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    Being an Extra Actor in an Escape Game

    Vol. 6 Chapter 92.1


    Translated by boilpoil
    Edited by boilpoil


    Su Enya.

    The female Tower resident who is well-known, more thanks to her neighbour being the bookstore owner, than herself.

    Years back, when the Missiontakers of the bottom floor assembled outside of Xü Beijin’s bookstore, quite a lot of Missiontakers also set their sights on Su Enya, wishing to learn more about Xü Beijin from her.

    However, besides Mu Jiashi, no one else succeeded.

    Not that it means they left empty-handed, but they instead had information on Su Enya’s Nightmare instead of Xü Beijin’s.

    Information which Mu Jiashi exchanged for using the information he found out on the Nightmare with the ruins earlier.

    … Information, on her Nightmare.

    A lot of people have been in her Nightmare and know about the apartment complex and commercial complex with the sentient pieces of electronics. Yet, he found out that there didn’t seem to be anyone who has ever resolved this Nightmare.

    The True End?

    Nobody knew.

    Perhaps those Missiontakers who achieved it have already moved on to the higher floors, but it is still quite odd for the bottom floor not to have a single piece of information on that, thinks Mu Jiashi.

    Why is information on this woman’s Nightmare so scarce when he actually investigated? There isn’t even a single clue hinting at what the True End is?

    The consensus seems to be that electronics turn sentient in the Nightmare, and many know that Missiontakers also end up as things after dying. This is probably the reason why none of the Missiontakers dare to explore her Nightmare again.

    Why is that the case, though? How did that strange phenomenon even come to be?

    Nobody knows.

    Her Nightmare, like the tens of thousands out there, were left alone, until… she suddenly disappeared.

    Nobody knows when she left the bottom floor of the Tower, as after the Missiontakers have lost interest in Xü Beijin, so did the interest in his neighbour dwindle, and nobody would even be watching her movements in the first place.

    She disappeared suddenly one day.

    Now, after several years, she suddenly reappeared, here on the bottom floor of the Tower.

    The mysterious woman…

    Mu Jiashi stares at her, and then slowly speaks up, “‘I fear so many, yet the only exception, would be death.'”

    Su Enya, crouching on the ground, with her back to the wall, seemingly finding safety only in such a posture, quietly replies, “that is how it is.”

    After a moment in silence, Mu Jiashi says, “if you knew the sentence, then you should know the Nightmare as well, and… you would know that, when I learnt what happened in your Nightmare…”

    “You would be reminded of a Nightmare on a higher floor,” Su Enya says, quieter this time.

    “… You are a resident of the bottom floor of the Tower,” Mu Jiashi says, “why would you know anything about a Nightmare on a higher floor?”

    “Why not?”

    Mu Jiashi, knitting his brows with his fingers quietly, stares at her.

    Of course not.

    Tower residents… True, Missiontakers can see them making guest appearances in others’ Nightmares, but it is limited to Tower residents who are on the same floor. A resident of the bottom floor of the Tower would only ever appear in a Nightmare on the bottom floor.

    There are no exceptions.

    As for Tower residents commuting… True, they knew Tower residents would disappear from their floors inexplicably, but could it really have been such a big coincidence?

    There have been a scant few rumours that someone met Nightmares that were uncannily similar on different floors, but outside of that one rumour, nobody ever jumped out to declare themselves as having met the same thing.

    Mu Jiashi, looking at Su Enya, is also sure, that he did not see this woman  in the Nightmare on the higher floor either.

    … Something does not add up.

    He hesitates before speaking, “I want to talk about the Apocalypse with you.”

    The woman quietly asks, “what do you want to know?”

    “It is split into two types, right?” Mu Jiashi says, “a physical one, and a psychological one. In your Nightmare, it was the latter. People would become electronic appliances…”

    Su Enya remains quiet.

    “… In the Nightmare, people also went mad…”

    Su Enya says, “in the Tower, mad people are everywhere.”

    Mu Jiashi stops his words abruptly.

    He knows Su Enya must be implying something, but he is not sure what that is. More importantly, what does that have to do with her Nightmare, and with that Nightmare on the higher floor?

    Su Enya is now looking up at her, but after a while, she seems disappointed, and gently says, “you do not understand yet… you do not. You resolved the Nightmare, but, you have yet to resolve the most fundamental issue at play…”

    Mu Jiashi furrows his brows, and feels frustrated inside.

    After he has convinced himself of being a loser, he is more and more unwilling to admit that he, in fact, did resolve the Nightmare. He had a True End, but it was meaningless, because the True End was too much for him to bear.

    A truth that he discovered, that he understood.

    He says, “if you really are trying to clue me into something, then you should simply stop talking in riddles with me.”

    Su Enya replies, “but you also know, that that is only a clue. I cannot tell you the truth directly. Nobody can,” her tone is almost pitiful when she says, “when I saw you on the bottom floor in the past, I realised it was an opportunity, but…”

    Looking at him, her eyes are in a deep, melancholic sorrow.

    Mu Jiashi stands there, and simply asks with a solemn tone, “in any case, that sentence… how did you come to know?”

    In the end, what Mu Jiashi is most concerned about, is why a Tower resident of the bottom floor is able to reproduce the words of a sentence from a Nightmare on a higher floor. The mysteries surrounding this woman only came to his attention when he investigated her.

    Mu Jiashi is extremely confused about her.

    “You believe I merely ‘know,'” says Su Enya, with a complicated expression, and with her eyes staring straight at Mu Jiashi as she continues, “but, why is it not possible,

    Mu Jiashi is in shock, “you…!”

    Su Enya lowers her eyes and says, “I can say nothing more on the matter.”

    Mu Jiashi stands there, and stares deeply at Su Enya. He thinks he understood something, but he cannot believe it. He murmurs, “so you…? It’s because… of the Nightmare? Of the, game?”

    Su Enya does not answer his question.

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    boilpoil's notes:

    Ah, add another person to the woke kids club! Well, almost, but still, congrats to Mu Jiashi for now having a reason to doubt the Tower residents. And to Su Enya as well for presenting me with such a difficult sentence to translate well.


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