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    Translated by boilpoil
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    Seeing He Shujün like that, Ding Yi pulls on her and interrupts her thoughts.

    He Shujün goes ‘ah,’ and snaps back to reality, looking at Ding Yi with this bewildered expression.

    Ding Yi asks her with a harsh tone, “what were you thinking about?”

    “I was thinking… his insanity, was uh… understandable…?” She says, and finds herself ending up with even more cold sweat, “why would I ever think that?! That’s too scary!”

    The two Missiontakers are whispering to each other there.

    The elderly man walked a few more steps forward before seeing the two visitors not following after him, and so turns around to ask, “is anything the matter?” Then he sees how pale He Shujün looks, and asks, “are you feeling unwell? We have a doctor onsite.”

    He Shujün thinks about it, and then nods to agree with going.

    She really doesn’t look terribly well right now.

    Then the elderly man turns to Ding Yi to ask, “would you like another guide to show you along?”

    “Oh, it’s alright,” replies Ding Yi, “I’m worried for her.”

    The elderly man nods understandingly, and leaves the Cityscape Hall with them.

    The doctor’s room is over on the east side of the Museum, opposite the west wing of the Museum they’re in, and so they would have to pass through basically the entire building to get there.

    Along the way, neither Missiontakers felt like chatting with the elderly man anymore.

    He Shujün asks, quite concerned, “is this madness… infectious? Or is it because of this place?”

    Ding Yi responds frankly, “I have no idea, but…” she says, looking at the silhouette of the elderly man in front of her, “maybe we can ask?”

    He Shujün doesn’t hesitate before saying, “alright! It’s the first run, if not now, then we’ll never…” and recalling how she was almost enchanted before, adds, “it’d be better if we can figure out what’s going on right now.”

    So He Shujün asks the elderly man, “mister, we arrived on the bus, but does the tourist bus no longer stop at Museum?”

    The man stops, and turns around, revealing an expression of both appal and fury, “what?! They dare… they dare to do that!”

    The two Missiontakers look at each other, and look back at the man.

    Ding Yi tries to ask, “are you… unaware of this?”

    The elderly man replies angrily, “I had no idea!” He takes a deep breath, and then gives the Missiontakers an apologetic smile, saying, “I’m sorry about how… excited I was. It was quite simply… Oh, excuse me. I shouldn’t have said anything.
    The doctor is right in front of here, straight ahead. I will ask a member of our staff to continue showing you around when you recover, but I have to take my leave here. My apologies, and goodbye, m’ladies, I wish you a pleasant experience ahead.”

    Then the elderly man hurriedly drags his heavy feet away.

    He Shujün, slightly surprised by the turn of events, says, “I think I… might have asked a wrong question?”

    “Not necessarily, no,” Ding Yi reassures her, while looking at the silhouette of the retreating elderly man, “he does seem to be insane, now, rather than lucid. In any case, do you still remember what he told us earlier?


    Ding Yi quietly says, “he said the Museum is transferring its collections… but why?”

    “I don’t think it’s really strange to be moving valuable relics and stuff when societal order has descended into anarchy like this?” He Shujün nonchalantly replies, and then adds, “it could be for safeguarding.”


    While the Missiontakers had a chat, they suddenly hear someone speak up with shock and nervousness, though the tone of distress seems to suggest this person is yet sane.

    “Who are you people?!” The person asks, “Why are you even here? The entire Museum has gone mad, didn’t you know?”

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    boilpoil's notes:

    I thought the remaining parts would be longer... but oh well. This part of the chapter reveals that the insane elderly man didn't know of the shenanigans with the bus, but otherwise didn't have much pertinent information.


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