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    Being an Extra Actor in an Escape Game

    Vol. 6 Chapter 110.1


    Translated by boilpoil
    Edited by boilpoil


    When the Missiontakers come to learn that Xie Ji is the first to discover the unidentified object in space, they were all shocked.

    Even Mu Jiashi.

    He didn’t know that; this clue is, evidently, only provided when the Nightmare has crumbled in a way that makes Xie Ji leave the Space Agency early, and then the other astronomy enthusiasts are probed with the right questions.

    When Mu Jiashi was in this Nightmare, he was at the Museum the third run; he was also quite ‘distracted,’ to put it mildly, by the truth he was becoming able to glimpse by that time.

    He went through the Nightmare in a daze, without caring much for the details after that.

    All be damned, he can’t actually care, lest he be led to terrifying conclusions!

    Now, looking at the rather lost and helpless woman, he feels that something is off more than ever.

    There is such a stark contrast between when she is with her fiancé, and when she is alone.

    When Xie Ji was almost hysterical earlier, Mu Jiashi is almost in disbelief; is this really the woman who told him ‘I fear so many, yet the only exception, would be death’? (tl check)

    Perhaps, this is what ended up traumatising her enough to cause this Nightmare, so thinks Mu Jiashi.

    The woman who did not fear death still ended up with a Nightmare that embodied death, after all that – she does not fear her own death, but she fears deeply for her own love’s death.

    Although Mu Jiashi finds his mind returning to the fact that Xie Ji was the first ever observer of the object. Is this perhaps just a simple background setting in the Nightmare?

    Considering the Apocalypse in their past, however, for them, her role could not have been more pivotal.

    Well, maybe Xie Ji is only Acting as a ‘Xie Ji,’ but it seems clues could probably be found on that script she holds…

    Also, Su Enya. Su Enya also repeated that phrase to him. Would Xie Ji know her? What kind of relationship would the two of them have?

    Or perhaps, could they even, be the same person…?

    The moment the thought crossed Mu Jiashi’s mind, he has managed to shock himself.

    If they really are the same person, then, the Tower… The Tower residents… The secrets herein, may be far more than Mu Jiashi can ever fathom.

    He’s getting anxious.

    He wonders, what kind of secrets would there be to find in the bookstore owner’s Nightmare?

    Mu Jiashi’s mind continuously wanders around, despite his usual collected and methodical self.

    The rest of the Missiontakers are focusing alright, but they’re also confused.

    Buzzcut, who confirmed Ke Zhu is the Nightmare owner using his Infocard, asserts so, and asks, “at least Infocards never have false information, right?”

    Wu Jian says, less confidently than before, “yes, the Server does not deceive Missiontakers…”

    His attempt at ironic humour completely falls flat.

    Finally, Fei manages to turn the atmosphere around, stating, “I still plan to try it.”

    Buzzcut is unimpressed, saying, “it’s already been confirmed; if you want to waste a perfectly good Infocard, then be my guest.”

    Fei gives an apologetic smile, then, spotting the rather cold expression Mu Jiashi has got, simply states, “I don’t think this Nightmare is that simple.”

    This is the Nightmare that destroyed Mu Jiashi, a Nightmare of the higher floor, after all.

    While Mu Jiashi had a True End, with his ‘defeat’ stemming more from a spiritual defeat within him, considering the Apocalypse, but, there must have been other effects on his psyche as well.

    He has experienced defeat here. The Nightmare, where he experienced his defeat, will definitely carry some connotations to him from then on.

    If it was quite a farcical lead up to his failure, then Mu Jiashi would probably have found it an amusing but cruel joke from fate, and should be able to laugh after-the-fact.

    However, with how serious he has looked so far, Fei is convinced this Nightmare is far more complex than they’re treating it right now.

    Sometimes, Fei can sense a sort of… schizophrenic tendency on Mu Jiashi.

    He’s a ball of contradictions. He says he’s a failure, a loser, a useless piece of trash.

    But he is still as bright a guiding light as ever in the Nightmares; of course, he’s been pretty mute in this Nightmare, but in the Nightmare with the post-Apocalyptic ruins, it is with his capabilities that they tore through the veil of amnesia at the very end, and struck the truth.

    He is the exact opposite of a ‘useless piece of trash.’

    In fact, that conflicting description reminds Fei of this Nightmare they’re currently in.

    Thinking about the clues they have, it’s easy to notice the signs of contradictions.

    The actual Nightmare owner, being possibly Ke Zhu and Xie Ji and even others, but all of them possess an irreconcilable flaw.

    The Tower resident was a man, so Xie Ji could not have been the owner;
    Ke Zhu had nothing to do with areas other than the Museum, the residential area and the Space Agency at best, so he could not have been the owner either;
    Lu Chengzhe, the only person to have direct links to the library, had nothing else, and no more mention from the Missiontakers after listing him as a candidate. He’s treated about the same as the tool-persons providing clues outside the Space Agency.

    That is why Fei remained doubtful even when Buzzcut is adamant he’s already used the Infocard and confirmed that Ke Zhu is the Nightmare’s owner. She thinks they’re walking right into the Nightmare’s trap.

    That is why, she is saying firmly, “let’s check on Xie Ji’s information panel.”

    She hands the Infocard to Wu Jian, who looks around, and since no one else says anything, he walks up, in front of Xie Ji.

    Buzzcut rolls his eyes and mumbles, “ha, what a waste, but it’s just an Infocard… It’s useless enough that it’s good to serve as a lesson…”

    Before he can finish talking, though, Wu Jian is shocked, yelling, “she… Xie Ji, she is the owner of the Nightmare!”

    Buzzcut goes ‘bwuh?’ for a moment, before immediately going, “impossible! I saw with my own eyes that Ke Zhu is the Nightmare’s owner… I…”

    “They’re both owners of this Nightmare?” Wonders Fei, aloud.

    Then the entrance to the library falls entirely silent.

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    boilpoil's notes:

    Ooh what a twist! Maybe you saw this coming, but this part of the chapter reveals that this Nightmare has two owners! Do stick around to see what happens next.


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