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    When a Bossy CEO Meets Gary Stu

    When a Bossy CEO Meets Gary Stu (Web Novel)


    Author: 糖一雪
    Rank 134
    46 Releases 364 Views 9 Bookmarked Ongoing Status
    Last Update Release in 3 months

    Be advised of strong language spoken by characters and their thoughts, and heavily suggestive usage of words implying mature themes in the later chapters. Also, the erratic chapter lengths are the author's fault.

    While some people may not be into this kind of humour, I found its exaggerated depictions extremely effective at raising chuckles out of me. I enjoyed my time reading this, and I hope you will too. This is an HE too, by the way.


    Author: 糖一雪 (Chinese)

    [A sand sculpture comedy love story that tries to be as outrageously cool as possible]

    He, the Murong Jihua himself, is handsome, rich and taciturn; wildly cool, imposing and generous beyond the stars. His future is bright. His résumé is sublime. In his last life, he died… playing otome games.

    Thus transmigrated, with the perfect character archetype of ‘Bossy CEO’ on him, he has dedicated himself to capturing his target – his pure little white lotus (TL: Not sarcastic usage here) of a female lead;
    And has failed time and again.

    The reason, isn’t really our dear bossy CEO not being flirtatious enough,
    but our rival in love being too overly incredible. The halo of the urban-setting Gary Stu has been profoundly and exhaustively realised on him as he tramples over all obstacles underfoot.

    “So profoundly that——this shaoye I might actually like him a little?”

    The female lead “Apparently, the man that was trying to woo me over has suddenly ended up my dad, and ended up with my childhood friend?”

    Very cute serious bossy CEO Top × Wildly cool, imposing handsome bro Bottom

    Protagonist: Murong Jihua


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