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    Since then, for some reason, issues that should not be heard as outsiders have been exchanged.


    The imperial family and the Vatican were mentioned briefly, but Catherine purposefully left it out. She hates being swept away and turning into a shrimp among whales. Going home and making a plan for what to do felt more useful.


    ‘Come to think of it, what is Sir Damian doing by now? I hope he’s not pulling out weeds with his bare hands.’


    No, she has only seen him twice, but it seemed like it could be enough for that man. Catherine put down her half-empty teacup. 


    “I apologize for interrupting the conversation, but I’ll return home. I’m afraid Sir Damian will turn the garden into a field.”


    She was very anxious to spend a peaceful time in such a luxurious mansion. Cesare seemed to understand without adding any explanation.


    “If it’s Sir Damian, it’s understandable. There were no ordinary ones among the rumors.” 


    The distinctive annoying side of the knight seemed to be famous among the aristocrats. 


    Cesare moved his hand as he stood up from his seat. He lightly pulled her and raised her body as she grabbed him, thinking it was a handshake. It wasn’t anything special, but her heart fluttered for no reason.


    “But why did you send that person to me?”


    Catherine walked leisurely as he led her out of the drawing room. Cesare, who glanced at her, turned his head to answer. 


    “He’s a little bit like an idiot, but he’ll be useful in his own way.” 


    It wasn’t to the point of an idiot. 


    “So why did you send it to me?”


    “Didn’t you hear what I just said? It means that I sent him because he was necessary and useful.” 


    Cesare’s unique conversational style frequently awakens a sleeping irritant. Catherine had no choice but to be frustrated, whether he was purposefully hiding it or intentionally picking it up.


    “So what is the use of that stuffy, nice-looking brown idiot?”


    “As long as you keep it well and don’t lose it, it will be everywhere.” 


    What if I kicked him before it? Cesare’s steps stopped when they reached a room not far away. Even in the beautifully decorated passage, it was especially in front of the engraved door with colorful patterns. 


    “What room is this?” 


    “My bedroom.”




    “Why? Do you want me to show you around?”


    Facing Cesare’s smiling face, Catherine seemed to understand why she was frustrated with him. It must have been his intention to make fun of her.


    After all, if she pushes this door, she’ll see a room that isn’t a bedroom. When she thought of the magic he had shown her so far, it was just a matter of subtracting it like water. 




    Turning her head in the opposite direction, she unintentionally met Gren’s eyes. As soon as her eyes met, he bowed his head without hesitation to say goodbye. It was the same with the maid who followed them. 


    “See you next time. Lady Catherine.”


    “Lady! I’ll be waiting for you! See you again! For sure!”


    For some reason, she felt a bit embarrassed, so she couldn’t answer that she would. Catherine hurriedly opened the door and left the mansion that was needlessly peaceful and quiet, not resembling their master. 


    “The staffs of this mansion are so kind.” 


    “You’re making a fuss for nothing. You don’t have to deal with them one by one.” 


    He is a very human boss, despite his cold words. The butler’s and maid’s expressions could not be straightened otherwise. Of course, describing Cesare, whose true identity is ‘it,’ as a human was a bit ridiculous.




    The door closed and damp darkness fell again. 


    「The one who has me, rule the world.」 


    With a familiar voice, a shadow fell on Cesare’s bright silver hair.


    “I think it would be better to memorize the title of a precious book in the future. If you don’t want to suffer like today.” 


    “—That’s right. I’ll keep that in mind.”


    Sharp features with strong contrast and beautiful lines. In Cesare, the temperature difference between a smiling face and a non-smiling face is considerable. It was a few days ago that she felt a strange sense of incongruity even with that smiley face, but now she just feels shameless and means. 


    Why does he have to suffer like this for her? 


    “Cesare, can I ask you something?”


    He gently lowered the hand he was holding with a glance saying yes. 


    “This magic circle. I’m curious if you value it, as it’s a precious magic circle to use.” 


    “Precious?— No way, I didn’t know you had such a shocking impression.”


    “Wasn’t it precious?”


    Contrary to his usual calmness, this time his forehead was actually wrinkled. 


    “Well, that’s not completely wrong. But it’s more like a bomb in my arms than precious. It’s also a very, very, very dangerous bomb.” 


    As if forged with a sharp edge, his cold gaze turned to the magic circle on the floor. He was indifferent to the sound of spitting and tapping with the tip of his shoe. 


    “I’m afraid that stupid people will explode without knowing their back, so even if it bothers me, I’m holding it.” 


    “You were a lot nicer than I thought.”


    He shrugged his shoulders with an absurd face.


    “It’s the first time I’ve ever been evaluated like that. If Miss Phanya thinks so.” 


    Cesare, who passed by rubbing her shoulder, headed towards the door. Suddenly, he turned his back, holding the handle. 


    There was no silent conversation between the eyes that met. There was the same silence just for a moment. In it, Catherine unknowingly opened her mouth.


    “—How do I call you when I need you?”


    As she said it, she regretted it so much that her heart broke. Isn’t it the atmosphere of holding on to a lover who is breaking up? 


    “Do you need me, Miss Phanya?”


    At the speculation that it seemed as if he had heard the wrong thing for a long time, she quickly answered with a sigh of relief. 


    “That, what if Sir Damian runs away at night?”


    “He’ll taste hell in my hands.”


    “So I have to let you know.” 


    “There’s every way to know even if you don’t tell me. You haven’t forgotten that I’m a pretty great wizard.”


    How can she forget that? It’s thanks to his magic that she was able to go back and forth between the two mansions right now! 


    The reason Catherine caught Cesare was simple. It was because she didn’t want to take the hassle of clearing the magic circle when she needed him as she does now. But if he asks her why she needs him—. She couldn’t come up with an excuse for an answer right away. 


    “Okay. I understand, so go back quickly, because I have to work now.” 


    She just felt a strange feeling when she brought out useless things. Cesare, who was staring at Catherine, suddenly threw something at her. It was a small golden key carved with coral reefs. 


    “—What is this?”


    Hmm. He picked a word after a moment. 


    “You said you needed me. You can use the key. Please learn how to use it.”


    The second silence was not long. Cesare disappeared through the wooden door with a squeaking, old noise. 




    How can she use this? She looked through the front and back, but it was impossible to understand its purpose. Once she put it in her pocket, she climbed the stairs and went up to the ground.


    Catherine put the book 「Soul and Memory」 in its original place. It was just a small empty spot that was not noticeable, but a deep relief came. 


    Now that she has achieved peace of mind, it is time to find Damian and win the peace of the mansion. That was when she went down to the hall on the first floor to check her mother’s picture. 


    “L,Lady! Uh, where in the world have you been?” 


    Perhaps the ghost of the mansion bothered her from broad daylight, Rose rushed from outside the mansion and held her arm. 


    “What’s going on?”


    “A rude visitor came. That’s also a very rude visitor!” 


    “Calm down. Is it because someone is here?”


    There must be one or two rude visitors to my house. Rose said, pounding on her chest with a deep breath. 


    “I,it’s from the Vatican.”


    “The Vatican? Why did they come here?”


    “I don’t know because they only say something weird. But from the fact that he was holding a sword, he looked like a Paladin!” 


    Oh no. Catherine closed her eyes with a deep sigh. And she always blamed the cold sky only for herself. How can she be so unlucky without any luck! 


    “I never imagined they would be such nonsensical windows and doors. Well, if they say that this mansion is a hotbed of demons, why would Lady and I be treated as servants of the devil? If it wasn’t for Damian, the house would have been a mess by now.” 


    “—Okay. Wait for a moment.”


    Let’s sort out another chaotic situation.


    Why did the paladin describe our house as the devil’s place? There was a high probability that the purpose of the Imperial Knights would be the same. For example, the mysterious magic circle underground. 


    If so, how should she deal with the paladin who shows blatant hostility? 


    First, if there is Percyville between them. 


    Second, if there is no Percyville between them.


    The worst is when the first case broke out. Catherine took out a paper bag that she had kept in the kitchen and put it on her head. She also pierced two eye holes. Then at least the crazy guy won’t recognize her face. 


    “L, Lady? You’re not going to go out like that, are you? 


    There was no time to explain. Catherine headed towards the mansion’s locked front gate. 


    Two elegant four-wheeled carriages in white with sparkling gold. There were three knights on a white horse standing side by side in front of them. A golden feather of the Vatican flutters in the autumn wind. And even the two paladins confronting the man in the straw hat standing inside the door. 


    —Wait, straw hat?


    “Rose, what’s with that look?”


    “D, Damian? He borrowed it for a while because he had to pull weeds.”


    Damian, who took off his armor and put on a straw hat, did not feel the pressure of the Imperial Knights even as much as an ant. 


    “Did you know who it was and lend it to him?”


    “Huh? Didn’t Lady hire a new employee?”


    “—That’s right.”


    Right. It’s a complicated issue to explain one by one, so let’s say it is.


    “Kyaak, spit!”


    Damian leaned against the iron gate and spit at the foot of the paladin over the door. 


    “What are you looking at? Is it your first time seeing a gardener spit? Just take a step back!” 


    Where did he learn to talk like that as an Imperial knight? The white armored paladin, glowed at his provocation, shouted with an angry face. 


    “The imperial knights of Iterana are also dead! The black lion is only working as a gardener—. After all, those who were born vulgar aren’t even worth dealing with. A filthy thing with no pride as a knight!” 


    “This is what you’ve been saying to yourself since a while ago. Does pride stop you from punching yourself? Have you not been hit with a fist that just makes you lose your mind? If you don’t, be quiet.” 


    As Damian said that, a fear passed through his expression. It seems that the face that was beaten by Cesare was very painful. 


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