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    I am Late so I am the Villain?

    I am Late so I am the Villain? (Novel)

    Author: Starcandy (스타캔디)
    Rank 96
    13 Releases 21.9K Views 103 Followers Ongoing Status
    Last Update 3 days ago


    She was late to the Writing Academy, so was possessed by Riya Lisburn, Seir’s concubine, the third prince of the Hernian Empire.

    Why, of all things, did she have to be the idiot villain who was blinded by jealousy and was hanged for attempting to kill her husband’s first wife?

    The book nicely described it.

    She immediately locked herself up in her study and began writing R-Rated Novels.

    She needed to make money and escape.

    But the third prince, who had to despise and kill her at first, turned weird.

    “Were you always this adorable?”

    The second prince then approached and began to obsess over her.

    “Well, you’re the type of thing I’d like to keep around with and observe for the rest of my life.”

    At the very least, the Dragon Quangi joined in.

    “I will absolutely protect you. At the risk of my life! Quang!”

    The hidden tale of the battle for the throne of the Hernian Empire and the foxy witch who gradually begins to be exposed in front of Riya, who was destined to die due to the development of the script written by the Great Saintess.

    The three princes and shadow of death approaching Riya.

    Will Riya Lisburn survive?


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