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    Being an Extra Actor in an Escape Game

    Vol. 6 Chapter 105.1

    Restart (II)

    Translated by boilpoil
    Edited by boilpoil


    When Buzzcut and Ye Lan is back at the library, Fei, Wu Jian and Mr Suicide are already there.

    They headed east, and after heading past the restricted area with the elderly security guard, they found nothing further afoot and headed back immediately for the library.

    Here, they see the two Missiontaker bring with them strangers.

    Fei gives the male and female couple a curious glance.

    Buzzcut tells the other Missiontakers what they went through, focusing on the fact that there was a ‘couple’s spat.’

    Fei, falling into thought, says, “so they fit everything in the description, other than the gender?”

    An idea forms and fades away in her mind immediately; she fails to catch it.

    She observes the pair, who are looking at the people in the library, somewhat confused.

    Meanwhile, Wu Jian has told them about what happened to them.

    Buzzcut looks surprised, and he says, “so the Museum is also important?”

    They’ve already explored the four cardinal directions by this point.

    With the library at the centre, in the east is the strange, blocked off area with an elderly security guard; the west is residential with a couple; the north is the Space Agency with amateur astronomers; the south is the Museum with its Director.

    Well, and possibly others. They’ll be able to confirm when Ding Yi and Mu Jiashi are back.

    Regardless, this couple seems to be important enough, giving them food for thought, and also more questions.

    Buzzcut then voices his concern, “it seems these two are clearly not related to the Museum or the Space Agency, though…”

    Fei nods, looking at them.

    They relate merely to the west and the library in the centre; they do not seem at all related to the other sceneries and structures.

    If Xü Xiaoli really is the Nightmare’s owner, he must certainly have something to do with all of these scenes.

    They can see no clues indicating such, though!

    Nothing is adding up, and it’s vexing Fei.

    At the same time, viewers of the stream are also pooling their intelligence together to analyse what is going on in this Nightmare.

    Unfortunately, without knowledge of what happened at the Museum just now, their thoughts are also going nowhere.

    “basically, the boy of the couple is a good candidate who satisfies some of the conditions, but not all”
    “which nullifies him, really”
    “if only their genders were switched”
    “The gender is one thing. Another thing is that, the couple is of the residential area, and are at best tangentially related to the library. They have too much of a disconnect with the other scenes!”
    “what the detective dalao said is right!”

    “In fact, at this point, one thing is clear in this Nightmare – the owner fears the Raining Hellfire itself.
    The players appear about an hour before it happens, because the owner has lingering feelings for the world before the Apocalypse, which destroyed the world entirely, giving the owner great emotional trauma. That is why he keeps reliving the beginning, middle and end of the event, lost in the repeating loop of the Nightmare.
    According to what they say about the Tower resident in the Tower, the owner must have been a survivor of this disaster, and has been absolutely devastated emotionally by the Apocalypse. That’s why he keeps saying, the Apocalypse is coming, and everyone will die.
    Of note is the mental state of the person, though. In a way, he is almost on the ‘side’ of the Apocalypse, terrifying other humans, his natural companions. Why is there this kind of almost vicious attitude to dooming his fellow man?
    What if, for example, he’s lost the one he loved in this disaster?”

    “oh man I got it! the detective dalao, as expected!”
    “so a petty revenge kinda attitude right? ‘i went thru hell and you should too; see the one you love die just like me,’ something like that right?”
    “woah, what a totally twisted mindset”
    “not that it’s incomprehensible, because imagine your loved ones dying in some catastrophe but you survived… assuming you’re not some kind of stalwart hero, you’ll be overcome by survivor’s guilt?”
    “maybe some kinda compensatory feeling – what if it wasnt you but me who died in place of you, if only…
    not that that excuses how the nightmare owner is trying to make others suffer like he did and make others experience the same despair…”
    “uh, but hey, don’t you think this personality analysis kinda go against what we saw in the nightmare of this guy?
    from what we can see, he looks nice, even a pushover? remember that mom of his stalking him and he isn’t getting mad at all…”
    “or maybe, the gentler someone is usually, the worse they get when they snap?”
    “oh shit, i know what you mean”
    “im glad that with the old and new detective dalao here, our commentary is finally progressing… from retarded to less than intelligent, sob sob im so touched…”
    “who are you calling retarded? [knife emoji]”
    “anyone who responds to it i guess [doge emoji]”

    The discussion of the viewers are veering off course, while the Missiontakers remain at an impasse.

    The problem here is that, in the Nightmare, after ensuring their own safety, they must also look for the Nightmare’s owner as soon as possible to resolve the Nightmare.

    Just imagining this Nightmare starting to crumble… with that Raining Hellfire there, if there is some Ultimate Super Hellfire Reborn waiting for them, that’d be a truly nightmarish scenario indeed.

    The Missiontakers are looking at each other, and finally, Zhang Minglian is speaking up to ask, “uh… excuse me, you said earlier you had clues on the Apocalypse. Where would it be?”

    Buzzcut replies, “it’s in the library. This way.”

    They enter the library.

    The clock is fast approaching four. It seems the Raining Hellfire would be unavoidable during this run too.

    Fei looks outside the library, slightly worried.

    The seven Missiontakers are back already, but Ding Yi and Mu Jiashi remains nowhere to be seen… Did something happen to make them miss the bus back? Could they have simply forgot to check on the time?

    If they’re at the Museum, and it really is a safe shelter in this Nightmare, then the situation isn’t unsalvageable yet.

    Though if they’ve already left the Museum, and cannot make it back to the library in time… that would be extremely troublesome.

    Fei is worrying they might become He Shujün – they are not even sure here, after leaving the Nightmare, if He Shujün can go back to normal.

    If she can’t, then this Nightmare, really would be the proverbial abyss.

    Entering this Nightmare would be a death sentence for the unprepared…

    Though if Mu Jiashi has been here before, with a True End, no less, then it is unlikely he’d let himself be exposed to danger. He must know the importance of shelter better than anyone else.

    Fei shakes her head at her thoughts, and enters the library after everyone.

    Maybe it’s simply something happening that has Ding Yi and Mu Jiashi preoccupied, and they’re not really in danger.

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    boilpoil's notes:

    This part of the chapter, outside of Ding Yi and Mu Jiashi, everyone is back at the library, and they might be about to make a discovery with this young couple they brought from the west of the city.


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