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    Water Containing The Moon

    Water Containing The Moon (Web Novel)

    달을 담은 물

    Author: 녹기
    Rank 120
    4 Releases 706 Views 3 Bookmarked Ongoing Status
    Last Update Release in 2 weeks

    Release schedule: Every 4th, 14th, 24th.


    ‘Is it a dream?’

    One day, he suddenly fell into a strange world and became a beggar,

    Thinking that it should not be possible for a 23-year-old

    to transform into a boy.




    There were strange symptoms that only come

    on the full moon of every month.


    ‘It, It hurts so much… Someone, please… Help me…!’


    Strange symptoms that came suddenly. A strange world.

    As if he had absorbed all the colors of this fake world

    A brightly shining man took his hand.


    “I will do everything for you, so don’t cry alone. I will lend you my arms at any time, okay?”


    The strangely bright day of the full moon changed Eunhan’s world.



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