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    The Princess’s Secret Monster

    Chapter 34.1


    Translated by XyeHeart
    Edited by XyeHeart


    Klaus, who had handled all of the work in a terrifying manner that day, was able to spend the evening with Mariel for the first time in a long time.


    It was a meal that was mindful of the surroundings. Music was provided by an ensemble that matched the meal with red wine. Meriel rolled her eyes at first, but she soon liked it and smiled.


    “Do you want to dance with me before dessert?”


    “Oh, of course!”


    Meriel chuckled and took her hand in his. Klaus looked at Meriel and danced awkwardly. Meriel danced, her gaze fixed on the floor, trying not to step on his toes.


    Klaus drew her back as she neared the end of her dance.




    Klaus’ heart skipped a beat when he smelled Meriel, whom he hadn’t smelled in a long time. When he saw the dress with her shoulder line exposed, he flinched, but carefully handed over the tied hair as if it were holed down.


    Klaus took out a small rose that had been hidden, effortlessly averting his gaze from her chest.


    “This is……”


    “Give me a chance to give you a gift as well.”




    Klaus inserted a delicately trimmed rose into Meriel’s ear, which blinked in surprise. The roses in between the lovely orange hairs looked especially lovely.


    Meriel, who blinked in surprise, reached out her hand for the rose, but Klaus stopped her, tightly gripping her hand.


    “I’ve heard you enjoy flowers.”


    “What? Who?”


    “After all, flowers are appropriate for you.” Klaus continued, oblivious to her questions.


    “…Put flowers in my hair?”


    Klaus raised his lips from the corner of his mouth when he saw her bewilderment.


    Meriel’s cheeks flushed and she lowered her head.


    Klaus assumed she was shy. He let go of her hand, which he had been holding. Gently raising her chin as he bowed his head, Klaus kissed Meriel’s reddened forehead.


    “I’ll give you anything you want.”




    “Whatever you want……Even if you don’t tell me…”


    Meriel’s mouth was slightly open and dazed as he smiled and spoke as if it were his sweet temptation.


    Klaus hurriedly decided it was worthwhile to finish the job and prepare the flowers. Meriel looked like a fairy from the woods with flowers in her hair. The band that is most likely performing believes the same thing.


    Everyone in the siege would believe it.


    “Klaus, you know……”


    Meriel paused as she was about to say something.


    Her small face’s large facial features were always attractive. Klaus stroked her cheeks as she raised her hand.


    “Please tell me, Meriel.”






    “Oh, no, really…… Thank you very much. I’m pleasantly surprised… “


    Meriel smiled broadly, biting her lower lip. She blushed as she touched the rose, putting her hair in her ear.


    Klaus returned her to her table, attempting to calm his flustered body and mind. There was a sweet dessert served.


    “I really appreciate it, Klaus.”


    “It’s nothing.”


    Klaus had worked hard to make her happy, but he seemed disconnected to her.


    “By the way, I do like flowers…..How did you hear about it?” Meriel inquired as she ate her dessert.




    “Didn’t you say you were already aware?”




    “Did you simply obtain the information from someone?”




    “I thought Eirin was gathering information, did you hear it from her?”




    “She must have informed you of everything else.”


    She quickly deduced the source of his information thanks to her cunning.


    “It’s true that I only have a few details, but I wanted to please you.” Klaus said awkwardly, averting his gaze from hers.


    “Thank you very much. I was delighted with this gift.”


    Meriel smiled broadly and ate the last of the desert. Klaus was pleased because he had surprised her and made her smile. He held her hand tightly as he walked towards her bedroom, his face beaming with delight.






    “Can I meet with Eirin tomorrow?”


    “…What’s the matter?”


    “No, it was the tea I drank there. I’d like to drink it again.”






    “You have to bring Bran.”




    Klaus came to a halt in front of Meriel’s bedroom and looked at her. She paused for a moment, then let go of his hand and opened the door to her own bedroom.


    “Klaus, are you going to be busy tomorrow as well? I know it must be difficult, but I hope you get some rest today.”




    “All right, then, have a good night.”


    Klaus stood motionless, staring at the closed door. Of course, it was because his plan, in which he had no doubt that they would share a room and spend the night together, had gone wrong. She enjoyed the gift and stated that she was delighted with it.


    Klaus shrugged his shoulders and went to his room, not knowing what was wrong. He was tired, to be sure, but fatigue was nothing to worry about for the newlywed man. Klaus lay in bed thinking about where and what had gone wrong.


    ‘I should have done it with different flowers other than roses.’




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    XyeHeart's notes:

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