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    Only For Your Well-Being

    Only For Your Well-Being (Web Novel)

    오직 그대의 안녕을 위하여

    Author: 은라겸
    Rank 131
    1 Releases 128 Views 14 Bookmarked Ongoing Status
    Last Update 2 weeks ago

    Probation project.


    Ethan allowed Rouelli to be another man’s wife,

    only for the sake of her happiness.


    However, contrary to Ethan’s wishes, 

    Rouelli is betrayed by her fiancé, a sword is pierced in her heart,

    and she loses her memory due to the shock, mistaking Ethan for her fiancé.


    “I feel like my whole life has been taken away.”


    He learns that there is an unwieldy conspiracy behind Rouelli’s murder.


    Ethan is determined to sacrifice everything to save her, who has been abandoned by both her parents and God.


    “Let’s run away with me. From your damn fate.”



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