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    “Haa, the best Archmage on the continent is ignorant of the devil at his door— Grand Duke, you’re being deceived now. Even considering your past, you fall into the temptations of a cunning devil.”


    “I suppose the Vatican is still full of nosiness disguised as affection, that there can be affection in a distant relationship.”


    Catherine suddenly becomes a devil possessing Cesare. Because she had nothing to do with them in the first place, she had no choice but to remain at peace in her body and mind while being driven as a devil.


    ‘I’m slowly getting hungry. Should I get some food and go?’


    It seems like that kind of thing caught their eye. The cardinal on the left, who was grinding his teeth, pulled something out of a huge bag he was dragging around. What appeared in it was the head of a woman made of white marble.


    It was very instant, but the extreme dizziness and disgusting smell of the gutter hit Catherine.




    The strange senses that gathered like waves go in an instant as she shakes her head to wake up.


    “Grand Duke, we didn’t come here to trouble you.”


    Catherine took a couple of steps back and stared at the head of a woman taken out by the cardinal. Transparent emeralds embedded in both eyes of marble shone intensely in the sunlight.


    The sacred object itself is an ancient relic that exudes the magical power of divine nature. It is an object that the Vatican collects with lights on its eyes, and has a strong power to punish devils and monsters.


    “Because Holy Gabriel has ordered that the devil be executed, I shall open the sacred seals without any excuses. Hey, let’s begin.”


    “Sacred Seals Chapter 7! [Hamael].”


    Is it necessary for them to say such embarrassing things when using magic? Catherine was perplexed as she looked down at the bright magic circle carved beneath her own feet.


    ‘Do I—have to stay still?’ 


    Should she call this a precious experience or an urgent situation? Would they have known that she would feel hunger on the top of the sacred seal?


    But, strangely, her sense of crisis did not come. Because her guardian was the great devil and Archmage, and was the blood and blood of Shagweed II.


    “You know, Do I have to continue to stay still—.”


    Catherine, who was about to call Cesare, quietly shut her mouth. He was staring at that head called the Holy Gabriel. It’s like trying to figure out if it’s real or not.


    “Heh heh, that’s a fearless devil. Doesn’t she run away even after seeing the relics with her own two eyes?”


    “She looked at us like this. Just wait, Grand Duke. I’ll melt that cunning devil right now, even to the bone with chlorinated flame!”


    Regardless of fire, Catherine wanted Cesare to solve the situation. Of course, Catherine is not a devil, so she won’t be in danger. Yeah— No way, something unexpected won’t happen suddenly right? 


    “I thought it was fake— So it’s really a relic.” 


    “Cesare, what should I do? Should I just stay still?” 


    Cesare turned his head slightly, and a light purple aura drifted in his eyes.


    “Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.”


    He soon turned to the cardinal. His expression look uninterested that it wouldn’t be surprising if he yawned himself to tears.


    “There must be something special out there. How dare you use magic in my land without permission—. I will deliver today’s case directly to the Pope and demand an apology. If you don’t want to be demoted to the countryside, prepare well for excuses from now on. You will be kicked out wearing only panties.”


    “Don’t be irresponsible! She’s a devil, as the Holy Gabriel has pointed out, yet you’re talking about such a shameful thing in front of it. Hey, speed up!”




    Is the holy thing something that could increase speed?


    Catherine looked silently at them, hoping that everything would work out.


    It was then. The light and wind from the seal became stronger. At the same time, the feet began to heat up as if they were climbing on lava.


    ‘What is this?’


    Confused, Catherine hurriedly grabbed Cesare’s arm and whispered.


    “Cesare, this magic circle. Will it even harm ordinary people?”


    “Not at all.”


    “Then I think something’s wrong right now. It’s hot under my feet!”


    “—Is it hot? The Holy Sealing Circle is only effective against devils and monsters. It must be an illusion.”


    It wasn’t an illusion. The heat of the warm soles of the feet was now rising up to the calves. As Catherine was impatient and tried to run away, Cesare wrinkled his forehead and wrapped his arms around her shoulders.


    “If you don’t want to be targeted by the Vatican, wait, Catherine. If you run away, you can come out with a picture confessing that you are a devil. It becomes very annoying later. It means more trash will visit your mansion. [Remor].”


    Soon a luminous sphere of familiar shape appeared in the air. More than usual, the sphere of the luminous brightness that was inspired by the twirl turned and increased in volume in an instant, and soon turned into a transparent Sperm Whale.


    Cesare patted Catherine on the back as she stepped backwards in surprise. It was an overwhelming size that half-covered the sky.


    ‘I thought Remor was just a magic spell— it was the name of a devil.’


    The whale opened its mouth.


    “Master, they smell like shit.”


    “You have a good sense of smell even though you don’t have a nose. Get that useless shit out of my mansion.”


    The giant whale’s body turned towards the cardinals.


    Yeah, Cesare, who had lived for thousands of years, couldn’t lie to her. As he said, all this heat must have been an illusion. Catherine calmed her mind and hoped that her ferocious heat would subside soon. Somehow, it felt like the heat was gradually disappearing.


    「You crazy Vatican dogs. If it hadn’t been for the command of the merciful master, you would have been bitten by my teeth alive. Live your whole life with gratitude by my master!」


    As the whale opened its snout wide, the Cardinals’ faces turned pale in an instant.


    “What are you doing, Grand Duke? Hurry up and obey the orders!”


    “Cunning. If the Pope knew about this—!”


    「Shut up and quietly come into my mouth, things that have no taste.」


    Eventually they disappeared into the whale’s mouth. It happened really quickly. At the same time, the burning heat slowly subsided.


    A huge whale turned its head in the direction of Christopher’s west port. Is it trying to drown them in the sea? It was such a ridiculous finish for a respectable appearance that it was wasted.


    Cesare then said.


    “It wasn’t a good time. It would have been more comfortable and faster if I was the only one who moved. Let’s go back to your house before things go wrong.”


    “What about a meal?”


    “Meal? Now you move to the food?”


    He made a tired face. Catherine was truly upset.


    “I can’t help it. I just woke up and came here.”


    “I want to do most of your requests, but I can’t now. [Remor]”


    He refused so firmly that she couldn’t even beg again.


    The place they arrived through magic was the garden of the mansion where Damian was diligently plowing the ground.


    “Huh! You surprised me!”


    Damian, startled by their appearance, jumps his butt on the floor.


    “Are you planning to scare people off? Please talk in advance before showing up!”


    Then, as soon as his eyes met Cesare, the tail fell out and ran away to the mansion.


    ‘Ah, as expected the home is the best!’


    A warm sense of relief came when she returned to the messy garden. 

    「Selfish Cesare. I was almost left alone.」


    As soon as he stepped in, Meow coming up on Catherine’s shoulder eagerly groomed his butt. Seeing this, Cesare gave an expression of surprise.


    “The reason you ran away was because of the holy Gabriel? You’re quite sensible.”


    「Ummm. I never ran away like that! Are those relics real? With only the Holy Relic Gabriel, the cardinals’ strength becomes too strong.」


    Neither the Cardinal’s nor Meow’s arguments are reliable. Catherine’s trust does not grow because she was cast as a demon.


    “Why do they call me a devil but not Cesare? They’re pure con artists. Meow, aren’t you mistaken?”


    「No! The ruler of the cruel night doesn’t lie like this.」


    It proves that the actual situation is wrong, whether it’s a lie or not. Catherine looked up at Cesare with a suspicious face. He, like Catherine, did not look so relieved. Rather, he had a complex face that she had never seen before.


    “I can’t reveal myself with a low-purity like Gabriel. But they pointed you out as the devil—I didn’t expect it, so it might be a close influence on the abyss.”


    “An abyss?”


    It doesn’t seem like a few hours have passed, but she can see the blue sky turning red. With the long yawn, Meow answered Catherine’s question.


    “The Great Devil all has one passage each connecting Eden and the fiery pit, and that is the abyss. In human words, devil summoning circle!」


    The fiery pit is the land of devils and monsters.


    The Hanging Garden is the land of saints.


    Finally, Eden, where Catherine lived, is the land of mortals that connects them. In other words, it meant human land.


    ‘After all, the identity of the demon summoning circle was correct.’


    She remembered hearing from her mother that the only passage between the fiery pit and Eden was the abyss, in other words, the devil summoning circle.


    The Devil Summoning Circle is one of the biggest ambitions declared to be eliminated by the Vatican, and it is an ancient artifact that wizards seek with a light in their eyes. The higher the devil, the more outstanding the summoner, and it is said that even a three-year-old child can summon a high-ranking devil using the devil summoning circle.


    ‘That’s why sometimes devils with strange heads appear in my house.’


    Is it possible to pass through the devil summoning circle without a summoner? It seemed to be possible to understand why Cesare described this magic circle as a ‘bomb’.


    Hearing Catherine’s talk to herself, Cesare hardened his expression and narrowed his eyes. He bowed his back with uncomfortable eyes and approached her face.


    “Did you hear that somewhere? Hmm, I don’t know who they are, but I think you should be careful when you meet them in the future. Because there’s nothing good about being with a person who is close to the devil, especially a person with a light mouth.”


    “I heard it from my mother.”


    “For your mother’s safety, please take care of her mouth.”


    “No need to worry. She passed away a long time ago.”


    Cesare’s eyes lost tension in an instant. The distance that had been decreased enough to reveal the fine gaps in each eyelash has suddenly widened again.


    ‘Was it too mean?’


    But what if it’s true?


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