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    At the same time, the viewers of the stream that watched the whole conversation and interaction are clearly deeply confused.

    “wait, can anyone tell me what those two are talking about?”
    “it sounds like riddles”
    “… thank you, but I want my spoilers”
    “paging detective dalao uwu, your cuties need help.”
    “[laugh cry emoji] Alright, then I’ll try to analyse the thought process of the Missiontaker.”
    “hurray! go go go detective dala!”

    “First off, I suspect he was thinking about the elevators’ mode of operations.
    Elevator One, parked on the 36th floor, has gone to the 20th, 24th, 26th and 31st floors, which was largely harmless save for the Janitors occupying the 26th floor, which brought some clues to the Missiontakers.
    Elevator Two, parked on the 24th floor, has gone to the 18th, 20th, 21st and 22nd floors. The dangers are mounting, but it can be said to be around as dangerous as elevator One only. Tis is also where the Missiontakers are first introduced  to the Renovators.
    Elevator Three, parked on the 20th floor, has gone to the 17th and whichever floor they are on right now. They have found lethal dangers by now, and in fact it has already managed to wound them rather harshly
    Unlike dangers in elevators One and Two, which might be mitigated as long as you have good enough reflexes, elevator Three is markedly different.
    From elevators One, Two, to Three, we can see the dangers are in steps If elevator Three is already like that, what do you think elevator Four will be like?
    So the next question… Well, before that, I believe you have also noticed that these few elevators can only go to floors beneath them, serving the purpose of aiding Missiontakers’ exploration.
    Now combine that fact with what the Missiontakers have said that the floors elevators can go to is limited to a fixed set of floors, which may overlap with that of the others.
    And now, the question is, which elevators can go to the floors below the 9th?
    Up to this point, only elevator Three has ever descended to the single-digit floors. For the sake of testing, the Missiontakers have already tried the buttons countless times in the other elevators before, but never successfully making it past the 9th floor.
    So now, we can conclude that only elevators Three and Four include floors beneath the 9th in their set of travelable floors. Also, with elevator Three having been to the 17th floor earlier, I suspect only elevator Four can freely traverse the single-digit floors.
    In conclusion, we know that elevator Four is both the elevator with the most difficult dangers ahead, and itself being the logical continuation of the increasing dangers. Do you think any Missiontaker would dare take the elevator?”

    After the detailed explanation from the detective dalao, the audience is finally satisfied.

    “got it! so like elevator four, shoo!”
    “hmm I get this, but then whats the thing about someone manipulating the elevators?”
    “I think I have an explanation, because if you look at the ‘random’ floors the elevators land on, there still seems to be a pattern somewhere, and so if it is as the detective dalao has analysed, then there is still some semblance of logic to be found.”
    “isnt the one controlling just the server ne?”
    “maybe we can think about it along with how dangerous it is under the 9th floor, because there were a new type of madmen about every stage they analysed, so the dangerous figures of this stage 4 must be ridiculously powerful.
    so what exactly could the danger be? think about it in relation to the fact that elevator four is parked right here, and how erratic the elevators moved earlier… it all makes sense.
    then elevators bring deja vus, which missiontakers think was tied to them visiting specific floors, but it all felt so artificially engineered that it doesnt sound implausible… someone could have designed all these in advance.
    even if the little apple never took the elevators and the stairs instead, with how the 15th floor was, what was going to happen was going to happen, regardless of if the elevator or stairs were chosen.
    this is why it has led me to question whether what happened on the 15th floor was a server-arranged ‘deja vu,’ or merely the missiontakers’ overthinking it.
    anyway, while all of these can still be done by NE, but what if there are some madmen in this nightmare itself that is manipulating the elevators in secret?”

    “i finally understand”
    “but Beibei never mentioned the madmen under the 9th floor?”
    “Beibei himself is on the 16th floor, so as an actor, he probably doesn’t know about them either”
    “… oh fuck, yeah, then does that mean weve been misled by our Bei?”
    “not exactly misled, but simply because nobody knows anything about the floors below. here the missiontaker suspects someone is manipulating the elevators, perhaps even deriving joy from it, but of course, possibilities of it simply being floors with absurd dangers, and others exist.”
    “hm, actually its pretty interesting if there are madmen controlling the elevators; here where elevator four is parked, all that shattered glass and even blades look deliberately arranged
    so if someone, like these missiontakers, arrived on this floor via elevator three, and discovered elevator four, then their choices can be either to go back using elevator three or keep going down with elevator four
    if they really want to escape or at least go somewhere beneath the 9th floor, then so far this all suggests that elevator four would be their only c hoice
    however, if someone really is manipulating the elevators behind it all, then perhaps once they’re in the single-digit floors, both elevators three and four would be in their hands
    if so, then perhaps they will forever be locked trapped below the 9th floor, and traverse the different dangers until they are toyed to death.
    … when there is a new group of people coming, these madmen can stop elevator four on this floor first, where elevator three is also coming, allowing the possible madmen free rein in observing these people walking on broken glass and shards”
    “like yeah, a whole floor of broken glass and knives is really too suspicious…”
    “we have a new detective dalao in the house!”
    “… ok, im convinced”
    “oh hell, so is there really some madmen hiding in some shady corner?”
    “please, I’m already shivering, what if someone changed the floor routing when I take the elevators later…”
    “aaaaaargh just shut up!”
    “sentient elevators, or, someone manipulating the elevators from the shadows, pick one”
    “… i pick the stairs”
    “they’re blocked [doge emoji]”
    “to be honest, it’s already really strange elevator four is stopped beneath the 9th floor anyway, since it is known the stairs have collapsed and everyone who’s arrived here must want out
    but this floor is not the 1st floor itself, so it is guaranteed whoever arrives will keep trying, so the point of this lonely elevator here could only be…”
    “a trap”
    “um, maybe the server just set it up that way?”
    “… why are you backing off to blame it on the server… its a game, I cant imagine the server intervening so much──or are you saying ‘server set up’ in the sense of the game’s own arrangement instead of the server deliberately putting it like that?”
    “yeah, scenes and objects in the game should all have corresponding meaning to them”
    “in conclusion, none of the three dare make a move; the stairs are blocked; the elevators, possibly controlled by some mad people, and possibly going to take them to dead-ends that kill them, is even worse for an option”

    This is the exact dilemma faced by the Missiontakers.

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    boilpoil's notes:

    This part of the chapter explains why the Missiontakers were so helplessly complaining the last part.


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