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    Shadowless Night

    Chapter 39

    Translated by Wook
    Edited by Iris Sakura


    Rosaline was still crouching at his bedside. Despite the whispers of the escorts outside the hallway and the gentle breeze blowing through the ceiling, she never looked anywhere else, only staring intensely at Ricardis. Ricardis did not avert his gaze.


    “How long do you plan on doing this?”


    “Can I stay until morning?”


    “…You’ll be very tired tomorrow. You’d better get some rest.”


    Until this late hour, his escort seemed to have no intention of stopping. Since Rosaline’s devotion was quite virtuous, Ricardis gently expressed the words to get out. But Rosaline hesitated and held her stance.


    “Can I go under your bed and rest?”




    Ricardis stiffened. He thought that he had gradually gotten used to her, who was unpredictable. But apparently, it was still too hard.


    “You can’t. Get out.”


    Ricardis answered firmly. Rosaline gave him a sullen look, and Ricardis laughed at her in astonishment.


    “Then what about the sofa in the corner…”




    Rosaline chose several places to rest, such as under the bed, sofa, wardrobe, ceiling, and table. Of course, all of them were places not far outside the radius of Ricardis. Ricardis thought to himself. ‘She has amnesia… This knight… unfortunately, has amnesia…’


    ‘And with a broken mind…’


    He never imagined his patience would be so great. Rosaline gave him the look of an abandoned puppy at his continued refusal. Ricardis sighed as if he had done something wrong.


    “Look, Sir…”


    “It’s scary,” Rosaline opened her mouth. 


    She never took her eyes off Ricardis. Her intense emotions. Even as she looked desperate, their flame still shimmered and rose in her eyes.




    Rosaline’s words grew smaller and smaller. Her voice was weak enough to mistake it with her breath at the end, but he could hear it all. 


    ‘People die so easily.’


    Ricardis read the sincerity and fear contained in the calm words. It wasn’t because he was perceptive but because Rosaline was very transparent. Good is good; she doesn’t like what she doesn’t like; scary is scary. Aside from her peculiarities, he could say that Rosaline was a very easy-going person. He could feel her trembling in fear of something like that.


    Ricardis did not like the time when the veil of night was still unlifted. He said that he did not prefer to meet someone or make important decisions at that time. The darkness used to be comforting, but at times it also made one lose their way. It was the time of Crean Tidanion, who ruled the chaos. At that time, they said the veil a human being wore would lift, which would reveal the true form of the person. It dulled the blade and rusted the solid shield.


    After that, Ricardis sighed heavily and got up. In his hand was the blanket he had used to cover himself. Rosaline’s fervent gaze followed Ricardis, who was busy moving. Ricardis dragged the sofa to the side of the bed. It was close enough that their eyes could meet if they were lying down. He dropped a pillow on the long sofa. It looked like a space where one could lie down.


    “Better than under the bed, Sir Rosaline. Lie down.”


    Rosaline was uncharacteristically wary. 


    “Lie down.” 


    At his urging, Rosaline pretended to lie down awkwardly. With her head still in the air, Ricardis pressed her forehead down hard. Just then, Rosaline’s head rested on the pillow. She had her eyes wide open as she was stunned.


    Ricardis put a blanket on her and lay down on his bed. Turning his head to her, she also had her gaze on him. There was something a bit strange about it. She was probably the first person outside of his family to lie in his bedroom like this, making eye contact with him. The air, which had been noisy for a while, was quiet once again. Rosaline was not a very talkative person. Ricardis was also on the side of keeping his mouth shut except when necessary. The sound of breathing resounded in the quiet space, a small but sure sign of someone else. Rosaline’s words kept running through his mind. ‘People die so easily.’




    ‘Have you regained some of your old memories?’ She was still blinking her eyes like a young animal. In the weak light, the green eyes shone like jewels.




    Suddenly, Rosaline made a sound. She pulled the blanket to just below her chin and blinked her eyes. Just as Ricardis was puzzled, she opened her mouth again. It was a small voice that drowned out the other voices.


    “Your Highness, can you hear it?”




    “Sir Pardict outside…”


    Ricardis pricked up his ears. He heard someone muttering outside the window, but he couldn’t figure out the exact details.


    “What is he talking about?”


    “He’s bragging to Sir Raymond about blocking Sir Rosaline from going through the window earlier.”




    ‘It’s not like going over the hill…’ Ricardis swallowed his words. Rosaline was very excited and seemed to be in high spirits.

    [Note: “It’s not like going over the hill.” This generally means that something isn’t that difficult.]


    “But, here I am.”


    Rosaline snorted with excitement. She acted like a naughty child. She seemed to enjoy the excitement of immorality to the fullest. Looking at her absurdity, Ricardis laughed involuntarily. If caught, she would be scolded, but she didn’t seem to care much about the future.


    “Go to bed now.”


    “Okay. Have a nice dream.”




    He didn’t know who exactly, but someone seemed to have taught her good manners. It’s been a long time since someone told him a good night address before going to sleep. It was both ridiculous and funny, so Ricardis responded more cheerfully than usual.


    “Yeah, you have a nice dream too.”


    Time passed quietly. As Ricardis was half asleep, he felt a hand draping the blanket over his neck. ‘Sir, please stop…’ In the end, he fell asleep, covered with a blanket, and had a deep sleep and comfortable dream for the first time in a while.




    “About nine hundred deaths…”


    “No, no, Rosaline. Nine hundred and thirty-two. How sad must the thirty-two knights who were not called by Rosaline feel?”


    A girl in a pale sky blue dress had a determined expression on her face. In the girl’s hand were some papers. It was a report of the battle with the Black Moon that had happened this time. Such bloody information should not have reached the young princess. She had secretly read the documents lying in the office of her brother, His Highness Ricardis. He’d be offended if he found out. His Highness Ricardis was infinitely weak to his younger sister. He tried desperately to hide the struggle he had to fight every day.


    “If you don’t put it back on the table, you will be scolded by His Highness Ricardis.”


    She didn’t seem to have thought that far. The girl flinched, and her body stiffened. Then she cleared her throat. She placed the papers quietly on the table and repositioned them to help her aid perfect crime. It was a little further to the left, and the angle was different. While demonstrating her attentiveness, the princess sat down on the chair. Because of her small stature, her body seemed to be buried. She wiggled her feet on the large chair.


    “Has Rosaline ever been to war?”


    “I was in the rear unit, but yes.”


    The girl looked at me with a firm expression. The word war seemed terrifying as the battlefield was only filled with blood, flesh, and despair. The girl nodded her head as if judging the unknown scene. She didn’t ask anymore, as if worried that I might have some bad memories because of it. Instead, she muttered while awkwardly stroking her hair.


    “I’m scared.”


    I looked at the girl with puzzled eyes. The girl looked a little depressed.


    “It’s scary that people die so easily.”


    Unless she was deaf, she would have heard many stories. How fierce the battle is between Illavenia and the Black Moon. How bad His Highness Ricardis’ relationship is with their half-brother Elpidio. How many assassination attempts have been made against her brother so far.


    She even came down to the villa because of the harsh atmosphere of the Imperial family. Her anxiety was natural. I straightened out the messy hair of the Imperial princess. She gently closed her eyes as if enjoying the touch.


    “Don’t worry, Princess.”




    “I will protect you.”


    ‘Princess Setistia will be safe.’ I wasn’t arrogant. I was wearing a white uniform. The Master of the White Night had always led us only to victory. Even with some damage, he had always been victorious. And it would always be so.


    This belief stems from the fact that they belong to the absolute victor. He is a great person, one who has a strong heart and is noble. In the Imperial palace, where enemies were everywhere, he stood up by himself. His face flushed red with sadness and pride. It may be an arrogant delusion, but I dare to hope that one day he will be distracted ‘I want to grow into a knight he can rely on and watch over him.’


    “I will definitely protect you.”


    The girl chuckled. She couldn’t tell if the hand touching her hair made her feel itchy or if the words made her happy. I also looked at the girl and smiled.



    A cottage deep in the woods.


    Ricardis’s office located on the 3rd floor.


    The scene where Princess Setistia wiggled her feet changed in an instant.


    Pabalma came in the morning. His Highness the Prince and his secretary frowned, and the little girl rolled up the hem of her robe in her anxiety.


    Your Highness Ricardis, I think you should go quickly.


    … …


    … …


    I’m sorry, Setistia, I have to leave first. You leave tomorrow as scheduled.


    … …


    I will leave my carriage so you can relax…



    The scene changed once more. 


    In a forest under the drizzling rain. The carriage was running full speed.


    “The 2nd Prince is over there!”




    “It’s a white carriage!”


    Arrows rained down. The ferocious sound of metal rubbing metal broke through the sound of rain and filled the surroundings. The carriage ran desperately over a cliff. A large boulder came crashing down the narrow road. The carriage swayed violently, and my vision instantly turned upside down. Soon I lost my consciousness as I hugged the girl.


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