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    Whatever the female knight said, it seemed that Damian couldn’t hear it. Turning his shoulders and looking around, it seemed he was looking for Catherine.


    ‘Have you always closed Damian’s mouth like that? To keep things from getting bigger?’


    Why didn’t he say a word about the bully he received from fellow knights? It was frustrating to see Damian standing still as if he was familiar with it. 


    It’s good that she’s already received Cesare’s permission. Catherine staggered her steps and stood in front of Damian. And so she was facing the female knight, not Damian.


    “—Lady, who are you?”


    It is a face that asks what kind of fly just flies in front of her. Catherine asked Damian without answering her question.


    “What is this woman, Damian?”


    “When did you get here, Lady? I’m almost done, so I’m going to fill up my stomach—”


    “Just answer what you ask.”


    Damian hesitated and scratched his neck. Now that she sees it, it seems that he has a habit of scratching his neck when he is confused. 


    “This is Dame Haliana. She is a direct senior of the Imperial 1st Knights like me.” 


    “Nice to meet you, Haliana. I am Damian’s new master.”


    When she asked for a handshake, the female knight, Haliana, held her hand with a puzzled expression. She asked in a questionable voice towards Damian as soon as she lifted her hand.


    “Sir Damian, I thought you’re going back to work in 2 months? Was I mistaken?”


    Damian’s response was intercepted by Catherine.


    “Temporary master. And I’m so mad at that straw head.” 


    She said while pointing her finger at the fallen knight.  Haliana seemed to find her existence very annoying. In line with her status as an imperial knight, she responded smoothly. 


    “I don’t know what’s going on, but for detailed complaints, go to the Imperial Knights Secretariat, not us—”


    “I am the only disciple of Grand Duke Cesare.”




    Of course, Catherine was not willing to let them go. 


    “But that straw head told me to buy Damian’s body. As a disciple of Grand Duke Cesare, I can’t stand his insults.” 


    He said he was selling his body after seeing Damian, so she wasn’t wrong. Looking at the rice straw head knight, Haliana raised her hand above her waist with a long sigh. 


    “Ha. You’re a foreigner, so you can’t communicate. Where should I start—. Lady, His Highness Grand Duke doesn’t accept disciples.”


    That’s true.


    “He is—”


    If she stayed still here, she had to listen to a speech about how great wizard Cesare was.


    Catherine didn’t come with Cesare’s permission with that in mind. Before she could lengthen her words, she pulled out the royal pendant she was wearing around her neck. 


    “Look at this big and beautiful pendant of mine, Cesare gave it to me.”


    She hopes they won’t say it’s a fake. Wouldn’t the Royal Pendant be recognized by a woman like the Imperial Knights?


    There was silence. Haliana, who was blinking blankly, slowly narrowed the distance. Her facial changes were very colorful. She can’t believe the expression on her face once. Next, an expression that she doesn’t think will happen, and the last one is—.




    There was no time to check the last expression. Because Haliana immediately turned her back and smashed the straw-head knight’s stomach as hard as Damian. 




    The knight rolled on the floor, and Haliana, who brushed off her uniform, bowed to Catherine.


    “I apologize, Lady. It’s my fault that I didn’t educate them. properly. Please punish me.” 


    No, she doesn’t need to get punished. 


    Looking at the straw head bully and seeing Haliana, she felt like she was dealing with a real knight this time.


    Could it be that Catherine’s face didn’t look that good at all? Haliana called the straw head in her thunderous voice. 


    “Sir! Can’t you come and kneel right away!”


    The straw heads, which rushed in, stood side by side next to Haliana and kneel.


    “W, we apologize!”




    “We apologize!”


    It’s good to apologize.


    ‘But isn’t your voice too loud?’


    Recognizing the people around her start to whisper, she began to feel embarrassed.


    “Hey— can you lend me that pendant later?”


    But if she didn’t scare them properly at this time, she never knew when they would roll their cheap tongue again. Catherine said, pushing Damian, who was constantly admiring.


    “I will report this to Cesare, and I will make sure you receive the punishment you deserve!” 


    When Cesare’s name was mentioned, Haliana’s eyes, who had maintained the sincerity like an imperial knight, collapsed.




    Certainly, Cesare’s existence seemed to be the object of fear among knights. Catherine patted Damian on the shoulder and announced to the knights.


    “Damian is my servant. Do you understand, Damian? If anyone in the future is being mean to you, tell me in detail. I’ll tell Cesare!” 


    Damian replied with a smile, what was so good about the subject of being treated like a servant? 




    “Hm. Let’s go.”


    She hurriedly left and went down the stairs, hoping that they might be hung on her limbs.


    As the music and the cold air of the sea moved away, the air quickly regained its calmness. Damian couldn’t contain his excitement the whole way back to the cabin. 


    “I think I’m in love.”


    Catherine grasped the significance of the word at once.


    “At the Royal Pendant?”


    “Yes. Ah. No—. But to the Lady who has the Royal Pendant.”


    “I’m not happy with it, so put it aside.”


    But Damian didn’t seem to have the slightest intention of putting his emotions in it. He was doing it for her, but it was a little embarrassing to see him noticeably liking it right in front of her.


    “If I’m with Lady, I don’t think I’ll be afraid of the captain.”


    “You need to be a little scared, Damian.”


    “I won’t be able to sleep tonight because I’m excited. This is for sure.”


    “I’m not curious, so be quiet.”


    Even though he parted badly with his colleagues, Damian didn’t seem to have any worries. 


    ‘Well, he said it’s fine, so I don’t need to worry about it.’


    After returning to the cabin, Catherine lay calmly next to Meow lying on the bed.


    The first day’s appreciation of the sea on a luxury passenger ship was simple.


    ‘There are a lot of weird people.’


    Priests who make uncomfortable sounds, pseudos who mention her birth, Percyville who were originally strange people, and there are even knights who have lost their chivalry.


    ‘As expected. It’s dangerous outside the house.’


    She was able to come this far because of Cesare. Catherine is grateful that she is with him today as well, and she spends the rest of the evening relaxing in her cabin. 


    When did she fall asleep?


    Catherine quietly blinked. Where is this? The last thing she remembered was the moment she faintly fell asleep in a dark cabin. But she was in a room other than her cabin. 




    Catherine was swimming slowly along the flowing water in the dark deep sea. She felt as if she wandering. She didn’t hate these unfamiliar sensations. She could instantly recognize that this space was in her dream. 




    Cesare was seen not far away. However, his shape is a little, no, quite strange. 


    Instead of the handsome-looking human male she knew, a magnificent ‘something’ made of seawater was in front of her eyes. A stream so huge that it could not be captured by her eyes grabbed and dragged Catherine.


    The place she reached was a beautiful space where large coral reefs glistened in iridescent colors.


    A white dolphin swimming there approached Catherine. Strangely enough, Catherine knew right away that the white dolphin was Cesare. 


    ‘This is a dream, right? I’m dreaming right now, right?’


    ‘You have a quick feeling. Is it because of the magic nullification?’


    It’s amazing. She reached out and stroked the dolphin’s smooth skin. The dolphin, no, Cesare, quietly accepted her hand and spoke to her.


    ‘I called you into my dreams by magic for a moment.’


    ‘Why? Without meeting me in real life.’


    ‘That’s because Miss Catherine went in first and fell asleep.’


    Since she fell asleep, he met her in the dreams? It was a moment when she realized once again the greatness of magic.


    ‘Well, I described it as a dream—but it’s definitely a reality here. I brought you to a very deep and distant deep sea. so that no one can interrupt our conversation.’


    Even though the exact meaning was not known, it meant that this sea actually existed. Anyway, all she could see were coral reefs shining in the dark and the white dolphins in front of her. 


    ‘But why are you looking like that?’


    ‘I’m comfortable looking like this here. I guess you don’t know that it’s the same form with you.’


    Startled by his words, she raised both hands to confirm.




    Why can’t she see it? Now that she sees, she can’t even hear see her legs, and she can’t even call them legs—. A subtle, fairly subtle sense of—. 


    ‘Do you hate dolphins? If you don’t like it, let’s change it.’ 


    She never thought she would become a dolphin. Somehow, she thought swimming, which she had never done in her life, was good.


    Cesare said, resting his fins still on the coral reef.


    ‘I’d like to ask if you used the Royal Pendant I lent you well.’


    In the meantime, rumors must have spread to Cesare as well. As expected for the speed at which rumors spread in the social world. 


    ‘I think I was a little angry because Damian was treated badly. A few knights considered him a nuisance.’


    Of course, it was true about Damian. The only reason Catherine was uncomfortable was that someone other than her had treated Damian as a nuisance.


    ‘Sir Damian is quite famous even in the Imperial Palace.’


    ‘Uhm. That’s not too much trouble, right?’


    ‘If it’s too much trouble, [Leviathan]’s pride won’t live.’




    Drops of water splashed from the surface, and the sea rumbled loudly up and down. She could see the wide-open coral reef shrugging off. They were frightened by Cesare’s real name.


    ‘Do devils have pride, too?’


    ‘Didn’t you learn devilology? Devils are a race that seeks power and pleasure. Power here includes pride.’


    ‘Then, for the sake of Cesare’s pride, you must punish the knight who harassed Damian.’ 


    Cesare raised his chin lightly as if to say something.


    ‘There are two things I don’t have in my house. A chef and escort knight. Rose is in charge of cooking, so it’s fine, but I think we need an escort knight to see the condition of the house.’ 


    Cesare answered straight away.


    ‘If that’s what you want.’


    It was the expected answer. It seems these days that Cesare has no intention of rejecting any of her offers or requests.


    Whenever she saw him, who allowed her to say anything, Catherine became a little afraid of herself in the future. She thinks she’ll be someone who does whatever she wants with his strength on her back.


    ‘By the way, did you call me to ask this?’


    ‘No, I was originally thinking of teaching you magic. Because Miss Catherine shows interest in it.’


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