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    Shadowless Night

    Chapter 26

    Translated by Wook
    Edited by Iris Sakura


    2nd Prince Ricardis was appointed as the head of the delegation leaving for Balta. The spirits of the people of Moonstone Castle sank low. The mood was as dark as when many of the Knights of the White Night died in the hunting competition a few months ago. It was not simply because the owner of Moonstone Castle would be away for a long time.


    The Illavenia Empire and the Black Moon. The conflict between the two powers, which are side by side on the border, has been ongoing for a long time. There is no one on the continent who does not know the Black Moon is part of the Balta royal family. So it would be more accurate to say that it is a dispute between the two countries of Illavenia and Balta. In this situation, being an envoy was peaceful in name only, and truthfully it was an act of putting your head on a guillotine. Ricardis has been at the forefront of every conflict with the Black Moon and has always been victorious. From Balta’s point of view, there could be no greater enemy than that. The blade of the guillotine must also be shining as bright as Ricardis’s deeds.


    A shadow fell on the faces of many servants and maids. Some people would have even thought there was white cloth marking a funeral on Moonstone Castle’s walls. The Knights of the White Night were also furious at their master’s plight and at the same time sent deep condolences to their future selves. Life is scary and as insignificant as a candle in the wind. Some knights were resigned , and some knights were determined.


    Moonstone Castle, as quiet as the snow-covered forest in December, turned noisy for a while. It was because of the guests who visited the castle. After Ricardis was appointed head of the delegation, many people stopped going to Moonstone Castle. The change stemmed from the concern that they might have to go on the long road with Ricardis to Balta if they caught his eye. It was an act of cowardice, but Ricardis understood them. If he were them, he wouldn’t have even come close. In such a situation, there was still a long-time guest who came with generous gifts: the best wine of Illavenia that Prince Haqab of Balta liked, various precious gems, delicacies from the sea, and beautiful artworks.


    Rosaline was on her way to Moonstone Castle on an escort mission and saw the sight. Leticia and Eberhard, who were following her, opened their mouths and looked at the precious gifts piled up like a mountain. They were so tired because they had been attacked by Rosaline twice since dawn, but the apprentice knights were so surprised that they even forgot about it momentarily.


    A muffled voice whispered through their ears.


    “Sir Rosaline.”


    A bright-blonde man, buried in the crowd, walked towards her. He was tall enough to compare to Ricardis. His docile impression was contrasted to some extent by the oppressive feeling of his solid physique. Leticia whispered from behind her as Rosaline stared blankly at him. ‘This is the Laurel of the Snowfield, the 5th Prince, His Highness Diech.’


    Rosaline listened to her and nodded her head slightly.


    Leticia and Eberhard were told by Raymond that Rosaline had lost all knowledge and common sense due to amnesia. Since then, Leticia had memorized the faces, names, titles, and positions of the high-ranking nobles and Imperial families in a hurry. It was part of their job to support their unique senior knight.


    Rosaline boasted a fast learning speed when learning swordsmanship but showed no interest in all the work she had to do sitting at a desk. She seemed to think that it is enough for knights to use their swords well, so what’s the point of memorizing people’s faces or titles?


    Of course, Raymond said that the two apprentice knights who had no way of knowing that fact would not even know the Emperor’s face, let alone the Imperial family and high-ranking nobles.


    Eberhard smiled thinking that Raymond really was being too much, but…


    Eberhard smiled while thinking that Raymond was being too much, but…


    Immediately after that, Eberhard witnessed Rosaline casually entering the male knights’ public bath and had to remove the smile from his face. Thanks to that dizzying moment, Leticia understood at once the level of common sense of her superior.


    “Blessings of Illavenia that calls the white night. Rosaline, a senior knight of the Knights of the White Night, meets His Highness, the Laurel of the Snowfield, the 5th Prince.” Rosaline knelt on one knee. Eberhard and Leticia also followed her to their knees.


    “You may rise, sir. It’s been a while.”


    Rosaline looked back at the two apprentice knights. Her expressionless face was saying, ‘Do the 5th Prince and I know each other?’ Their eyes fluttered, and their bodies trembled. ‘We… We don’t know… We truly don’t know…’ They shook their heads slightly.


    Because the ability to identify people by looking at faces and accessories and the ability to understand the relationships of their senior knight, who has lost her memories, were two different things, this case was out of their jurisdiction. Even her apprentice knights had only been with her for two weeks.


    Rosaline met the eyes of the 5th Prince again. He had a smile that was as warm as the sunlight of a spring day.


    “I was worried when I heard that you suffered a lot of injuries in the hunting competition. I’m glad you look healthy.”


    “Thank you.”


    “Are you supposed to be my brother’s escort? I will go with you as part of this delegation.”


    “That’s right.”


    Eberhard was sweating profusely. The conversation never went on. It was said that Rosaline had never been a talkative person even in the past, but now that her conversation partner is a member of the royal family, it could be considered rude. Fortunately, the 5th Prince Diech didn’t seem to care much about her tone of voice.


    “Good. I was worried because I didn’t have many close friends. I wish you all the best in Balta, Sir Rosaline.”


    “…Are you leaving for Balta as well?” Rosaline asked, which was rare. 


    She knew that there were no other princes on the list of people leaving for the delegation. The 5th Prince smiled warmly and confirmed.


    “I have met Prince Haqab of Balta. We have a bad relationship,” Diech laughed out loud.


    The nobles selected for the delegation walked around jerkily as if they had seen their death with their own eyes. Meanwhile, their families were gloomy and miserable. However, the reaction of the man in front of her, the 5th Prince Diech, was very different from theirs.


    Among Balta’s traditional dishes, there is a whole lamb boiled with spices, which is fantastic. There is a place he knows well, and he wants to go with his brother Ricardis later. When they met five years ago, Haqab was taller than him, but recently he has grown so fast that he thinks he will be taller now. It was an optimistic attitude that even seemed immature.


    Rosaline replied, ‘Yes, yes. Absolutely. Yes, it must be delicious. Yes, that’s great,’ and nodded her head as she did.


    Diech, who had been explaining Balta’s customs and dishes for a while, responded with a smile. He seemed to want Rosaline to send the apprentice knights away so they could have a private conversation. But, sadly, the current Rosaline did not have the ability to understand his subtle signals. Leticia and Eberhard noticed the 5th Prince’s glances, and they anxiously wiped the sweat from their palms on their uniforms.


    A few seconds passed silently, and the silence stretched between them. Diech put on a sullen expression as he seemed to think that Rosaline rejected him as she kept her silence. He felt restless. Leticia, who had been standing behind Eberhard, pushed Rosaline forward with her eyes tightly closed. To be scolded for being rude is to be scolded, but she had to take care of her senior knight, who had no clue what was going on.


    As Rosaline took a step forward, Diech led her with a bright smile. Rosaline looked back at Leticia with a puzzled expression on her face. Then she flinched because Leticia’s eyes were ablaze, and she was pointing fiercely at Diech. Rosaline seemed to have grasped her intentions. Thankfully, without asking, ‘Why are you pointing your finger at His Highness, the 5th Prince?’ she meekly followed Diech. The two apprentice knights were able to breathe a sigh of relief just then.


    Rosaline and Diech walked to a place where there were few people. Rosaline continued to look around Moonstone Castle. Diech read her thoughts from her actions.


    “It will be just a moment.”


    Even though he said it would be ‘just a moment,’ Diech only smiled softly and looked at her. Rosaline also looked at him calmly.


    “I was worried, Rosaline.”


    Rosaline, not ‘Sir Rosaline’. Did the man before her and Rosaline have a friendly relationship?


    Petals fell on the tip of her nose as the wind blew. As Rosaline wrinkled her nose because of the itch, Diech raised his hand to her face. The smiling man gently took the petals off Rosaline’s face. The petals stuck on Diech’s fingertips were blown away by the wind.


    Rosaline followed the petals in the wind before looking up at him. It was a gentle touch without hesitation. This man and Rosaline must have been close. Much more than expected.


    “Thank you.”


    At her unchanging, hard reply, Diech smiled timidly.


    “It must have been true. That you’re a little… in the head, ah, excuse me. I mean I heard that there is something wrong with your memory.”


    “That’s right.”


    “How far do you remember? Do you remember me?”


    Rosaline shook her head. Diech couldn’t hide his disappointment, but he straightened his face and smiled again. He comforted her by saying that memory loss is often temporary.


    Diech asked several questions about her as if he wanted to know every single thing that happened to her after her incident. Rosaline actively used ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Diech let out a deep sigh as if he had resolved some of his doubts despite her silent answers.


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    Wook's notes:

    Is Diech really a kind person? or just someone who's trying the beauty trap to our Rosaline? Dumm-tsss.


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