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    “You bastard, are you even trying to defile the pride of the paladin now! Don’t you dare use such vurgal words in front of us who have a sacred mission!” 


    “Hn. I don’t want to. I’m going to use it.” 


    It seems that such a childish quarrel continued until Catherine arrived. No matter how loudly the knights were fighting, many passersby stopped walking and watched the situation. 


    Fortunately, Percyville was not seen. Before the situation got bigger, she thought she had to drive away the paladin. 


    “Sir Damian.”


    “—Lady? What’s with that look?” 


    “First stop talking and come here.”


    Damian’s eyes widened as he turned his head to find Catherine covered in a paper bag. Catherine, who had been bitten by him, approached the paladin and asked a question.


    “What’s the matter with my house?”


    “Hmm. Is that the owner of this mansion? You look like you can’t understand anything.” 


    Catherine raised her eyebrows in a sarcastic tone. Why are they talking down to her?


    “Is that so?”


    When she responded with the same tone, the paladin’s face showed the sarcasm. 


    “You’re fearless! But I praise the courage that appeared in front of us without running away, you cunning demon worshiper!”


    What worshipers? 


    “It’s a mansion covered in such a dark shadow in the middle of the city! You did a good job with Christopher on the return route. Did you think you could hide from our eyes if you hid in the Grand Duke’s Land?” 


    Honestly. To be really honest, there were more than one or two guilty spots. 


    However, Catherine didn’t show the expression that she didn’t understand the reason as much as possible, so she responded with her voice. 


    “I’ve been here since the day, and I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 


    “It’s like a demon worshiper. It’s no use pretending not to know in front of this body!” 


    Damian, who was watching silently, whispered in her ear. 


    “The paladins believe that the Lady is a demon worshiper. It seems to be the influence of that underground magic circle.” 


    As expected, it was. The freaking magic circle is not helpful in her life. 


    ‘What should I do?’


    The surroundings were already crowded with people. Three or four holy knights gathered together were standing far away and surrounded them as if they were a great spectacle. 


    ‘Is that the only way?’


    If this happened, she couldn’t help it. She has no option but to use that method, even if it means she will be bothered by terrible rumors in the future.


    “Oh, my. Marriage? Romantic marriageee? Oh my gosh! I can’t believe I got a proposal from you!” 


    Everyone in the world, listen! Catherine, who shouted at the top of her voice, quickly whispered to Damian. 


    “Do you know his name?”


    “Ah— He’s Carlos Benzene.”


    As expected, it is like a traditional relationship between enemies. She can’t believe he recalled the name of Paladins 1 as they passed by.


    Catherine shouted and cried again, leaving his puzzled expression behind. Not at Carlos, but towards the people behind him.


    “Oh, my love Carlos! A proposal as soon as you return from subjugation— How far are you planning to impress me!” 


    Carlos, who looked ridiculous, hurriedly looked around with a dry cough.


    “What is this crazy woman talking about—”


    “But Carlos, I can’t accept you. I know you already have a lovely lover who’s been sleeping with you. This is an act of betraying her!” 


    The buzzing noise began to grow louder. Even the knight on the white horse, who was staring forward, merely rolled their eyes and looked at Carlos.


    Catherine shook her head and spoke in a sorrowful tone while covering her cheeks. She was, at the very least, hiding her face in the paper bag that came with the bread.


    “I even covered my face to hide the tears you could see— but Carlos! I’m ready to run away with you if you want! With the Vatican on our backs to our own paradise—” 


    “Darn it! you can’t shut your mouth!” 


    She has known since the time he fell for Damian’s provocations, but this paladin called Carlos seemed to have a personality that could never stand being insulted. With his face reddened with tantrums, Carlos grabbed the iron door. 


    Without seeing it, the fellow paladin grabs his shoulder. 


    “Calm down. There’s nothing good about raising your voice, Sir Carlos. I think it’d be better to inform the temple and wait for the order.” 


    “Don’t be ridiculous. That crazy woman trampled my honor, but what? Calm down?”


    “More people are coming in. If there is a commotion in the land of the Grand Duke—”




    It was then. 


    The door of the white carriage opened. Even though it was a sound that could only be heard if she listen closely, the mouths of the two paladins, who were chatting with excitement, were instantly closed. Then, the hardened faces of the two men headed towards the carriage. Completely drenched in fear that can’t be hidden. 




    It was a languid and calm sigh. It was also a nervous sigh to hear. It’s been a long time since Catherine had felt her hair curled up. Through the appearance of none other than Percyville Benedicto Fahenrichin.


    “It’s not fun.”


    Nothing particularly changed about him from before. Even soft dark brown hair. The sweet spark of the eyes still lingered. 


    Although the shell seems to take only the right path, the kernel will take the opposite path. Catherine was well aware. Percyville’s kind eyes and a gentle voice like a spring breeze are all fake.


    Because he is—.


    “It’s not too much fun, Carlos. To even pour cold water on this boring play. It’s not fun, but you don’t even notice? Haha, how can you be like a dog even if you’re like a dog—. In many ways, it’s a shame to be a paladin. Isn’t it? ” 


    Because he is a hedonist and a jerk who is not worthy of the position of a paladin. 


    “Why is there no answer. Did you even put honey in your mouth?” (t/n: put honey in your mouth can be meaning not saying anything.)


    He got out of the carriage and walked over to him, and put his arm around Carlos’s shoulder. His soft smile was full of irritation and boredom. 


    “Haha! Sir Percyville. I—”


    Although they were paladins under the direct control of the Pope, the positions of the two would have been radically different. The Pope’s favorite child and heir to the kingdom, Percyville, was literally one of the five most powerful people in the entire Vatican.






    “Thanks to you, I feel like I’m going to get frustrated, why don’t you just go back?”


    “That’s how it is. O-of course.”


    Carlos turned and rode the horse as if he had been waiting for Percyville to take his arm off his shoulder. There are times when that man is helpful in life. It would be perfect if he quietly disappeared like this.


    “I mean, it’s amazing.”


    Unfortunately, Percyville wasn’t a great person to do that. One step, two steps closer, Catherine wrinkled her eyebrows. It was a moment when she felt fortunate to come with the paper bag on her head. 


    Percyville stared at Catherine as he leaned against the door. Ruby-colored bright eyes pierced the paper as if he were staring into her eyes, nose, and lips. Catherine took a step back and grabbed the paper bag.


    “I can’t believe there’s another Lady who does something as crazy as that woman.” 


    She’s sure Catherine herself is the ‘woman’ Percyville points to. She thought her existence itself would have been forgotten, but she didn’t expect it to be mentioned this way. She felt a sense of crisis. 


    “Hey, what’s your name?”


    There was a strange curiosity in Percyville’s voice. Once again, she realized that his tastes were consistent. She didn’t even want to say her real name, so Catherine spits out any word that immediately came to mind.


    “Goat poop.” (t/n : Catherine say ‘”염소똥.” xD) 


    Percyville simply lifted his eyebrows slightly and showed no reaction. Rather, he pulled his body off the iron door and took a cautious step back, saying.


    “You’d better be careful, goat poop. My friend Carlos has only blood vessels, so he’s narrow-minded and holds a grudge.” 


    With the last sound of mischievous laughter, he got into the carriage. So the paladins of the Vatican disappeared in the direction of the city by spraying soil dust.




    It was fortunate that the problem was over here. There won’t be any good things to talk to Percyville for a long time. Catherine took off her paper bag and returned to the mansion. 




    After dinner, they gathered in the drawing-room as if they had been waiting, and settled down. In front of the fireplace overflowing with flames, Rose knitted a handkerchief with a thread, and Damian dozed off. Everyone seemed a little tired.


    “Wait, pay attention.” 


    Damian, who was dozing off hard, slowly lifted his eyelids. Taking advantage of the attention, Catherine opened her mouth. 


    “Sir Damian? This is Miss Rose. The maid, servant, and butler of our mansion.”


    Rose, who blinked with a bewildered expression, smiles brightly and greets him. 


    “Ah, is it finally time for self-introduction? Nice to meet you, Sir Damian! I’ve never seen a young and handsome gardener like Sir Damian. Ho! A pretty lady and a handsome gardener, I must be very lucky.” 


    “And this side—”


    Suddenly Damian opened his eyes and stared at Catherine. As if when he dozed off, the focus of his eyes was clear. He looked firm not to mention his identity.


    Still, it was difficult to explain, but for Catherine, it was a good thing.


    “This is Damian who was hired as a gardener. He’ll be with us only for 10 days.”


    “Yes, I look forward to your kind cooperation. Miss Rose.” 


    “Oh my, just for 10 days? What a shame.” 


    Rose, who had a sad expression, put a handkerchief on her lap. 


    “By the way— what should we do next? Looking at the symbol of that pig-like paladin, there’s no way to let it go like this—”




    “What do you have to worry about? The Lady is His— No, I mean Sir Cesare’s.”


    Damian waved her pinky finger in front of Catherine with an extremely serious expression.


    “No matter how powerful they are, they are the ones who can’t even make a noise in front of Sir Cesare.  If you tell him what happened today, I’m sure they’ll end up like me.”


    Can she ask Cesare? What could she possibly ask of favor as an excuse? 


    The relationship between the two was neither friends nor relatives, teachers, and disciples, nor even common next-door neighbors, let alone lovers. In the meantime, asking him to look after her is probably at the level of being buried under the ground because she has no shame.


    Catherine didn’t want to lose the light to him. Even more when she thinks of Cesare’s brazen face.


    Without answering, she stared at the fire in the fireplace, a deep gaze stuck to her cheek. 


    “Why are you looking at me like that?” 


    Damian immediately asked back when he couldn’t stand it and opened his mouth.


    “Can I ask you a question?”


    “You can’t.”


    As expected, Damian easily ignored her rejection. 


    “I was so curious that my mouth started itchy. How did the Lady seduce Cesare? He— he doesn’t even know who he is in a relationship with.”


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