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    Translated by boilpoil
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    Ding Yi gently asks, meanwhile, “can we still leave here now? Or are we also stuck in the Museum?”

    “Have you been to any of the Halls and listened to the ol’ Director’s explanation?” The doctor asks a key question, “if you haven’t, I suppose there’s a chance the Director won’t pester you and let you leave. If you have, then never mind. I can only wish you luck.”

    “We haven’t,” He Shujün quickly answers, “so we can leave now, right?”

    “You’ll still have to tell the Director first,” the Doctor says, but he furrows his brows and asks, “but wait, you’re already in here, but you haven’t been to the Halls yet?”

    He Shujün and Ding Yi look at each other, before telling him what happened to them before coming to this office.

    The doctor is shocked, saying, “you’ve… you’ve sure managed to divert his attention, alright. Man, looks like the Department of Transport people are going to have more headaches because of these mad people.”

    “You’ve mentioned the Department earlier as well,” Ding Yi can’t help but ask, “they sound like they’re still sane?”

    The doctor answers, “for what it’s worth, yeah, but rather, it’s just that all the sane people have been transferred over to that Department. Since the madness just cropped up out of nowhere and it looks infectious, so the government did what it could to limit the spread of the madness in itself, so the Department of Transportation, and some others I think, made some efforts in that direction, though unfortunately…”

    The doctor looks out his window, and can’t help but sigh.

    He concludes, “there are too many of them.”

    He Shujün, straightforward as always, just asks, “but the madmen don’t seem to be that aggressive either, right?”

    “Don’t seem aggressive?” The doctor retorts coldly, “I know an area where the people are currently obsessed with some real-life battle royale. Most of the populace are already dead, and they’re pestering for other areas to send people there to get to 100 people again.”

    He Shujün’s jaws are on the floor. She has no words with which to respond anymore.

    While it’s true she and Ding Yi didn’t see any overtly aggressive mad people along the way, but they’ve already seen the tragedy in that bank branch before.

    And clearly, this infectious madness is already damaging normal societal order and security greatly.

    The doctor sighs and says, “if you can leave, just do it quickly. You might even be able to sneak under the ol’ Director’s radar if you’re careful,” then his expression looks somewhat lost as he says, “in this world, just surviving along is lucky enough.”

    He Shujün, looking at him, nods quietly.

    Then the two of them leave the doctor’s office behind.

    Soon enough, the two Missiontakers are back at the entrance of the Museum.

    He Shujün asks Ding Yi, “should we leave?”

    Ding Yi seems hesitant, and after some thoughts, she says, “I don’t think we have to. It’s the first run, so we should gather more information if possible. We’ve come this far, so we might as well go further.”

    He Shujün nods in agreement, and then says, “so let’s go find those people transferring the collections?”

    Ding Yi nods.

    They then turn to head for the depths of the Museum.

    In the meantime, the viewers of the stream have also been observing their actions.

    Xü Beijin has let the pair’s activities fill the main screen of the stream, mainly because he saw them approach this large, brand new scene of ‘Museum,’ which also has a whole host of explorable locations under it listed, and it just goes to show how important this location is.

    The information the two Missiontakers have acquired so far has also been a treasure trove for the viewers to happily debate about.

    “interesting, sanity in insanity? order in chaos?”
    “but something feels wrong, given the current situation, isnt this nightmare way too big in comparison? and never mind that, but I still cant see any linked storyline from all the clues?”
    “I’mma ask that question again: where, do you think, the nightmare owner, is?”
    “you should ask, who?”
    “we don’t even have candidates here…”
    “thats why I said the clues are all over the place”
    “um, im not sure its a clue even, besides letting the missiontakers know that the nightmare is full of mad people, what else is there?”
    “the bank, the salon, hotpot store, bus and museum… are all mad, but do these scenes even have anything to contribute to the truth of the nightmare? which one actually relates to what the nightmare owner experienced?”
    “even that guidance like ‘deja vu’ the last nightmare had hasn’t popped up at all… its all over the place and so big, when will they even finish exploring?”
    “hard to say, the doctor looked like he might be suspicious but he doesnt look to be that scared… I cant really imagine anything making someone recall all these in a dream in particular.”
    “emm but like, all these places they’ve been and the mad people inside might all each make someone have nightmares, but can a nightmare owner really have experienced all of that himself?”
    “oh great, Beibei’s description from before is popping up again: a nightmare related to nightmares”
    “… so this nightmare is one that features other nightmares? the bank and hotpot store and museum and library and everything is actually others nightmare, only being sucked into this nightmare?”
    “so question: what actually could have happened to the nightmares owner?”
    “why not just ask why this nightmare features others’ nightmares instead”
    “… so, what’s Beibei’s nightmare?”
    “help, stop, im gonna die, all these questions you guys are asking but not a single answer?”
    “i’m noob, i’m honest, i can’t answer”
    “paging detective dalao for help”
    “… Actually, I can’t analyse much either, with the Missiontakers only having a rudimentary understanding of some clues of this Nightmare. With how big this whole Nightmare is, I’m afraid there are much more waiting for them to discover.”
    “makes sense, how are the missiontakers at the library doing btw?”

    Xü Beijin, watching the stream, sees the comment asking for progress update at the library, and so switches the scene to Wu Jian after thinking about it instead of to Lin Qin. Very unsuspicious and ‘nothing to see here’ indeed.

    … Because Lin Qin is right next to him.

    When it comes to looking for clues, no one can beat the extremely quick at running, extremely intuitive and smart, and extremely ‘I have no common sense so I didn’t see any value in that’ Lin Qin. He basically went through the entire first floor of the library in no time, and discovered no clues and nothing he thought out of place.

    So after that, Lin Qin very honestly and openly walked right back to Xü Beijin’s side.

    … What’s wrong with wanting to spend time with the person he loves! He’s done everything he has been asked to do, too!

    Xü Beijin gave him a slightly frustrated but also bemused stare in return.

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    boilpoil's notes:

    In this part of the chapter, through the viewers' discussion, some questions surrounding this Nightmare since the beginning have been pointed out. And also, we're in for some more XBJ-LQ drama, hehe.


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