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    If he ask her how she seduced him, first of all, Catherine didn’t seduce Cesare. And Cesare never came to her either.


    The only difference is that the relationship between strangers has developed into one in which they can at least get to know one other.


    “It’s just—there’s nothing special about it. People’s relationship are all the same.” 


    However, Damian misunderstood the relationship between the two of them as a passionate love. If she tell the truth, he might run away. Catherine didn’t want to lose her young free gardener, so she had nothing to say. 


    “It wouldn’t be possible, because he has mercury in his veins instead of blood.”


    A look of suspicion pierced Catherine’s conscience.


    Mercury? Even if it’s ice water, it’s not cold enough to be called mercury, is it? (t/n: I think they’re talking about Cesare’s personality.)


    “He’s not that cold-hearted person.”


    She was only expressing what she felt, but the look of suspicion changed in an instant to a star-shaped expression. 


    “It’s what I said. It’s not the Lady’s words.” 


    Demian’s face was so serious. 


    “He’s very cold. Very cold. To the point where your breath comes out when you stand next to him. He’s scary. Really. To the point where tears come out when I stand next to him.” 


    “Are you talking about them as lover? It must be different in front of our Lady. How hot the two of them were. Well, they even fight in the kitchen.”


    No, Rose. Don’t help me like that. Catherine hoped that her earnest telepathy would reach Rose. 


    The two discussed for nearly 10 minutes how terrible Catherine and Cesare’s love was. Catherine could not say anything because the subject of the discussion was false. 


    “By the way, Lady. The magic circle in the basement—”


    However, her mouth was open to the controversial topic that suddenly appeared. It’s also very, very loud. 


    “Ah, I can call you Damien from now on, right?” 


    Not with that topic. Because Rose doesn’t know anything and she works at her mansion. 


    Damian’s bloodshot eyes hardened as he tried to finish his words casually. Rose, who seemed to be confused, looked at him and around her.


    “—Haha! Of course, Lady.”


    “Let’s get along well for 10 days, Damian.” 


    And if possible, beware of useless remarks. Damian looked at Rose and took Catherine’s hand with his flustered face. 




    The next day, the sky at noon was particularly clear. 


    Looking up at the sky so blue that the height was impossible, Catherine recalled the memories she had buried deep in the past for a long time. 


    It was a time when blooming flowers were blown away by the spring wind. The moonlight reflected on the river was as white as snow, and even the night was as bright as a white night with the galaxy embroidered in the sky. 


    She couldn’t sleep until late, so she was blindly staring up at the ceiling, fascinated by the scent of acacia that came from the window when she opened it. And from some point in recognition, he stood over the scattering white curtain.


    Catherine did not move with anxiety and fear. This is because she knew the identity of the visitor who came to the bedroom without permission. 




    The ruby eyes, glimpsing through the black shadow and white curtains, slowly bent as if laughing at her. 


    ‘Are you crazy? Where are you hiding and coming in?’


    Am I dreaming? Catherine, who approached the window in an unrealistic landscape, grabbed a flapping curtain. Percyville, sitting with his knees bent, looked down at Catherine with his chin in his hand. 


    ‘It was all bullshit about being a maid working in Phanya place. With a liar’s face, you must have just told lies.’ 


    ‘—Is that all you have to say when you come to the Lady’s room late at night?’ 


    He stretched out his long arm that was holding the window sill. The scent of flowers wafted from the hand that brushed her cheek. Her tangled red hair fluttered between Percyville’s fingers. 


    ‘Don’t change the subject and just answer. I guess the great Marquis family presents such a nice bedroom to only a servant, right? Huh? Anne.’


    Catherine silently stared at his face.


    ‘Or all the names like Anne Orléans are fake?’


    How many times have they met? Even if she count them all, it would be less than ten times. Catherine was surprised by the smell of the free-spirited wind when she first met him. 


    ‘If it’s fake?’


    So what’s with this madman? In Catherine’s eyes, Percyville looks like a hawk roaming the skies freely. 


    ‘What if it’s fake? You introduced yourself as a knight’s servant by your mouth, and I introduced you by my mouth as a maid in Phanya Castle. That’s it. As if there was something special between us—.’ 


    Percyville crumpled his forehead.


    ‘Look, if you don’t want to offend me, you’d better stop talking. As you know, my personality isn’t that good.’


    ‘So you do know.’


    Catherine must return to Orléans in three days. Her time in Phanya, which was like her dream, would be forgotten in her reality after three days and remembered as her memories. So, their story had to end here. All the memories were buried as memories, and now they had to go back to their respective places. 


    ‘—There’s nothing between us? I didn’t expect to hear such a disappointment from you.’


    Percyville’s large, hard hand gripped the back of her neck roughly. His splendid features filled her field of vision, immobilizing her entire body. 


    ‘Then we’d better try something before it’s too late. What do you think, Anne— will you allow me?’ 


    His soft dark brown hair obscured her vision. Her head was dizzy at the scent of acacia overflowing even after filling the entire bedroom. 


    Catherine stared over the window with a blank face. It felt new to recall the memories of a few years ago. There was a time like that. For her who left after throwing everything away, she was younger and more passionate than now. 


    As she lowered her gaze, the scenery outside the window caught her eye. A paladin wearing splendid white armor was standing in front of the door, led by Sir Mel. 


    After about thirty steps away from them, she saw a man with poor steps walking sullenly. It was Percyville no matter who looked at it.


    ‘—I didn’t expect to be reunited in this way.’ 


    As expected, she doesn’t know what will happen to people. She had never imagined that she alone would leave Orléans and settle in Christopher.


    “These leech-like jerks!” 


    Damian, who came up to the second floor without pulling weeds, said in an annoyed voice. If he doesn’t like it, his voice will be loud. 


    “Lady, did you see the paladins crawling in again? The narrow-minded ones didn’t die and came back!” 


    “I’m actually watching right now.”


    “Why don’t I take this opportunity to properly relieve myself? That way, they won’t bother you.” 


    Staring blankly over the window, Catherine replied.


    “How are you going to take responsibility for it?” 


    “No way, it’s going to fall more than weeding here.”


    That was also true. 


    However, from Catherine’s point of view, who wants to live as quietly as possible, it could not be said to be a very good measure. It would be better to allow mansion inspections to ensure that the existence of the basement can be hidden. 


    Catherine touched Cesare’s key in her inner pocket. If her prediction is correct, the worst-case scenario can be overcome with this key.


    Of course, Cesare will be a bit of a nuisance, but—. Because it was he, not Catherine, who was fond of the magic circle. He will understand this to some extent. 


    Leaving the mansion, she opened the door and smiled softly at Sir Mel.


    “Sir Mel.”


    “Ah, Miss Phanya. Good morning.” 


    Once again, she was very grateful that the castle of Phanya was one of the most widespread castles in the Empire. 


    “—What’s that on your hair?” 


    Catherine made a reasonable excuse because she couldn’t answer, ‘It’s a precious bag of bread that will ensure safety from Percyville.’


    “I have a big boil on my cheek, but I’m not confident that I can show it to others. I’m sorry to greet you like this.” 


    Sir Mel, the sweetest gentleman she knew, clicked his tongue with a sad face. 


    “Ah, It doesn’t matter to me, but if that puts Ms. Panya’s mind at ease— Oh, these are the Paladins on their way back from the subjugation this time. Ominous energy has been sensed in this area from the temple this time, so an order to purify has been given. That’s why they came to visit Miss Phanya’s mansion.” 


    She wondered whether this was what the statement ‘telling the temple and waiting for orders’ meant. It was a fight. Carlos’s look of standing with similar momentum could not be seen as disrespectful.


    “I don’t want to make things big. Lady.” 


    Fortunately, the paladin, who knew the manners, gave an apology.


    Percyville, the only one among them wearing comfortable clothes, was staring this way with his hand in his pants pocket. With an expression that she doesn’t know what he’s thinking. 


    “—Come in.”


    Yeah, just make sure they can’t get into the basement. If it was discovered that there was such a monstrous magic circle in this house, the mansion could be confiscated in a hundred temples. 


    Of course, she doesn’t know if they raise an objection to the Duke of Cesare, the lord of the land, but— It would be more certain to use the key than that. 


    Carlos, who finally entered the mansion’s garden, said, grinding his teeth. 


    “You’ll regret letting us in.”


    When will he make her regret letting them in when he whines? Catherine lifted her middle finger to the back of his head in secret.


    “Where are we going to start? It’s been a tiring month since we moved in.”


    “Don’t think about running away, devil worshiper. I’m going to look around without leaving any room behind!” 


    “I’m just tidying up in my bedroom—” 


    She had a lot of underwear there. 


    Catherine couldn’t finish her word and closed her mouth. This is because the gaze she felt behind her back was stinging. She doesn’t know why, but Percyville was watching her now. 


    ‘Why? Was it a problem that I covered myself with a paper bag?’


    In this case, she had no choice but to be careful with her words and actions. Let’s refrain from doing anything noticeable and stay as quiet as possible. 


    “Wait, that cat.”


    That was then. Carlos, who was just about to enter the mansion, stopped and pointed to the garden overgrown with weeds. He saw a kitten lying around in the warm sunlight. 


    Looking at the pattern, it was the cat that Catherine had fed it regularly after moving in. But why did it suddenly become so small? 


    “I can feel an ominous aura from that cat. It must be the devil’s pawn!” 


    Well, Catherine, who came close to Sir Mel’s side, whispered quietly. 


    “You didn’t bring a pseudo to my house, did you?” 


    He also opened his mouth with a somewhat absurd face, perhaps embarrassed.



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