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    Lin Qin can see how Xü Beijin is thinking him the fool, and quickly explains, “I’m not some kind of violent manic! You know as well the Apocalypse cannot possibly be solved like that. I was just, I want to finish dealing with it quickly.”

    Xü Beijin rolls his eyes, again, and asks, “what if death is inevitable? What if… you really, have to die?”

    Lin Qin seems taken aback; his instincts tell him Xü Beijin is not thinking about what he thinks he is. Even after some thought, though, he still has no idea what might actually manage to kill him.

    So he can only answer as his heart wishes to, “will you be by my side?”


    Xü Beijin blanks out looking at Lin Qin.

    Lin Qin says, “if you’re by my side, then I’ll be glad to be facing death with you.”

    Then he adds, just for good measure, “nobody else would work. It must be you who is with me.”

    A very special kind of emotion has struck Xü Beijin right in the feels.

    Oh man, what… what in the… what in the world is Lin Qin spouting! Does he even know what he’s talking about?

    As if he can telepathically read his mind, Lin Qin says, “I know it sounds childish, but…” He looks at Xü Beijin with such genuine emotions in his eyes, and says, “I like you, and isn’t it a wonderful thing to be able to pass away together with the one you like?”

    Xü Beijin falls silent for a moment, before saying, “you’re lovestruck…”

    Lin Qin furrows his brows and says, “I’m not…” Then he adds, “you were the one who asked what if I really have to die.”

    Xü Beijin then says, “if I’m not by your side then…”

    Lin Qin answers without a second thought, “only if you are by my side would I be willing to die.”

    Xü Beijin goes speechless.

    Seriously. This childishly brutal honest quality of Lin Qin, it is showing Xü Beijin how much of a blank canvas his worldview is. It’s like he can paint whatever colours he wants in his world.

    Is this a good thing? Is this a bad thing?

    But Xü Beijin is definitely touched for sure.

    All these years he’s spent in the Tower alone, by himself. Everywhere in his bookstore has he left a lonely, exhausted, solitary silhouette.

    Before he realised it, the cold feeling of solitude has seeped straight into his own soul.

    So when the little apple barged in for hugs and company, while Xü Beijin was uncomfortable, he was also finding himself enchanted with the warmth of human accompaniment.

    That is why, when Lin Qin wished for their relationship to progress, Xü Beijin was merely hesitant and not unwilling.

    Just now, Lin Qin, he actually said, that if he was by his side, he would be willing to die?

    What in the world, little apple… This talk of death. Xü Beijin thinks that, no, it will never reach such a degree.

    He doesn’t want or need Lin Qin to pass away. He needs him alive. He needs all of them alive; only living people can have hope.

    And hope…

    Xü Beijin tries his best to go against the negative thoughts, and thinks, he can give out hope.

    Looking at the Missiontakers, the Actors, the people who know nothing of the real truth, he says, “Lin Qin…”

    The young man in question answers.

    Xü Beijin asks, “do you want to leave the Tower?”

    Lin Qin thinks about it, and asks, “will you be there?”

    “I don’t know,” Xü Beijin answers, almost like he’s talking to himself, “if I can leave the Tower, then I’m sure I will… leave.”

    “I’ll follow you,” Lin Qin says without a shred of doubt, “I don’t remember Earth anyway, and the Tower is boring. I’ll follow you.”

    Xü Beijin is feeling extremely complicated. He gives Lin Qin a deep, long glance, and finally, he says, “sure, then follow away.”

    Lin Qin smiles, narrowing his eyes as well.

    Then he tilts his head and asks, “if I follow you my whole life, then is it the same as us being a couple?”

    Xü Beijin “…”

    He slaps Lin Qin on the wrist with a stoic expression and says, “don’t get ahead of yourself.”

    Lin Qin looks saddened, and makes a muffled ‘oh.’

    It’s not the first time he’s heard that in the Nightmare already.

    Sigh. Even though Beijin is already hesitant… Why is he unwilling to acknowledge their relationship?

    Xü Beijin, looking at Lin Qin, shakes his head and then turns to the Missiontakers.

    He’s been talking with Lin Qin at nothing louder than a whisper, during which the Missiontakers have been busy as well.

    They have been talking to Ke Zhu and Xie Ji to see what they really think.

    They confirm that their thoughts are divergent.

    Xie Ji does not fear death; she’s happy if her fiancé would spend their final moments together and die.
    Ke Zhu fears death; he wants to live together with his fiancée.

    Buzzcut, annoyed, talks to the others, “maybe they should just finish arguing it out… Why can they be so different on even this? Was that Tower resident this conflicted in his mind in the Tower?”

    “Who knows?” Wu Jian shrugs, “maybe we can achieve both their wishes at once? Is it possible to get these two conditions to unify? We haven’t considered that possibility…”

    Fei immediately asks, “how would you unify them, then?” She suddenly says after that, “unify… To achieve both of them?”

    Ding Yi then tentatively suggests, looking at her, “deaths in the Nightmare, aren’t… deaths in the tradition sense, are they?”

    Fei then falls into thought, before yelling out loud in tandem with Wu Jian, “a death in the Nightmare!”

    Naturally, deaths in the Nightmares aren’t truly deaths. This is a dream – in fact, that Tower resident is still sleeping soundly in the Tower.

    “How long do we have until the Raining Hellfire?” Fei asks.

    Ding Yi answers, “about half an hour.”

    Buzzcut then rubs his chin, saying, “then are we just going to wait? Watch them die? Is there anything else we can do?”

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    boilpoil's notes:

    This part of the chapter sees Xü Beijin opening up some more. Meanwhile, the Missiontakers have come up with a new approach to the problem of Ke Zhu and Xie Ji.


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