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    “Don’t say it recklessly, but make sure to use it when you’re about to die. It means that if someone is after your soul, give them my true name. If they find out that your owner is me, there will be no one who dares to treat you recklessly. Whether it’s a human being or a devil.” 


    It was not even the Emperor’s special envoy, but it meant that any devil would take a step back.


    ‘Leviathan—. It’s definitely a familiar name. He was a greater devil than I thought.’ 


    The stronger the devil, the stronger the power of the true name. Catherine nodded her head to signify that she understood. 


    “Is this the end?”


    “Anything you want to know more?”


    “No, I don’t need anything else, so give me the money now. In cash if it’s possible.” 


    Cesare’s puzzled face cooled with absurdity. The lips that had been open to say a word soon closed with a sigh, as well as a sign of giving up on something. 


    Catherine didn’t stop adding, taking advantage of Cesare’s previously praised charisma, brazenness. 


    “There are too many items for the mansion. As Cesare said, we’ll have to find a new gardener—”


    “Ah, I understand enough. But what to do? It must be difficult right now.”


    “How can you do that? You can’t give it to me because you don’t have it? Then what’s my wish?”


    「Cesare is a liar. Nothing is impossible for the Great Devil. Catherine will have to get the money out of it even if you have to clings to that leg!」 


    The meow groaned and pushed Catherine in the direction of Cesare’s line.


    “Who won’t give it to you? It purely means that it’s not in my hands right now, so don’t rush me. If you go to Duke, everything will be solved. [Margus] ” 




    Seeing that the pattern on the floor answered smoothly, the real name ‘Margus’ seemed to exist for him. 


    She didn’t know the situation, but Catherine was the only human in the sealed basement. Judging from the fact that she didn’t feel much, she thought she had already gotten used to it.


    ‘By the way, Meow called that pattern the Devil Summoning Circle.’ 


    The devil summoning circle is a very sensitive issue in the continental situation. Catherine wanted Margus’s identity to be as unrelated to it as possible.


    “This morning, cardinals with the purpose of training entered Christopher’s estate. It must have been the group that hunted Meow. If there’s a problem nearby, don’t delay and call me.” 


    「I called it hard earlier, too. But the Master arrived late. Unbelievable.」 


    “Why don’t you call me a little more sadly?”


    The reliability is too low for a master-servant relationship. The master-servant relationship that Catherine learned in her book, at least, wasn’t like that. 


    The red color of the pattern faded openly at the words thrown in the direction to take care of it. If it was not an illusion, it seemed that he was sulking at Cesare’s response.


    She had already learned enough to learn in the social world about the fact that if she interferes in other people’s family affairs carelessly, she will see blood.  Catherine looked down at her own comfy gown.


    “Cesare, if I’m going to the duke’s house, I’ll change some clothes and come back. In this state—”


    Cesare approached and gently placed his hand on Catherine’s shoulder. 


    “Don’t worry about it. Gren will die of joy even if you show up in a rag.  [Remor]” 


    At the last word, Catherine’s vision was engulfed in pure white light.


    A fresh wind blew from somewhere. However, the smell of salt is unfamiliar to the side that flows together with the flow. 


    After the intense light shining over the eyelids disappeared, Catherine slowly opened her eyes. Soon after, she had to be surprised. Beyond the open terrace, the blue sea and shipyards were widely spread out. 


    This was not the mansion Catherine visited several times the other day.


    ‘This is really the Duke. Then is that a villa?’


    “Is this your first time seeing the ocean? You look like a child.” 


    At those words, she quickly regained her consciousness and turned around. Her face heated up for nothing at the description of her being a child. 


    “No. It’s not the first time, but I think it’s been about 10 years.”


    “That’s the same as the first time. The Duke’s residence is much closer to the sea than the last mansion. After a few visits, you’ll get tired of this salty smell.” 


    Cesare, approaching from the side, stared out the window at the colorful downtown, the sea, and the shipyard. It was like a picture-perfect landscape. It wasn’t about the sea. Cesare and his background were words referring to the antique interior. 


    “It’s amazing. It’s that big from here, too. How big is it in reality? I want to go there at least once.”


    「Hmm! I’ve been there. I didn’t like it because it was loud and smelly. I never recommend it.」 


    “—You’re here, too?”


    Catherine looked at the yellow cat jumping over her shoulder.


    「Well. I hate being bored alone. So far, I’ve been playing alone enough. From now on, next to Catherine, just like a cicada! Really tak! I’ll stick with it!」 


    If it wasn’t a horse-headed monster, but a cute kitten like now, it wouldn’t be a problem.


    “I’ve put off doing what I have to do right now, so it’ll take a while. I’ll give you servants, so please wait calmly.” 


    “Like this?”


    “You’re paying a lot of attention. If you want, I’ll ask someone to get you something to wear.” 


    “No, you don’t have to do that. I’d rather go out and look around the garden.”


    “Alone? This castle is much bigger than you imagine.”


    Cesare glanced at Catherine with a look of distrust. He had a face that made people angry for no reason. 


    “I’ll tell them that I’m Cesare’s guest. I’m better at convincing people than you think.”


    “Hmm. That sounds really unreliable. I’ve seen you— no, that’s fine. I don’t care if it’s something that can be resolved within your line anyway. Feel free to enjoy it as much as you like.”


    He was so busy that he led Catherine to the front of the garden and then disappeared. 


    「Come on, let’s go! I want to hurry up, go out and hunt humans!」


    “You can’t say things like that, Meow. If you run wild in your true self, I’ll be in trouble, so stay in that state.” 


    「I know that, too. It means to run around, but Catherine is uselessly serious, so monster humor doesn’t work.」 


    “It’s even funnier if the monster humor works for me.”


    Not long after, the cat, who was running at a brisk pace, came to Catherine with a piece of paper. They were just going down the stairs. 


    「This is it! We have to do this! There are a lot of things to eat here!」 


    Could it be that the food that Meow expressed is human? Catherine took the paper that Meow had put in his mouth.


    “A luxurious party on board?”


    She was wondering what it was, and it was a pamphlet posted on the hallway bulletin board of the mansion.


    Christopher has a shipyard to the northeast and a huge port to the southeast. The splendid luxury passenger ship seen at the end of the shipyard’s view seems to be the same passenger ship advertised on the pamphlet. 


    The luxury enjoyed by the top aristocrats and capitalists. As for their luxury vacation, the pamphlet paper was of very good quality. Catherine shook her head and returned the pamphlet to Meow.


    “We can’t go. It’s too expensive and there’s no reason to go.”


    「Hmm! You can’t be pathetic. Catherine has a lot of money. When others walk on the red carpet, Catherine can step on money and walk.」


    It was an unrealistic description, but when she thought about it, it wasn’t wrong either.


    However, Catherine had one heavy mission left. Using Cesare’s wealth to fill up the empty mansion! 


    There was no room for boarding the ferry departing the day after tomorrow.


    “If you want to go, go with Cesare.  It’s a passenger ship from Christopher’s shipyard, so I’m sure he’ll be on board, too.” 


    「Are you crazy? To follow that devil is to put your head in the snout of a lion in human words. I want to live long. Hiing. Still, I want to go to the passenger ship furniture exhibition and roll around in the soft bed—.」


    “Exhibition hall?”


    「I said that only luxury furniture is on display among luxury goods. When people went out, I secretly slept in bed, but I drooled on the blanket because I was sleeping. It smelled so bad that people just avoided the bed and walked around.」 


    Usually, famous luxury passenger ships only handle the best furniture brands of the time. Needless to say, Christopher’s luxury passenger ship would have chosen a brand that would open their mouth just by listening to the price. 


    She can’t believe it’s an exhibition hall full of luxurious furniture!


    Catherine felt her heart pounding as if she were in love.


    ‘Even if the sky falls down— I have to go with this! And I have to buy it! With the money of Cesare! 


    Catherine hurriedly ran and picked up the pamphlet that Gargoyle had thrown away.


    “—Jenon Fahenrichin?” 


    As soon as she saw the name of the ship’s party organizer written on the paper, her expectations collapsed. 


    Damn it. Apparently, Percyville’s brother will be here. 


    Then she doesn’t need to look any further. Catherine shredded the pamphlet and threw it up the stairs. Her mood went down in an instant. She only saw the names of the Percyville brothers, and the rest of the day felt like a bad day. 


    「What’s wrong? Do you know him?」


    “Ha—. Well. No.”


    If it was a luxury passenger ship of the Fahenrichin  family, it would probably be a party running of luxury. Also, there will be plenty of furniture that is guaranteed that much. 


    ‘Then what’s the point? even if you die, you won’t have to go.’


    She wished Cesare would buy a large ferry and hold a furniture exhibition. Disappointed, Catherine ran out of the building with the cat in her arms. 


    「Look at that. Women over there are digging like Catherine. I guess women these days have a hobby of pulling weeds.」 


    She was just on her way out to the garden.


    When she turned her head in the direction Meow pointed, two women who looked like maids huddled in front of the garden full of cosmos.


    “M, Mille, are you okay?”


    “Ugh! What kind of pole-sized weeds grew like this just because it rained?” 


    “I can’t help it. At least two days ago, the garden uncle was injured—”


    “Ugh! I can’t do this. I need to bring other servants. It’s too much for us to cut all of this. My hands hurt so much.” 


    Watching them sprint through the weeds with their gloves on, it looked like they were busy gardening, just like Damian and Catherine did.


    Catherine, who was watching quietly, felt extremely frustrated.


    If she was the only one, she would take care of it in less than two hours! Two adult women can’t do anything? Even the woman on the left is holding the sickle in a strange direction. In a very appropriate position to stab someone. 


    “Move away.”


    Catherine, who couldn’t stand it, pushed the maid and stood in front of a pile of weeds that grew up after rain for a few days. 


    “If you do it like that, it takes about a day. I’ll demonstrate, so listen carefully.”



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