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    Translated by boilpoil
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    Curious about the man, Ding Yi is standing in front of him and tries to ask, “hello?”

    The man snaps back to reality, without seeing who it is, simply furrows his brows and yells, “who? Leave me alone!”

    Ding Yi can’t help but think that this man sure is hard to talk to.

    When the man sees that it is a young lady in front of him, his attitude doesn’t improve any. He is still impatiently going, “I’m busy. Go bother someone else.”


    Ding Yi eyes the man’s empty hands suspiciously.

    The man reflexively flushes with red.

    Ding Yi realises that the man’s temper and mood seem to be severely affected by something. She wonders what it could be.

    Of course, the possibility still remains that the man is simply a wrathful man who lazes about on his job.

    Ding Yi says, “we just arrived at Cangcheng, and so we came to the Museum. We wanted to know…”

    “The Museum?” The man smirks, saying, “what are you even doing here when there’s nothing to see? The stuff they have are all being moved, the heck you walking about for?”

    “Are you in charge of that?”

    The man sounds less willing to answer now, “so what, what’s it to you? Why should I tell you?”

    The man’s temper is quite a lot for Ding Yi to take in. Thanks to her utility card, the man still answers Ding Yi’s questions and trusts what she says implicitly, but it’s hard to deal with the attitude.

    She isn’t sure what to do, but Mu Jiashi helps her out.

    He dryly says, “we came to the Museum because we met a woman, she told us her fiancé is at the Museum.”

    The man’s expression goes blank.

    Ding Yi immediately presses on, “did you argue with your fiancée?”

    Seeing the man’s reactions and how he kept rubbing his engagement ring, Ding Yi has concluded that his anxiety probably relates to his fiancée.

    The man looks quite irritated now. He doesn’t deny what Ding Yi said, possibly somewhat thanks to the utility card.

    Regardless, he just tersely tries to end the conversation, “it has nothing to do with you.”

    “Why did you argue, though?” Ding Yi then borrows what Mu Jiashi said and tell him, “we saw your fiancée. She asked if we could talk to you.”

    The man, instinctively trusting what Ding Yi says, smoothens up a lot.

    Mu Jiashi watches the changes intently, and is once again impressed with the effectiveness of that utility card.

    If she could make this terribly irritable and unfriendly man warm up to her in but a few words, he can scarcely imagine any Missiontaker or Tower resident being able to resist it.

    No wonder Ding Yi was able to garner a great wealth in such a short period of time.

    Meanwhile, the man that stands in front of them suddenly smiles rather coldly after a brief silence, perhaps finding what his fiancée did amusing, and tells them, “she wants you to talk to me? Tell her why not just think about it carefully herself.”

    Ding Yi is slightly baffled.

    The man continues, “visitors from the sky? Flying UFOs… She’s not 8 anymore. Is she for real? She thinks we might all die today… Don’t you think it’s insane?
    I’m already so bloody busy working every day, and when I get home she’d keep droning in my ears about some Apocalypse and how we’re all going to die… I don’t know if she’s tired saying it yet, but I bloody well am. Rather than talk to me, I’d rather you talked some sense back into her instead.”

    Ding Yi finally understands why the man looks so irritable and distracted.

    His fiancée is in deep with the conspiracies of the newspapers that claim that whatever is in the sky will result in the doom of humanity. She’s fallen to despair.

    This is affecting the emotional state of her fiancé. He’s become increasingly irritable.

    Although judging from his current reaction, he seems lucid and sane enough.

    Though his fiancée is sure making him increasingly troubled. He doesn’t believe in those visitors nonsense, nor does he want to know what’s going to fall on top of their heads.

    He tells them, “our wedding is next month already. Can you tell her to focus on that instead of all those baseless rumours? She’s not the smartest tool in the shed, so just stop acting like she is.”

    The word choices are still quite unpleasant, but the tone has become audibly gentler when he mentions the upcoming wedding.

    He probably wants the two of them to convey this attitude to this fiancée.

    Though Ding Yi remains unsure here.

    Should she tell him that his fiancée is right, and something really is coming down to this planet?
    Humanity will, as expected, face an unprecedented crisis in this terrible catastrophe?

    And their wedding… will never happen.

    The man will probably lash out at them if she said any of that.

    So Ding Yi remains silent.

    The man misunderstands the silence, though, and gives them a cold glare, saying, “looks like you still believe in her.”

    He sarcastically mocks them, “visitors from the sky? Armageddon? Those ‘experts’ sure have you completely fooled!”


    Ding Yi suddenly notices that they actually didn’t know that much about the unidentified object hurtling to Earth. If there are already experts talking about it, is it like some… topic of research at this point?

    The man tells them, “yeah, the kind that popped up ever since humanity’s gone crazy, with all their theories and conspiracies, bollocks like that.
    I don’t get what makes any of them different, so I just call them all ‘experts.’ At least they style themselves like that.
    A few days ago, when news broke out that something was observed in the skies, those ‘experts’ all dramatically overreacted.
    Let’s see… God’s Punishment? Coming of Christ? The appearance of whoever drove us all mad in the first place? Humans going to die in complete ignorance?
    I don’t buy any of that. Bunch of smart-asses.”

    The man ends his tirade with a snide remark.

    Ding Yi, though, is saying inside, that it is what humans end up as in the future… The end of humanity, in absolute ignorance.

    They don’t even know what killed them in the end.

    Even the Missiontakers, during the Raining Hellfire from earlier, had no idea what fell towards them either. They just know it caused gigantic shockwaves and made the city a living inferno.

    They know nothing about the source of the disaster itself still.

    Ding Yi can’t help but feel discouraged.

    A discouragement not stemming from the Nightmare in particular, because she knows the Missiontaker by her side already knows the truth and how to resolve this Nightmare, but more, a feeling that wonders, if they could ever truly rescue humanity from this predicament.

    That is what really troubles Ding Yi.

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    boilpoil's notes:

    In this part of the chapter, Ding Yi has successfully leveraged her utility card to get the irritable man talking. Turns out he’s a fiancé of someone else, and he doesn’t believe in the Apocalypse. A bit of repeated exposition about the Apocalypse itself is dispersed through the dialogue as well.


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