open, she wouldn’t have understood what she was talking about. That was a very fast pace.


    “I’ve never fished… No, I’ve caught one, but I won’t be fishing anymore.”


    「So you did it!」


    “Do what?” 




    Ugh. She felt like her eyes were turning red as she felt dirty in an instant. Fortunately, Meow in the bag expressed her feelings.


    「Whatever the man from the past, Catherine is now destined to live with Cesare for the rest of her life. It’s not like I’m blatantly revealing her personal circumstances.」


    「Hmm… You’re saying something smart, little cat. That’s right. Is it a big deal for a man? Of course, the Knight of Lily and the Grand Duke is a different thing. Still, the Grand Duke’s side seems to have more good reason, so live happily ever after.」


    People will think that she and Cesare are newlyweds who have been married for about two years. Now that she had no energy to deny it, she decided to consider doing that.


    Catherine drank the warm coffee and enjoyed the freshness of the refreshing sea breeze.


    ‘Cesare is good. Because all of this is under his feet.’




    One of the Seven Great Demons that rule the Devil’s Land of Fire, and the ruler of the ocean. The leader who leads a group of sea dragons. The Great Devil, who lives for thousands of years, periodically erases his emotional memories to maintain his strength and reason.


    ‘How does he feel when he erases his emotions?’


    Would it be sad? Or will he be blunt, thinking that it is a job given to him? 


    Even though she could not dare to imagine it, she was worried for no reason that he, who had lived forever, had to repeat the same thing for eternity to live in the future.


    「Ooh! I also want to stretch while drinking a cup of coffee too!」


    However, there was something very strange about it.


    ‘Why is my vision so red?’




    The wind stopped.


    Other than that, everything was the same. People chatting happily, loud laughter and the sound of the waves crashing, and even seagulls following after them.


    But it felt strange. This is—.


    “Something passed by me.”


    「I felt it too. It’s magic. Someone is drawing a huge magic circle on Lilith.」


    Madame Pompadou’s voice was as urgent as when she had Giovanne in front of her.


    「Lady, did you say you have the ability to invalidate magic? Have you ever felt anything else? It’s hard for me to make a proper judgment because I’m in this state.」 


    “In front of my eyes are red. Like red dust stuck in the sky—”


    Madame Pompadou took a deep breath at her answer.


    「Red circle! It’s a magic circle that summons devils, ah— We don’t have time! Hurry, go to a place where there are no people, Lady! You have to go back to your original body right now!」


    A red circle that summoned devils. 


    As soon as she heard that, she remembered the red magic circle in the basement of the mansion. The magic circle that summons demons is red.


    Ahh! Catherine went down the ship, leaving behind the coffee that had not cooled down, without knowing why. 


    As soon as she reached the bottom of the stairs, the black smoke from the bag took the shape of a woman. No, she was getting ready. 




    Surprised Catherine opened her eyes wide. A strong touch pulled her hands and shoulders.  The black smoke quickly disappears. The owner of the hand that led her was Percyville.


    ‘Anne?… Ah, that’s right. I let Percyville know Anne’s name, not mine.’


    Oh, damn it. At this rate, Madame Pompadou can’t return to her original body. Catherine was dragged away and held out with strength in both legs.


    “Percyville, what’s wrong with you? Do you know this is kidnapping? It’s a crime!”


    “Close your mouth and follow me, you idiot. If you act like this, you’re about to close your coffin in the deep sea.”


    She could notice it at that point. That Percyville also recognized the identity of the devil’s summoners.


    “Where are we going?”

    “First, stick next to me like a leech. The paladins are tracking down—”


    “Sir Percyville?”


    At that time, there was a voice that caught the two’s footsteps.


    The owner of a peaceful and gentle voice in contrast to the urgent situation—. It was a priest. A priest whose face is not unfamiliar. It was the priest who said he was allergic to the monsters that she had met on the train. The priest asked Percyville.


    “I just came back from seeing His Highness Prince Jenon, and everyone seems to be busy. What’s wrong?” 


    Percyville replied in a nervous tone as if he would shake his fist at any moment. Prince Jenon was the owner of the Lilith, the Prince of the Holy Kingdom of Fahenrichin, and his brother.


    “What kind of stupid question is that? If I had met Jenon, I would have heard what was going on.”


    “Ah… Ah-choo!”


    Whether he knows or not, she doesn’t know. The priest, who touch the tip of his nose with a still peaceful face, smiled and bowed down.


    “Ekhem. Thank you for your hard work, Sir. Then, I will get going.” 


    「Is he laughing?」


    It was so absurd that Madame Pompadou forgot her position and cried out in anger.


    At that moment, Catherine turns her head at an amazing speed, discovering the source of the uncomfortable feeling felt by the priest.


    It’s him, it’s him, it’s related to this case!


    “Excuse me!” 


    She hurriedly pulled the priest’s sleeve because she thought she would miss it like this.




    The priest was puzzled, but he still looked back at her with a smile. Catherine spoke to the priest with cold eyes.


    “Why is your smile so annoying?”




    Yes, why did he say that it will be the last trip in the first place? Catherine couldn’t hide her anger and shouted.


    “Madam, this punk. This punk scared me that it would be my last trip right before I got on the Lilith.”


    「I remember too!」




    When even Meow helped, Mrs. Pompadou, who had already made it obvious, returned to her original body.


    “…You’re really wearing all sorts of things. I’m speechless.”


    She heard Percyville whining something, but that wasn’t what’s important now.


    “Is it strange, Lady? It’s too suspicious to be suspicious! After all, wizards are people who crave attention, so they can’t hide their great work well.” 


    「Are you talking about yourself?」


    “Hehe! That’s right, the cat. It’s the story of this body. That’s why I know it better than anyone.”


    Flustered, the priest tried to pull his arm from Catherine’s, but Catherine squeezed her strength and didn’t release the man’s arm.


    Percyville, who had been watching the situation silently, cut between her and Madame Pompadou and stretched out his long arm.




    The priest’s body, which was bickering with Catherine, was pulled helplessly like a handkerchief scattered in the wind. Percyville, who held the priest’s back neck with thick hands, naturally raised one arm and said.


    “If it’s a suspicious b*stard, you’ll have to make him open his mouth voluntarily.”

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