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    Shadowless Night

    Shadowless Night (Web Novel)

    Author: 김미유
    Rank 101
    46 Releases 19.8K Views 48 Followers Ongoing Status
    Last Update Release in 1 month

    Release schedule: Whenever this translator wants.


    [If you enter the deep forest, you will be eaten by the shadows.

    The shadows of the forest move when a person is not looking.

    There is a shadow that mimics people in the deep forest.

    The shadow of the forest speaks.]


    Rosaline, of the Knights of the White Night, had gone missing after being attacked by enemy forces during a hunting contest.


    However she was found unconscious, badly injured, lying underneath the cliff.


    Rosaline, who woke up a few days later, seemed to have severe memory loss. It was difficult for her to speak even a simple language.


    She was found walking barefoot, in her pyjamas, talking informally here and there. She would even pick up food off the floor!


    She’s a strange girl no matter how you look at her. Is that really Rosaline?


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